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How to a become a Full Stack developer? I'm studying for a course at Udemy, The Web Developer Bootcamp. Also, I'm learning Python from a book (back end). I know a lot of things really are missing, but is that a good start? What to do before??

Python book: souravsengupta.com/cds2015/python/LPTHW.pdf

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Learn HTML, Javascript, PHP, Python

If he wants full blown aids, he should just stick to javascript. MongoDB, JS backend, and JS client side rendering framework.

Yes, those technologies are the toolsets used for "full stack development". Try as he might, I have a sneaking suspicion that he'll never complete a course that covers all this by himself.

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Learn Rails and React

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Why would you want to do that? That's usually some place people end up, not as a forethought. Just finish your courses and get a job doing backend if you can. Frontend work is something everybody dabbles in, so you'll get experience in that over time almost regardless of what you're doing.

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Javascript dev is is growing much faster than jquery is. The number goes up, but the proportion goes down. This is case for a bunch of libs/frameworks. There are some blogs on npmjs about this if you are interested.

Reminder that Cash, Zepto, Umbrella, Underscore etc. are doing the same job as jQuery, not to mention ES6 is making these obsolete.

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The bare minimum you need to get a job anywhere you can work on the full Stack.
Seriously, companies are absolutely THRISTY for anyone halfway competent and absolutely GIDDY when they hire someone who actually excels at their job to the level were they can work full-stack.
Most new developers today, even graduates, will swear under their breath and struggle when asked to write simple things in a web app. You really just need to be above par to excel.
In terms of specific technologies to learn, it doesn't matter so long as your learning the WHY of what your doing.
Just pick whatever, start writing full-stack toy apps, swap out shit you don't like, be conscious of what technologies solve what problems and their approach, and get to work.
Also goes without saying, but go beyond crappy Medium articles when your look for resources. Look at the docs and work done by actual developers first.

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I don't know about that, but either way, if you had to learn just one JS library, it would still be jQuery. JS frameworks are still in a high state of flux; it's good to pick a technology you can be functional in and wait for the dust to settle. I'm sure as fuck glad I didn't invest mindshare in Angular 1 when that was the flavor of the day.

I'm personally waiting for the whole WASM thing to obsolete TypeScript et al.

learn zero. eloquentjavascript.net
document.querySelector() has been in the language for a good while now. jQuery is ogre.

I would prefer to write this:
// works with all browsers, btw$.getJSON('/my/url', function(data) {});
Instead of this:
// doesn't work with IE < 10, btwvar request = new XMLHttpRequest();request.open('GET', '/my/url', true);request.onload = function() { if (this.status >= 200 && this.status < 400) { // Success! var data = JSON.parse(this.response); } else { // We reached our target server, but it returned an error }};request.onerror = function() { // There was a connection error of some sort};request.send();

The API is just nicer, and it still provides a nice normalization layer on top of browsers. It's not just about DOM queries. There's also a rich plugin ecosystem, especially jQueryUI. It's a rather small dependency as well, so I don't see the drawback of using it.

This you won't learn shit at uni and you'll just waste your time. Teach yourself.

Are you brain dead retarded? The fetch API has been standard in the language for several years now.

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The question is: why wouldn't I use jQuery as a full-stack developer?

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1. use a real language and compile it to javascript (Elm, ReasonML, Nim)
2. use JavaScript and, if you pull in a framework, pull in one that punches above its weight and doesn't suck (Mithril)

Have you ever actually used e.g. JavaScript-compiled Nim? Go ahead and write "Hello, World!" in Nim, compile it to JavaScript, and post back with the results.

It literally doesn't work for any version of IE, and only partially words for Edge. Hell, it can't even deal with blob objects on all browsers. That's the quintessential file abstraction used in the browser, and it only works for 3/8 of the browsers listed! That's pathetic. Guess what? Works with jQuery!

No thanks. Being a full-stack developer means you have a lot of languages and frameworks competing for space in your mind. Learning the trendy framework of the day for the browser is a waste of mental real estate. Proper OOP in JavaScript, combined with jQuery is fast and efficient, and works across browsers.

nope. Nor Elm, nor ReasonML. I've looked at ATS compiled to JS though, and the runtime was a lot smaller than jQuery.
What I've done in my projects is still #2, of the options I gave.
>any version of IE
so yeah, 0.0.0, and 0% of your customers. I'll grant that it's nice to be able to tell your boss that you definitely haven't excluded anyone.
crossing the dom/javascript boundary as frequently as jQuery must do will always be more expensive than working with a vDOM and rendering it with it a diffing algorithm.

Of course, because it doesn't provide any of the benefits of jQuery.


3+% of that is IE, and it's IE 11, not exactly IE 6.

I'm seeing estimates between 10-13% marketshare for IE+Edge. Even best case scenario, Edge, you're talking about a failure of the Fetch API to work with blob objects, which is unacceptable.

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Top tier b8 thread, bumping for how perfect this is.

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