Brit/pol/ #2688: 25 Days Edition

Royal social media accounts to block trolls and report them to police

Tory MP: ‘We are called right-wing extremists for upholding referendum result’

The Prodigy's Keith Flint dies aged 49

Indian Air Force shoots down Pakistani drone in India's airspace

NAACP links earthquake signs in Oregon to white supremacy

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bumping as it's probably stuck

her bf's some army bloke iirc

Good lad
Do you think it will be delayed again?

depends on how much the pollies fancy the feeling of rope

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gd lad

gd 2 know she's not a trap.
nyan didn't look much like one tbh

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Oh right, I remember someone linking her twitter or whatever and it being lots of K-pop twinks.

wots happening with brexit now?
i've not been following lately. is it still happening? we'll be screwed over either way wont we?

tfw banged a milf at the weekend

It was fun and needed to get laid I guess, she wasnt much older than me (apparently) but looked way older than me tbh, having kids reks you it seems
She likes that kpop band that was posted last thread

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Feel a bit sad lads all huddle up for a group hug tbh

Tbh the average woman is always going to age faster than an autistic shut in male.

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I'm going to kidnap her when she comes to the Wembley concert >:^)

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you look big and warm, lad. c'mere

Not so much the childbirth but the not-looking-after-themselves tbqh

she actually asked me if I was autistic at one point IM NOT AUTISTIC!!!1




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Kek. Why did she (even have to) ask?

We'll have the deadline extended and May's deal signed in permanently tying us to the EU.

Look I went through this list and I dont tick many boxes even though lots of these are just regular human behavior ARGHHHHHHH

*uses cytube gif*

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l-lad I don't recognise that gif

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I thought you were gay anyway.

If that was a seious question and to be taken literally, then maybe its because I have an active mind and imagination. This is considered a mental illness by modern quack science.

but isn't that treason?

So was most of New Labour's stint in power.


So you weren't rigidly sitting on the corner of the bed, citing pie to a thousand decimal places?

oh i thnk i heard about the extension. there were some oldies i heard cackling about brexit is now 5th nov near bookies. at least we're out by xmas newho

…no : /

No we're signed into a deal that fucks us.

he's a druid now?

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Luke Perry is dead

Blair isn't very popular with oldies is he? Was he gd/bad like Thatcher was?

No he was our first proper shabbos goy in power.

Someone link me a good Wews video plz

Ive never bothered with him tbh




a classic

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if sm1 did that to your wallet he'd get arrested. why do oldies allow things like this to happen to them?
i know the climate change thingy is a larp bt -even those yung1s protestn showed more balls tbh

ah yes Im starting to remember why I never bothered, thanks

He's only second to Popular Youtuber, Sargon of Akkad on the British Alt-right scene, lad.

lel. devil's right hand uncle always called him never new why till i saw him keep popping up to undo brexit

Who is blackest, the Stepfather or MW?


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What were you doing/had you been doing when she asked you if you were a spacker, lad?

Get Irish gfs lads, help form the Anglo-Irish master race

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They're all coked up pikey spawn.

What about Infowars editor in chief PJW?

This tbh

I can't find anything he said to be disagreeable

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Too busy to bum boys and get paid to get too naughty politically.

Yeah, he just looks silly. He cute.

She looks fatter, sad tbh

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reminds me of me nan

I dont know exactly just having a conversation, probably talking about mythology or philosophy or something. People just throw that word at people that arnt utter normies, not sure where she was coming from tbh she calls herself a witch

please address the la creatura in the room, don't let SA get away with it

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Blair isn't popular with anyone. Thatcher might have been a polarising figure but at least she has those that remember her fondly. Everyone hates Blair. There were people who liked him at the time and voted him into power but they all feel duped now. He helped ruin this country forever.

She tasty lad


You best get an Irish gf quick lad

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come on lad that doesn't look appealing

I'm already bog trotter enough.

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Good lad


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Don't blame me when your grand kids are literal troglodytes.

I'd be like a rat up a drainpipe if she was within 20ft of me.

The virgin human englishman vs the chad subterranean taiglodyte

lads this was released by the pentagon, islamo-cyberpunk megacities are the future

Never watched the full trailer. Fucking hell smh

Would you climb into her vagina and unbirth yourself, lad?

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What the hell is this from?

it was an edit wew I thought it was just shit CGI

kek smh

Yeah it's the hot new memi word for women to show they're caring and knowledgeable tbh (particularly women who are "spiritual" like this witchy bitch). It's also a great way for them to police male behaviour which doesn't centre around them (or females in general) and which exhibits a standard of intelligence and awareness which is beyond that of the super majority of females.

Pretty sure one of my (1970's style feminist) lecturers was trying to imply that I was "on the spectrum" (which seems to be everyone in education's favourite phrase these days) at one point. Might just be being paranoid tbh (she was talking about her maths nerd friend who she thinks is autistic because he was messing around with condiments when they went out once smh).

Not to be too alex jones or anything, but I'm convinced that most "autistic" lads are just boys with control freak mothers and teachers.

Most definitely. Would sit inside her fanny pipe all day with me head popping out looking all /comfy/ and smug like an Owl lad.

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1.4 billion what? People? m2? Buildings?
Stopped watching there tbh. Not presented very accurately.

does the inside of a vagina really feel like a corrugated pipe?

Birmingham already looks like a refugee camp.

can't wait until all of britain is one great big concrete tower block tbh

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yes lad you can actually knock out a decent beat if you have a prince albert

That's just wrong lad

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they also have a lot of mental moped gangs

got a really bad stomach lads, think i might throw up

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pretty sure it is ribbed like that on the inside

i read about those in dads 2000ad mags

devils programming ayys lmao