List technologies that btfo Cnazis

The C virus has been growing like an authoritarian rule since its inception. Forcing it's tyrannical leadership like a fascist cult. What are some good technologies that BTFO Cnazis?

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You could try a length of strong rope

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Actually the problem with C is that it isn't nearly authoritarian enough, you wanna cast to random type? Feel free. You wanna access an array out of bounds? Well guess you know what you're doing right. You wanna implement a standards compliant compiler that nukes Russia when you divide by zero? Go for it.

Fat people are disgusting. I can only imagine how bad it is now.

You had one job, OP.

The rope would be null-terminated, so you would first have to run along the entire length of the rope to tell how long it actually is.

Agreed, but fat people are victims of the nutrition Jew. Eat this processed shit we had to run through twenty factories to make it digestible, it's good for you, goy.

The web

Yes, shit food is a factor, but so are shit choices. Fat people are garbage humans that don't respect themselves. If they wanted to lose the weight, they could.

I don't have any respect for C-based languages at all. Bitwise and logical operators are so fucking error prone, Pascal solve this years ago in a wonderful and elegant way.

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Literally impossible to make right choices when everyone is shilling diet fads including government and doctors. Shit is confusing.

1. count calories
2. eat calories
3. do not drink calories
congratulations you're reasonably healthy and no longer a whale.

To burn fat, eat foods that generate a low (fat) or moderate (protein) insulin response. Avoid ones that produce a high response (carbohydrates)
Because the higher your insulin, the more your body will try to pack away everything you eat as fat and the less it can burn fat. The lower your insulin levels, the more your body will be "wasteful" and freely burn that stored energy. I suspect that this is actually part adaptation, as in a non-nomadic people, carbohydrate based foods start to become heavily available in the summer and fall (causing slow weight gain) and can more easily be stored for use in the winter.

No matter what you do, stay under 100 grams of carbohydrates a day. Under 20 grams is "keto". You can also go carnivore. Just listen to your body and constantly investigate, as people will react differently to these strategies. Some people must absolutely eat only meat to be healthy, while others will feel like shit if they aren't getting around 50 grams of carbs. Only you can figure out what's right. Do be aware that the lower carb you go, the more electrolytes you need, as high carbohydrate diets cause retention of salts, ignoring this results in the "keto flu", which is easily remedied. Another idea to look into is "intermittent fasting", which is basically maximizing the time you have the lowest insulin, increasing fat burning. Actual fasting can also be helpful in removing excess skin via autophagy.

Calorie counting (and the glycemic index) are extremely deceptive, because these make for propaganda that is easy to tell the public even though it's fucking wrong.
Barry Groves - Why You Can't Count Calories:
Barry Groves - GI Blues:
Calorie counting can still be useful in some circumstances, when you understand the pitfalls, limitations, and how many you need to maintain a certain weight with the specific foods you are eating, but you don't need to do it.

In February of 2018 I was 225 pounds, and had severe depression and panic attacks. After knuckling down and doing a shit ton of research in order to fix my shit, I was 165 pounds by September of that same year just by changing my diet. Cured my depression and a bunch of other issues I hadn't even realized I had. Magnesium cured my panic attacks within two days. Go figure that if I stopped poisoning and starving myself of critical nutrients every single fucking day, I'd quickly stop being sick. Pic related and pdf included are recommended reading

Also, remove all sources of industrial seed oils from your diet because they are inflammatory and are filled with free radicals and lipid peroxides, and are THE cause of cardiovascular disease (not salt, which is good for you by the way).

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Nobody eats calories, you can't count them, you don't even know how many you are "burning" and obesity epidemic started after people started advocating that. Before obesity epidemic nobody knew what the fuck those even are for a few million years.

Oh boy, now it's "deep nutrition"

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The human body is not an incinerator. Calories were really easy to measure by burning food and looking at the change in temperature, so they were used as the explanation. Science is nothing more than educated guesswork.

In reality the important factor are hormones, hormones decide what your body does with the nutrients you eat, whether to use them, store them or shit them out again. gets it, cut down the carbs.

The reason people on diets relapse and gain back their weight + extra is because they stop following the diet. They think "oh well, I'm down to my target weight, so that means I can start eating shit again".



Deep nutrition is the name of the book I recommended, not a low carb diet. Its covers a wide variety of detrimental effects that a modern diet has all across the body, and does not strongly advocate low carb diets, beyond going into what typical excess consumption does to fuck with you.

Low carb diets have been undergoing constant evolution, changing from a few early and partly true attempts at finding a business niche to what is now essentially an ongoing word of mouth crowd research. Low carb diets aren't popping up, it never did anything except grow because they work. Your pic is just complaining about seeing some marketing brands lose traction and fad status (there's zero reason to buy steak or liver labeled "South Beach friendly"). Here's a tip for that guy and you: Stop paying attention to magazines, celebrites and tv, and start paying attention to real people.
Low carb isn't a fad. Our modern way of eating is the fucking fad.

And to address the faulty health concerns.
Low carb diets do not cause kidney disease. While they are an issue if someone already has kidney issues, but then the list of things not to do is VERY long and any diet a person has will be severely affected.
Low carb diets do not cause liver problems, in fact it's well known for curing Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease.
People on a low carb diet do not suddenly and mysteriously gain all the weight back. That happens to people who people who think "Hooray, I can go back to eating all the shit I was before". A diet isn't a temporary thing, and people choosing all manner of diets have been surprised when age sets in and suddenly they can't drop the weight like they used to.

Or you could be sensible and type "deep nutrition pdf" into a search engine of your choosing.

How fitting.

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There are tons of faggots lik who make a science out of it.
The truth is: just eat less!
100% of people who eat less than before either gain weight at a slower rate than before or actually lose weight!
No science required.

the real real people diet is the real food diet. It's sort of low carb, but it actually involves meat, vegetables, mac&cheese made with lots of real cheese and cream, and having a woman chained up in your basement who can cook.

You have the same thinking as me. Dieting doesn't work, it takes too much willpower to keep up indefinitely so fads have to go, made illegal, and people coming up with rebranded same fad diet selling hope for desperate confused people made accountable for contributing to obesity explosion. This never ends otherwise.

Oh boy, the exact same talking points as every single low carb fad diet ever. Just.... stop. Please.

Correct. Everyone knows that. Trick is in figuring out how to pull that off so that people don't have to think about it 24/7/365 and live normally again. Fixing the entire food supply may be the only solution. Good thing is we only need to replicate what was in the shops in 1970's before obesity got out of hand, no need to play cavemen or ancient greeks like fad promoters tell you.

Also BO & vols pls, this is shaping into particularly interesting discussion, no bulli, no delete.

i guess it's an improvement

Yeah freedom = slavery. It's like you missed the past century or something.

Fat people have brain problems and emotional issues due to their blood sugar levels. They also lack the willpower to formulate coherent arguments so they go with whatever is easy, which is just emotional faggotry. It's no wonder our technical discourse is just shitflinging when so many fatties are involved.

One man can't fix the whole food system, but he can make good choices for his family, show off how healthy he is, influence others, and eventually create market demand and political will for healthy food.

Fixing food supply takes a lot of will and many honest good men to pull off. Leading by example doesn't work on this, it still requires constant conscious effort to follow advice and before that filtering out all the false solutions all by yourself. That approach isn't viable for general population at all and is irrefutably proven already to not work.

If you eat too much "healthy food" you'll get obese too.
Those people have to think about it 24/7/365! It's the only working solution. They have to find some other outlet for their emotional problems or boredom.

It's not working because obesity rates are going up, and like said, people don't even know what they need to think even if they spend every second obsessing over weight loss because there is so much bullshit in dieting and food industry. Fad for every taste. All of them guaranteed to work. And they don't.

Just started to learn C. So far it's very pleasant despite me not having any programing experience aside from some html/css kikery.

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I'm glad to hear you're enjoying it. While you learn C, try to also learn to not be such a fucking newfag; sage shitty threads.

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I was thinking HLA might btfo the C but it turns out HLA was written in C. In case it's not clear:
The High Level Assembler (HLA) is a 32-bit 80x86 assembly language that is portable between Win32, Linux, and FreeBSD.

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It's another fad book for desperate fatties, what did you except? They always set the narrative first and do emotional manipulation. Like Jason Fung, telling story of good old days of no obesity epidemic when wise grannies told to stop eating fattening carbohydrates to lose weight. Which is a brutal lie, an attempt to implant a fake memory of old people wisdom coincidencing with his narrative, literally using peoples dead grandparents as an emotional anchor to sell a fucking book and get bookings for his clinic. They always do that.

I dig fat chicks though

user, what the fuck are you doing, I literally linked a free version free book. You're supposed to skim it for what you find relevant and then look into the studies behind the claims.

I'm sorry that people discussing how to improve health is emotionally oppressive to you.

Let me see if I get this straight:
-You have no self control, and are unable to believe that other people can successfully improve themselves long term
-So you want to blame and prosecute what is now a decentralized collective effort to figure out and fix why everyone is getting sicker and fatter
-Instead of going after the collusion of industry and government that has produced completely fraudulent advice for decades in order to promote certain commodities, producing the very problem we face.

Do you understand how completely insane that sounds? I get being suspicious of fads and people hyped on not being completely fucked anymore, but christ man, roll down to any supermarket and look at the people there. That is what a western diet results in, and does so consistently all across the world. You are a walking talking bag of chemical reactions, it's not an unreasonable thing to want to reevaluate the particular mix of chemicals you consume so you can function better.

No one here is suggesting you have to buy into a licensed product line, wear approved merchandise, or swear fealty to whatever cult the latest celebrity Doctor is trying to create. Ignore that nonsense and look at the shorterm and longterm results of actual people. After skimming some books, forums and research papers, literally all I did was just stop buying shit and just eat meat and limited vegetables until I was full with liberal use of lite-salt. I lost a sack of fertilizer worth of fat in 8 months and it was the easiest goddamn thing I ever did and still do.
Lifelong depression? Gone about 3 months in.
Recent severe panic attacks? Gone (this is mostly from taking magnesium)
Joint pain I was taking painkillers a few times a week at night for? Gone after 5 months. I eat a lot of chicken wings, including the cartilage and joints.
Eczema spots on arms? Pretty big improvement, but I'm still way allergic to grass pollen so that'll likely never completely stop being a thing.
Chronic insomnia? Greatly improved. Still takes me a while to fall asleep, but I no longer wake up multiple times a night.
Mental focus? The improvement here surprised me, I think I definitely had a problem I didn't recognize until I could start actually keeping trains of thought again.
I also no longer become suddenly and dangerously drowsy while driving (I'd always have caffeine gum or pills nearby in the car).
I've also become much more assertive/aggressive. I've mostly stopped giving a fuck about social situations that I would normally quietly obsess over. The shift from a diseased state of mind is goddamn amazing. I have willpower now, ironically, after my change in diet.

That is why people get worked up about the various low-card strategies and typically have a laundry list of shit that was fixed for them. It's not a miracle or anything, literally all there is to it is:
1. Stop eating so many carbs you are literally poisoning yourself every fucking day
2. Stop starving yourself of vital nutrients every fucking day
If you're already fairly healthy then obviously you aren't going to have a lot of improvements to be impressed by, but like I said, look around pretty much anywhere in america and you'll see plenty of people that could be a lot better off. That's fucked up, and it's also why low carb strategies are going to continue to annoy the detractors, because it works and people can see that it works.

We talking fat blob, or thicc hourglass here?

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This is all I did too, except that I eat real salt because lite-salt is for faggots (don't even know what 'lite' salt is to be honest... but lite-anything is synonymous with faggotry).

Point about Fung is that he is pushing fake memories to support his made-up narrative of lost wisdom to health when total opposite is true, just like your guru. It has jackshit to do with "discussing health improvement" and everything to do with manipulation.

I know we can't because we have an obesity epidemic.

Cool rephrasing of "string of rebranded fad diets promoting exact same idea with little variations". And yes, because proof is in the most basic data that it doesn't work but in fact contributing to the problem. Obesity is going up. If they can't cough up solid long-term studies to support their dietary advice, they absolutely have to be held responsible for causing sickness and death. Simply asserting that there now will be legal consequences from state prosecutors should clear out this mess a lot, and I'd imagine even you would be happy to see women's magazine "drink this exotic berry juice to detox and lose weight" bullshit articles go away forever.

Exact opposite. I advocate for fixing food supply with regulation to remove obesity causing substances from animal feed, food products and packaging, and to limit maximum package size. If industry and retail fails to comply, legal consequences must be magnitudes more severe than for little fad pushers with limited audience. If research guiding that regulation is fraudulent, that's the most severe crime.

lmfao 10/10

The issue is not carbs, the issue is the overly processed shit you eat.

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None of that greentext is quoting what I'm writing at all. If you have problems understanding parts of that text, ask for clarification.

it's fake news to say people weren't obese in the past
diets cause obesity
it should be illegal to promote healthy food
governments will regulate food to be healthy by making it illegal for food to cause obesity

There ya go fucktard. Eat a twinkie and try focusing again.

This refers to Jason Fung pushing narrative of old folks (grannies of boomers and gen x) wisdom being to "eat less fattening carbohydrates" when the exact opposite is true. I very much doubt most of old folks even knew what the hell is a carbohydrate.

Almost. Bad diets cause obesity.

I don't get how you read that as "it should be illegal to promote healthy food"

Just replace "will" with "must" in your "governments will regulate food to be healthy by making it illegal for food to cause obesity" misreading and we are on the same page.

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If you eat what your ancestors ate you're probably gonna suffer less health problems. Why? Because the old diets survived selection pressure unchanged for a long time. If you let natural selection do the work, it'll result in a shit-ton of dead genetic lines, and a remainder who seem to be wise and know what they're eating. They don't "know" of course, but the wisdom is "encoded" in them via natural selection. It's stupid but it works. Trust what nature didn't kill off. The wisdom of time.

The problem today is that it's basically impossible to eat like your ancestors ate, plus our diet is changing way faster and less controllably than ever before. Let's just say natural selection has its work cut out for it.

There is way less chance of being obese, that's absolutely correct. Problem is with people like Jason Fung rewriting history to sell product. Peak dishonesty like this from low-carb evangelists I encountered was this one thing where woman first referred to Okinawa diet study (almost 100% carb diet makes you very skinny), correctly pointed out that study was done after WW2 when they had borderline famine and doesn't reflect their traditional diet, but then went off the tangent and reported their family restaurants have a lot of fried and fatty products claiming out her ass this is actual Okinawan traditional food. Note that japanese family restaurants are modeled after american diners. That is like jap going to kebab shop in Berlin and declaring this is german traditional cuisine. The amount of dishonesty and frankly pure stupidity of these people is astounding.

You should also note that America is unique in the world: you subsidize corn and put HCFS in absolutely everything. No offense, but your bread tastes like cake. I admire your gun laws, but it's a lot easier to stay skinny in Europe.

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I'm not american but been there, their morbidly obese gigafatties simply don't exist in Finland. Keep in mind EU countries subsidize sugar beet and grains, they subsidising corn is not special. I dunno what is causing the unnatural American fat golems, but I know Swedes spike their bread with syrup too and they are lean. I think it's likely GMO (Roundup etc) and routine antibiotics they feed for their livestock, both which are illegal in EU, so there's a big difference.

Corn is heavily subsidized. There is also the meme that Coca Cola is cheaper than mineral water in the USA, which sounds like a much more believable reason than some vagueness about GMOs and antibiotics. How would those be linked to obesity anyway?

Antibiotic usage fucking obliterates the gut microbiome long-term (usage in children has been linked to obesity later in life) which is also why I drink a lot of Kefir during and always go on a probiotica therapy right after taking a course of antibiotics. (That and also to avoid Clostridium difficile and Helicobacter pylori infections which are a common result of antibiotics)

Basically sugar is better for you than HFCS (they're not good for you either way, but still).

Great argument.

What other user said about antibiotics destroying gut microbes. It's not plant itself being GMO, but Roundup you are using for weeds is doing the same thing. You can't wash it off.

Maybe, I've not seen any proof about that to one direction or other.

This is where you went wrong. Start with a water fast, 2 days max (at least until you understand it). Costs nothing, safe as fuck. Read up on ketosis & intermittent fasting, chose a program and stick with it. Your body is built to regulate your fat ass, let it do it's work. Once you get the weight off go to the gym 3 times a week, where you lift heavy things & maybe run a little since your cardio is probably garbage. At that point, just stop eating crap constantly (duh), live on good meat and raw vegetables like your body evolved to eat (ie, not cheetos). Occasionally do another fast to reset the system again.

This isn't rocket science, just stop listening to shitty forced memes from the blue-haired cat ladies in the government. Next thing you'll be asking why basing your diet on "the food pyramid" keeps making you feel like shit, or why your "calorie counting" isn't working, holy fuck.

Calories are just a unit of energy. No, they aren't all the same & this is terrible advice to give to fatties (since it properly won't help them). Why? Because chemistry exists faggots - eating 1000 calories of lean beef is in no way the same as 1000 calories of cake. Different metabolic pathways, differently processed by your body. And your body needs more than just "calories".