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Zig Forums, give me good reasons why this shouldn't be my next phone. So far, the only personally viable downsides I see are

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here's one:

Why must every device that looks promising also be the size of a fucking television? I want a phone to keep in my pocket and comfortably hold in my hand, not a fucking glass door that I have to strap onto my back to lug it around with me.

make sure you pre-order goy


It actually does exist. AND IT'S FUCKING AWESOME.

t. went to the hands-on event in Dusseldorf

Blame the normalniggers for that, Fxtec would happily do a smaller device but there's no market for that aside from some neckbeards.

It is going to require using nonfree blobs, which violate your freedom and privacy.


Well, it's not a Chinese Firm for once, so I'm kind of hopeful for it.
I only wonder how much Brexit will affect them...

Good point. But, this applies nearly all cell phones unless major compromises are made. Sadly, I need one currently.

Enlargement of cell phones is among the very few normalnigger trends that I'm actually fond of. There are just too few situations where the extra 3-4 inches or so get in the way. I might as well have extra screen real estate to work with if it's not too big of a portability compromise.
Though, I draw the line when my thumb can't comfortably reach the edge of the screen in portrait mode. The Pro1 is small enough for this.

There was a time when larger phones were the minority and sought after by the "neckbeards". I think what modern neckbeards fail to ellaborate on is that they want shorter phones rather than proportionately smaller ones, as the space used for obscure 18:9 aspect ratios could be used for front facing stereo speakers; the bezels adding extra grip.

Oh wow! Did you get a chance to type with the physical keyboard? How much of a pain in the ass is the curved screen? Tell me any useful things you got out of it in general.

Will there be an option for a DVORAK keyboard to fully appease my autism?

But you don't have to spend huge sums on proprietary hardware, because there are better alternatives out there. Check out devices able to run Replicant:
Also there's a different phone in pre-order state, which is probably better:

If only this phone would ever release.

I'm willing to put in the benefit of a doubt and say that maybe it's for all of the right reasons.
It all started off with a security flaw, but maybe right now they're trying to iron out everything else.
If you're going to compete with the likes of an Android or iPhone, you have to aim for higher standards than a simple alternative. You have to have convenience equal to, or better than the competition.

That's the secret to why GNU/Linux still hasn't reached its potential.

I speak from experience, and I can say that Androids back then used to be shit in every possible way.
And Replicant is about as close to being "finished" as PostMarketOS, and it's even older...

What about the Unihertz Titan?

It's made by a Chinese firm sponsored by the Chinese Government, so the trust ratio (from 0 to 100) is a -500 for me.

Hardware has old as what's in the devices supported by Replicant fits squarely into what is a major compromise for me.
This doesn't have no proprietary hardware, just a lot less than most phones. I also don't really want to use functionally inferior software. Desktop Linux operating systems do absolutely everything better than Windows for me with privacy/security as a bonus, whereas the likes of Plasma Mobile, Gnome Mobile, etc. will not offer anything besides privacy/security and maaayyyybe customizability over Android for likely a long while.
This isn't too say a non-proprietary hardware and non-Android mobile Linux OS for cell phones isn't something I look forward too. There are just too many compromises currently that don't exist in the desktop realm. I like being able to use flagship hardware with Linux, and that ability just doesn't exist in the cell phone non-Android Linux OS sphere right now.

Exactly. Once non-Android Linux for cell phones becomes viable, there will be almost no point to using replicant beyond specific Android app necissities.

If you're using Samsung-affiliated anything, you're fucked.

Maybe that's why they delayed it, it's like I said at .

I didn't even know they were affiliated with Samsung.
While being less chink-ish compared to 80% of all Androids (and being the only famous Non-Chinese one still using a Headphone Jack and SD Card Slot besides LG), you still need to watch out.

If I have to pick a Samsung phone, the only ones I'd go with are the ones with the Intel Exynos CPUs (Europe, Africa, Oceania) and not the ones with the Qualcomm Snapdragons (North America, South America and Asia).

But that's my demeanour to it, correct me if I'm wrong about anything...



Honestly, as long as it doesn't go Note 7 on me, I don't give a shit.

Anything above 3000 Ma/H is passable for me...


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sauce on the image?

I've got a Gemini PDA and while it's rough around the edges I am seriously considering buying the follow-up (Cosmo Communicator). Main issue is lack of ROM support. These short-run things never get a big community. At least newer Android will have Treble support so developing custom ROMs will become easier.

But that keyboard looks like trash. I like how it slides from the back, but what's the point if the keyboard is trash and has no travel? Oh, and mine actually exists and I can hold it in my hand.

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The main thing the cosmo communicator would solve for me is the screen issue. I had to deal with an S8 for 2 years and liked the screen less and less. You know an asset of a device is bad when you get less used to it rather than more.
Can you type on the keyboard easily in hand with the Gemini? I've only seen videos of people using it on a desk. The fact that you can *only* interface with it with the keyboard folded out seems like a majorly archaic inconvenience to me. Considering the massive popularity of "360 degree" laptop hinges, it is frustrating that there is no implementation of such on the Gemini or Cosmo Communicator.

I've put linux on my baytrail tablet which was a fucking pain in the ass. One micro USB port for power, liveboot & keyboard is the fucking worst. I tried a couple of distro's, but the only one I managed to install and was usable with 1GB RAM was lubuntu, and its still shit. The on screen keyboard program (Onboard) often fails, I'm unable to get most UIs adapted to touch and the tablet randomly crashes every once in a while. Linux needs some touch friendly apps before it gets usable, because typing everything with Onboard reks the screen real estate in portrait, but the tablet is practically unusable in landscape (with Onboard). Not taking into account that I had to write a script to switch from portrait to landscape since driver support is shit. And now I've only mentioned the most annoying parts. Linux on whatever hand held device is doomed to fail, not because of lack of drivers (manufacturers can make that shit), but the fact that you're gonna have a hard time making use of the tablet without a keyboard and without tiny fingers pushing buttons built for your mouse.

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Then tell the fucks they lost a sale by believing bigger=better.

It's more that batteries are a wear&tear part, which means if you want to use it for years to come it'll need to be replaced.
Otherwise it's just yet another buy and throw away Jewery product, double so if their response is "send it back to us so we can replace it for you"

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see I forgot (you)r (you)s
Having an 31337 h4x0rz phone is a combination of the following; soy, autistic & bad opsec.
The only reason you need a smart phone is because you need it for your job, there is no point in a libre phone as normalniggers will never care about that shit.
If you want to use a computer, take your fucking laptop out with you.


Everything has to be loaded with Google Android botnet today. No expeptions. Even "feature" phones are getting Android.

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just get one of those expensive hipster memes. if you want something uncommon then you have to pay.

OK link to one?
Everything small is a fucking chromebook.

So it doesn't exist.



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god it was SO CLOSE

Sadly but I think it has to do with airline safety.
Removable batteries can cause problems when damaged due to it being 'a moving part' and recently lithium batteries had been limited and inspected for safety (you can't carry non-OEM battery or too many powerbanks in flight, even extra laptop battery) that is due to it being so volatile that a puncture when full charged can cause it to blow and fire up.
This is why you need to use shim to have access because pooniggers gonna nig. Also the part where Reyat would use such device as a detonator is a possibility
either way it's pretty easy to source lithium from chinas as they are so into this scene right now. your only problem is safety/temperature sensors if you 'diy' your own battery.

gpd pocket 2.