I hate modern devices

Why does every one of them have to:

-be thinner than paper?
-have a borderless screen?
-remove all of the necessary inputs except the USB-Cunt input/s?
-crawl out with a Chinese Sponsorship?
-try and implement everything digital (including the keyboard on laptops)?
-make the phones bigger and the laptops smaller (reminds me of this: invidio.us/watch?v=BGGOn-H7s3Q )?

I feel so dirty that normalfags keep on encouraging this because it's "convenient and unique".

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it needs to be simplified for subhumans and women
humans wont' work for $0.50/hr
jewish cost cutting

To break down faster.
To break down faster and to be harder to fix.
To be cheaper to produce, while selling more adapters.
That's how free market works.
Because virtual peripherals are cheaper to make.
>make the phones bigger and the laptops smaller (reminds me of this: invidio.us/watch?v=BGGOn-H7s3Q )?
To make laptops more like mobile devices and to make mobile devices more like laptops. The real answer is that they have nothing new to show anymore, so they pretend they have, by inventing unnecessary shit.

Because they're trying to give the impression that they're innovating when really they are very much out of ideas. The smartphone paradigm has been expended, there is really very little left to be done.

to break easier.

so you can't attack wireless adapter anymore.

so you buy more accessories. they profit. you suffer. this is globalism.

China makes the best tech. Everyone else on knees.

-try and implement everything digital (including the keyboard on laptops)?

new firmware code. this is evolution.

>-make the phones bigger and the laptops smaller (reminds me of this: invidio.us/watch?v=BGGOn-H7s3Q )?

why complain when you have so many options lol? they still make flip up phones.

My next laptop is going to be a workstation built like a tank. I hate the current trend of thin ultrathrottling portables.

As others stated, to break easier. Also so you'll literally need to buy a case which then adds to profits.
To reduce overall device size without reducing screen real estate. I'm actually okay with this on everything but where it's most popular: cell phones. I don't need to grip my laptop screen. But, I need to grip my cell phone because, well, it's a fucking cell phone. Why so many normalniggers don't care about the grip offered by bezels on phones is baffling to me.
Because it's superior to most ports. The real crime is peripheral makers failing to adapt to it as quickly as they did when devices were making mass switches from PS/2 to USB 2.0. The only times it doesn't make sense to switch to a USB C port is when the port its replacing does something that USB C can't do *period* without an adapter. Examples of ports that are nonsensical in this way to be replaced by USB C include the headphone jack and the SD/microSD card reader. However, USB C has laterally superior capabilities to the likes of HDMI, USB type a, and the usual displayport port. There is a lot of practicality in having your charging port simultaneously function as a USB port, too.
Fight me.
Because normalniggers are faggots that want botnet cock put in all of their orifices whenever possible.

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Because fashion
To reduce the ruggedness of construction, forcing you to repair it sooner
To force you to buy new accessories
(((Corporations))) exported western technology to the bugs.
Analog engineering requires more complex mathematics, and as construction is increasingly farmed out to non-whites, the simpler the better. It's also easier to test .

fashion. to make you think that your thick older device is (((outdated))) and (((unfashionable)

not sure about inputs, but they remove analog outputs because they are DRM resistable

fashion. to make you think that your smaller older phone is (((outdated))) and (((unfashionable)

small laptops are the only laptops that make sense. you need laptop for travel so they should be small, light and portable
big laptops only exist because brain damaged niggers don't know that desktop PC or external monitor exist

what's the point, idiot?

17" laptops are shit for dumb niggers. what's the point of such device? it's not a laptop, because it's big and heavy so it's not portable. it's a shitty, weak, loud, botnet, unreliable imitation of a desktop computer


Mobile workstations, workstation power with mobility. That should be easy to understand, even for a simpleton like you. Don't overthink it next time.

Spoken like a true beta male.

Sage for a shit waste of time thread.

there is no mobility with 17" laptop
can you define mobile workstations and what is the point of them? who uses them, for what purpose, why?

beta males are cucks like you who praise women
real men know women are sluts and subhumans and rape them
I also beat women, sometimes with my fists if they really provoke me

A 17" laptop is mobile compared to a desktop. Their purpose is to support higher powered desktop functionality in a mobile package.

Ah good, we're only dealing with one moron. Who said a workstation had to be 17 inches? I won't be answering your questions, those, along with yourself, are a complete waste of time.
I would expect nothing less from a nigger.

Men buy these devices too. Women want fashion above everything in clothing as well, but this doesn't prevent men's clothing from being utilitarian. You shouldn't let the soyboys off so easy

Anyone who's purchased chinese shitware knows this is false. Chinese crap is cheap because they have no qualms about ignoring patent law, and because the chinese government sponsors it as a form of imperialism.

Modern devices you mean people? Modern day tools? They were tools before and now they are devices. They don't know how to do things different.

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You'd be able to carry one a lot easier if you weren't a skinnyfat weakling with a masturbation-induced scoliosis.

t. chang

How would you know that was a thing if you didn't have it yourself?

People who actually fucking work.
If for an example the niggers at some car factory were to retarded to use your software according to how the fucking manual tells them, and you'll have to get there to fix their shit you'll be happy about the 17" and decent hardware to debug and unfuck whatever they did.
Not surprised your nigger brain wasn't capable of coming up with that.

What makes the most money is what appeals to the LCD. Decades of social science, psychology research and (((telemetry))) has given them a very good idea of what the the leftmost 3/4 of the bell curve want and how to tickle their receptors in a way that makes them want it even more. Women are the primary target as they are emotional and thus easy to manipulate and once you have control of them you have control of the betas that orbit them and their children.

Post your business travel bags/backpacks. I doubt you all are pythonista AI developers or CADlets, but if you really were you'd probably be using a thin client anyways. 17" isn't viable for anything except larping and a fucked up back. 15" is where its at if you truly had to have a mobile workstation and the enterprise agrees. You all are wrong and there's nothing you can do about it!!

posted from my 14" latitude

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This crap is targeted at the normgroid masses who buy it. gets it. Who cares, anyway? I'm not buying this shit excluding an x1 carbon I acquired, and you shouldn't either.

ssh in to your actual workstation, faggot.

I read the thread and all I saw was a shitty metaphor about a mechanic not "looking the part".
you're a loser

yes, they are in practice, because the only 17" you can find are gaymen laptops.
If 17" were more appealing, you'd be able to get the same shitty thin-as-paper laptops that you find in other sizes.
Thread related.

Enterprise 17s like Precision 77xxs, Zbooks and Thinkpad 7x are usually(!) heavier than the gayming counterparts, which are also the only 17s a "get work done" larper would purchase b/c not shit and warranty.

For their fantasies they would've realistically gotten a 15. Everything else defeats the purpose of having a portable device (if they truly can't remote in which everyone already does in the enterprise) because no realistic carry on bags for 3 day conferences are going to hold a 17" workstation laptop, and if you do find a non-autistic sub 40L backpack or case, you're going to feel like such a retard carrying 6.70lb - 7.5lb (Precision 7740 - P73) (or heavier!) that you're going to go straight to IT and request a reasonable 15 inch OR do what everyone else does and get a fucking Latitude 74xx or Thinkpad Txx and remote in.

Now, if you wanted to get a 17" that's thin and possible to travel with, the BASED 16:10 is available @ 3lb, but it's a flimsy piece of shit. Which is why 14" well built business laptops will always be here so long as laptops still exist because its hard to fuck up for durability (razor still did it and they're about to release a 17" as well, which I know will be a garbage fire)

I agree that in an alternate timeline where Web 2.0 and apple were never introduced (perhaps the MPMAN getting 0wned by the RIAA or Jobs dying of fruitarian AIDs a little earlier) that a light 17 (think a dell latitude 17) would be excellent, but that time has past for that opportunity...



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I fucking hate this generation. I've owned a 17" laptop for years, I'm currently on my third one, and I have never had any problem carrying any of them in a laptop bag. Why are you niggers trying to fit a computer in a purse? Have you even walked a mile in your life?

This. A Chad 12 pound laptop makes the desk vibrate and makes pure 100 Hz of bass thump (at least 90 dB) when you put it down, notifying everyone in the room that serious business is about to happen. Virgin 2 pound macbook air bends if you put it down too quickly.

"destroy the past, exploit the present, corrupt the future". That's their game-plan for capitalism since it's inception. Any and all commodities will be treated like this if possible. It's about infinite growth in a finite environment aka self destruction.

we're talking modern 17" workstations. ~8.5lb with a charger.
Have you ever flown or ridden public transportation? Slinging a 10lb 17.5"x13.5" bag around every day. You'll have to get checked luggage unless you fly minimalist at that point.

You're a 32 year old w/ a librebooted W700 working Level 2 tech, why should anyone listen to a faggot who uses his computer strictly for neet cred? Get real

Okay zoomers and soybois, meet the Osborne 1. It weighs in at about 25 pounds and includes a 4 MHz Z80 CPU, 64 KB RAM, two single density 5.25-inch floppy drives, and a 5-inch CRT display that's actually a window to a much larger virtual screen that you can scroll. Software included: CP/M 2.2, WordStar, SuperCalc, MBASIC, and various other tools including a pretty nifty online help program for beginners. The more detailed manuals that come with it are printed on heavy paper and organized in binders. Schematics, memory maps, and everything you can imagine are detailed therein.
Order your Osborne 1 today, it'll put some hair on your chest!

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stopped reading there

You're just not old school enuff to get the reference.

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Let me guess, you went to a nu-school where they don't require students to have books?

Zed here, been practically dying to get my hands on something like that for a decade now.

Speaking of inputs, why can't phone manufacturers make devices with two usb ports? or a separate charging port? or video output via the existing 3.5mm audio jack?

Hiii, I'm an e-reader. Not a computer, but a device dedicated to a special purpose. No, I don't have buttons, I have a a touch-screen. How could I have buttons? Who knows what I need to do tomorrow, I need to be flexible. Those readers with buttons went to the trash pile quite some time ago. You don't want to be a weirdo being seen with one of those, right?

So, touch my screen. This is very modern. This is the future, my friend. Alright, you are touching me now, alright, now you just wait a bit and, alright, ahem, you see… or rather you don't see, yet, because I have an e-ink display. This means you have to wait a bit with every touch to see the effect. Oh, looks like you didn't touch me right, umm, I'm a bit confused now since there has been more than one input between screen refreshes, hmm what to do… I think I will surprise you!

What do you mean, you don't like this? Look, touch is modern, e-ink is modern. Do the math. Modern + modern = double-modern. Are you a luddite?

I have a 5.2 pound Thinkpad T420, I've flown with it and walked around with it in my backpack daily. It has literally never been an issue, even though I'm actually a pathetic manlet weakling who doesn't even work out. For six pounds to be a problem I'm pretty sure you have some serious medical condition. Maybe like a degenerative disease.

bro u just posted funny
u will gain subscriber

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Kindle DX master race reporting in.
Electrowetting technology would get color e-ink at video speeds but no one's doing it since Samsung ate Liquavista

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Sounds like a digital diaper fetish.


If it wasn't for Intel being Intel (and developing it in partnership with the world's biggest idiot tax operation) then Thunderbolt would be neat for mobile phones.
Because there the multifaceted nature of it would actually be useful, instead of being a excuse to cripple laptop designs.

It uses electric fields to control the shape of an ink droplet that determines the color of the pixel.

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GNU kikes just so mad they don't have control over that and can't figure out how it works on their own.

< All your complaints are now void, eat shit and it's your own fault if it happens


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No thanks. If you're okay with backdoored devices removing books you paid for, that's your problem, but calling others kikes because they don't want that is retarded.

Uh oh more niggerfaggotry!




do you understand that when you travel you don't only take laptop with you but some other stuff? so that 1-2 pound difference will matter. also, 17" are not only heavier but also physically bigger, forcing you to take bigger backpack or less other stuff. what do they offer over smaller laptop? bigger screen?

Amen brother, all of tech is a bunch of limp-wristed faggots if you read between the lines. First we have fat guys arguing that losing weight is literally impossible. (was a thread the other day) Then earlier we had a thread where people argued "ergonomic" keyboards and it turned basically out the fatsos at tech get wrist-booboos because they spend 16 hours a day in front of the computer without moving.

This place is pathetic and I basically only come by to shitpost and incite people with low-grade trolling. This is my first serious post in months.

I gave up on this place last December. The only reason I occasionally load the board is due to morbid curiosity.

Haha I remember this game.

So you admit you're actually part of the reason this board is shit, even worse than the limp wristed faggots?


Beos put microsoft windows to shame in the day. To bad they killed it