Can you justify FOSS?

At this point in time, I've given so much data out already and I'm sure my address and everything about me is publicly available somewhere online. Even Zig Forums keeps logs and details about posters. I won't even go into the whole "If you want privacy, you have something to hide" philosophy. I get that privacy is a valid concern and that companies should not exploit your personal data for market bucks. Obviously FOSS isn't doing it to defy the government, it's common knowledge that things like Tor and DuckDuckGo are honeypots, and even things like Startpage have questionable antics; FOSS is to fight the Jew and mainstream culture. That, and things like Linux are cool to get into and customize. But for what reason, exactly, do you have to value your privacy? Is using software that often runs worse really worth it so that telemarketers don't know you like Pikachu cock vore and alt-right memes? I don't mean this rhetorically or in a baiting manner, I'm just generally stupid.

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FOSS is weak
we need terrorism to win with our enemies. organized big terrorism, like Bin Laden and Al-Qaeda
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Worse than what?

What are you comparing, and how?

I don't have to justify myself to you glownigger.

Tox runs fairly worse than Discord. I'd love to get on that train and hate how much data Discord sells, but I feel everything that I use is selling my data and it would be difficult to go FOSS. Is it even worth it?

Said like a true discuck. Maybe don't use shitty software?

What is there to use? As far as I know of, the only FOSS VoIP software with any sort of community base are Tox and Mumble, not even sure about Mumble.

I'll take the b8

Not an excuse to not care about it, nor try to hide yourself, I used to have quite a lot of info about me available before starting to care about it either, if I could do it, so can you

They keep the bare minimum for the site to work properly, if you're concerned about that, just post over tor

see pic related

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The amount of data we store on computers nowdays paints an incredibly accurate image of who we are, some things we just don't want others to know, things that can be used against us, no one who is under constant surveillance will try new things, deviate from the norm, try to grow themselves as a person, because they'll fear judgement.
And thats not even mentioning all the whistleblowers and activists whose lives pretty much depend on being able to avoid state surveillance.

Privacy is a matter of freedom and peace of mind.

See how the UK and China ended up due to a constant erosion of privacy and individual rights, this is one hell of a slippery slope, even if the data collected on us isn't used for malicious purpose today, it can very well be tomorrow, as I said, sooner or later someone you disagree with will come into power, and they should not have this kind of data.

And that's not even mentioning how these technologies are often innacurate and can be used to prove "guilt by association", which is a severe undermine of personal freedom.

A bulk collection of data, especially if handled by incompetent boomers in suits, will open the possibility for data leaks, and once that happens, not only citizen's personal information will be out, allowing for identity theft and other consequences, but also the government's own cyberweapons will be freely available for hackers to exploit, the WannaCry and NotPetya ransomwares of 2017 only happened because of a vulnerability called "EthernalBlue" developed by the NSA and leaked by the Shadow Brokers. There is no backdoor for the "good guys", once you purposly create backdoors and prevent companies to fix them, it's only a matter of time for them to be exploited

Last but not least (I could talk about this for days), there is no evidence so far that mass surveillance is effective in preventing crime

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Discord is cancer, I literally just want to fucking join a voice chat server with friends to play games. Mumble does that perfectly, but lazy people with a subsaharan IQ can't set it up without thinking so discord becomes the trendy norm.

Same with all FOSS shit, if it's got even a tiny learning curve or setup time normies avoid it like the plague, even if it works much better. Then they'll put up with fucking anything to keep using whatever they're used to. Software is just like everything else in the world, most people don't rationally select it, they just pick what they're told is good/cool or what's first at hand.

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Interesting take.

Best way to sum up the retarded drivel you wrote.


Privacy and freedom are inherently intertwined. People who are oppressed out of their privacy are also oppressed out of their freedom.

Back in the oven, kike.

foss is best for server stuff. its good for most desktop stuff too but there are some things that could be better.

this. just go look on reddit or the other social medias if you want to see what happens when you arent like everyone else.

Legit. IIS vs say Nginx, Apache, or Lighttpd is like a golf cart vs a Lamborghini. You can’t beat Free Software for low-level protocol implementation. Even on the desktop, libre programs are all really solid
They just need better user interfaces.

No, it's just a normal search engine. As opposed to google that's a biased, censored search engine that promotes sites who pay them to. But either way, you don't expect to openly search for CP, drugs, and illegal stuff. Every search engine has logs of some sort and will answer requests by government to some extent, because they're bound by the laws in whatever country they're in. That doesn't make them a honeypot, which is rather a place specifically designed to entrap.

No, because that will attract a bunch of normies, and then the industry jews will come to take over with their CoC. Where normies go, the jews are soon to follow, because they always want to control the masses.
I'm perfectly content with "archaic" command line environments, and only man pages for documentation. In fact, I'd rather not use any GUI at all, ever. In the 80's, you had paint programs and word processors and such that could have some graphical elements in them without needing to run in a special GUI environment. In other words, the program simply ran in the framebuffer and brought with it its own custom design/widgets/etc., and when you exited the program, you got dumped back into the BASIC shell, or DOS, or whatever. And that was just fine with me, wish it had stayed that way.

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Privacy means owning and controlling your data and by that owning and controlling your life. No matter if you have or don't have anything to hide, someone can hurt you if they know enough - for example by knowing where do you live or at what hours you're outside, someone could easily break into your house and steal everything, or even kill you. Also you're posting on Zig Forums, why are you here? Would you mind if I knew who you are? Do you trust people? Preserving your privacy is a mean of protecting yourself.

It isn't necessarily worse. I switched from Windows to GNU/Linux and I'm happy with it - my computer runs smoothly, I can pick what I want, no one forces me to update, etc.
But even if some things are worse, it's just a small sacrifice, compared to what you would lose using proprietary software.

Sure. If I run a company but have no intention to pay developers, and my business is not dependent on selling software, and my competition would not gain advantage from using same software, that is the perfect situation to got GPL. Instead of paying developers, you hire one social media manipulator for 1/100th the price of competent software developer team and trick nerds into doing all the development you need for free.

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There's a lot more to free software and Unix than muh security, faggot. nu/tech/ doesn't understand this and it's part of why we're overrun with rustfags, fags sucking off enterprise software, and other assorted shitters who've forgotten software and operating systems can be fun.

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The owner of (((duckduckgo))) is a (((jew))). The (((duckduckgo))) search engine logs your queries.
What do you think about NeXTSTEP's GUI?

I'm pretty sure all major search engines log my queries, would have to use a decentralized or self-hosted thing to get away from that. So I just don't search for anything weird.
NeXTSTEP looks fine, but I use twm when I'm in X because it's simple and already included with OpenBSD and NetBSD. And I use keybindings as much as possible, to avoid needing the mouse (not a fan of those things). One time (around 2011-12) I themed twm to look a bit like Amiga Workbench 1.3, just by changing colors, window decorations, and making a fake menubar at the top with embedded xclock. Also loaded the Amiga topaz font into xterm. That was kinda neat, but I got bored of it one day and didn't bother to save that stuff. Anyway now I don't use any window decorations or titlebars or anthing at all. If I were to install a 3rd party WM, it would probably be evilwm. But really I want something like pic or like TempleOS (but without mouse).
Related links:

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Niggerfaggotry is weak

Yes, because you value yourself more than nothing. Enough to save efforts for doing the same proprietary shit over and over, and to boil down the processes to just the things rather than trying to steal

Except the .onion needed to post over Tor (which shouldn't even be needed in the first place) hasn't worked for weeks.

What a non sequitur, op. I don't use free software just for privacy. I use it because it's gratis and works well, even in aging machines.

You're a fucking idiot

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Yeah, you forgot the part where it takes 10 minutes to load the catalog, when it loads at all.

Didn't know image uploads on tor work again. They were gone for years

I wonder if its glowniggers spreading this shit so people will stop using Tor.

nice goalpost moving, you dumb nigger
it fucking works, you argued the opposite, being fast or not is another fucking issue

they still don't, i would have posted the image on the same post, but Zig Forums doesn't allow image uploading over tor

t. Cia Nigger

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>The owner of (((duckduckgo))) is a (((jew))).
Any other owner could do the exact same thing, this is hardly proof of malicious intent. Vincent Cantfield had it right when he said you can't trust him, you can't trust anyone. Data is not and never will be secure, your best bet is to decentralize and rely on yourself as much as humanly possible.



That actually looks cool!
Can you post your config?

Yeah because you're getting paid for it you fucking shill.

That pic was actually VWM, and I haven't got a config for it because it has some Linux-specific bits that need to be changed to run on *BSD. Oh, and there's also a port of the old Borland Turbo Vision library (pic shows some of its distintive widgets):

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You serious? Linux is faster than Windows, and even Microsoft employees know it. Why do you think they created WSL? It's because they are desperate to keep developers on their platform even though it's garbage and simple things like installing and using python are a chore.

If you use your computer like a tablet and watch youtube videos or jerk off to anime porn, then yeah why use open-source? If you have actual work to do or you have programming skills, you want to be able to solve problems on your own. I had a bug with my hardware once, wrote to the relevant maintainer, and got the issue fixed for me and anyone else using the same hardware. You think HP or Microsoft give a shit when things break for you?

As for privacy, what the fuck is wrong with you? Go upload your shit to Cuckerberg's faggot website and leave everyone else alone.

I wish I got paid to piss other people off on mongolian knitting forums

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It's me.
Your Uncle Bob
I'm here, inside your head.
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ad hominem

Owner of FuckFuckNo sold the data of users of his former site.
Ad hominem dismissed.

defeatist, without willpower.
FLOSS is the only good thing left in Zig Forums, the second it goes away...
Imagine faggots like you but getting actually penetrated by massive IoT dildos that are forcing you to endure it


Yeah, no way a fed would also be a newfag copy pasting memes from 4cuck. No way, that has never happened before.

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outstanding reasoning right here

don't worry fellow right-winger, your tax money is being well spent on me

Windows is better for
and a few niche items like FL Studio

I'm well aware things like FOSS have more option for customization, but what customization can you do with FOSS exactly on a software basis?

Windows runs like absolute shit and also makes the end user jump through dozens of hoops to change basic settings because every user is treated like they're a dumb nigger.

I can look under my own hood. I can alter the code how I want. What more needs to be explained?