Brit/pol/ #2689: Zoomer Nationalism Edition

'Bad boy of Brexit' Arron Banks wins battle against 'bleeding heart liberals' and 'rich soft Tories' who tried to block his plans for six £1m luxury homes

Knife crime 'has become a normality' in Sheffield

A primary school has been forced to abandon anti-homophobia lessons following protests from Muslim parents

"Aid worker" stranded in Syria after British citizenship revoked

Sweden to serve elderly 3D-printed food that looks chicken but has the consistency of 'panna cotta'

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Second for our royals.

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because they are entitled cunts and because we bullied the shit out of them

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Most degeneracy starts in the upper classes.

xth for retvrning to tradition

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the utter state of america

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Imagine the cost.

the american army is so fuckiing gay like i was just reading about those three spic marines that got assaulted by antifa and apparently amrican marines/soldiers arent allowed to defend themselves from civilians. Perfect metaphor for the American military in general, you can butcher millions of muslims around the world but you cant defend your country against its real enemy

Like a tiger with an internal parasite. All that power is useless if it can't stop what's really killing it.

That's a poignant analogy tbh

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why do leftoids get triggered by us simply being alive lol

6 F-16s
F is 6th letter of alphabet
6 [6] 16
666 on Hell-ywood Boulevard.

Its all so tiring.

Because they are evil.

good, it's only dousing hollywood wankers lmao

Remember how Dracula hated looking at crucifixes? People who say they're "Pro-Life and Pro-God" are reminding leftists of two things they hate.

Whats your opinion on Juche? In fact, what's your opinion on the Norks in general?

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There's not much to say, I think. They're a communist puppet state. Their government murders unborn children and persecutes people for telling the truth.

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Good on em for being ethnonationalist. They seem to have ran their economy really badly in the past although I don't know how much that has to do with the extremely violent american bombing campaign during the korean war that obliterated pretty much every single city.

She's not even overweight, why's her head so fucking fat?

Reminds me of another country.

It's very interesting and I would like to visit NK one day.

Things got tough in the period between the fall of the USSR and the rise of China.

Phwoar, her tit's almost fell out

high iq post

If you start waifufagging over the potato faced EU bint I'm going to ban you.

From what I've read it seems like they chose to let hundreds of thousands of people die from starvation rather than import food, seems dumb to me. Autarky doesn't have to be so rigid. The cynical view is that they did it to punish opponents of the regime and keep control of the people.

If they'd taken a leaf out of America's book, they would've discovered that bread and circuses are more effective tools of repression than guns and starvation.


bought some weights lads, gonna heft for a bit

Good lad.

Good lad.

we need a couple of new filters
any other ideas?

They do import food it's just sanctions prevent them from buying enough iirc.

This tbh. The western man is already tuned in to an oppressive state, all we really have to do is change the dialect tbh, imagine turning stuff like the current snitching/hall monitor culture into something that benefits us.

Lift for England lad.

No, we have too many filters anyway.

filter you


sleep is just nighttoil tbh

What was with all the new yanks last night? I know the leaf blows in and out but I didn't recognise the other.

It's like Huxley and Orwell

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Had a dream I was with the lass I've fancied since nursery

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There's a nice veneer over our society, but step out of line and Big Brother's boot slams down on your face.


you fucking paedo, hang yourself

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Had a nightmare I got shot in the stomach and head

Smh lad, talking about a girl I first met in nursery and met or saw her along the way for years

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Didn't you just wake up after being shot in the head?

He died lad, he's a ghost posting now

It's terrible beast that is impossible to attack tbh, it's like the mother of a fat kid who keeps overfeeding him.

Ain't that a kick in the head.

Had a dream I stabbed May tbh

we need ubi tbh lads

universal brapp inhalation

UBI but only for natives who work.

wouldn't that just be a tax break

either the sleeping NEET will either be given ubi or take it by force

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supporting him as he'll crash the country with no survivors

Mumsnet broodmares for big neet bulls tbh

Not even fully in favour of it tbh, I think it'd be difficult to implement.

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The Tiggers are going to become a party, what a surprise

In a homogeneous country with a strong healthy culture I'm sure people would choose to work even if they had the option of UBI, and it would be used by the elderly and people recuperating from injuries etc. Nowadays everyone would just quit their toil job to smoke weed and watch TV (don't blame them at all tbf) and the country would collapse.

tbh the Hungarian tax breaks would be great for the country

Homogeneous? Strong, healthy culture? Bit antisemitic of you lad.

Every man a $1000 a month

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had a dream i got pregnant once

hullo guinea

A bit idealistic lad, I know plenty of people that would happily use it to waste away regardless of the environment.

are you a lass?

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Yeah perverse incentives are bad regardless of the situation probably. I was just trying to compare it to how the Nordic welfare states worked in my head, although I think even they never went as far as UBI with no obligations.

I am not

Westie? Ttpw?

Isn't the healthy family unit the ultimate and original UBI? Your mother and father let you live at their house and pay your food for you and will look after you better than any distant government behind layers and layers of bureaucracy.

The motivation problem is a real issue. If there were to be a UBI, it would need to be enough to encourage spending/saving but not enough to allow someone to comfortably live off. Of course, someone should also have to contribute into the system before they can get anything out. Inflation would become an issue too if the UBI increases the money supply by a massive amount. With all that said though, could the British government actually pay for it? No, we can't even afford pensions at the moment.


Ideally I mean, personally my parents are divorced etc,


It would likely require a massive change in how the economic system of the country works, it wouldn't be feasible on what we do now.

Stalin was probably right when he said Social Democrats are basically Fascists.

I think we're built to struggle in this life and with nothing to struggle against most people waste away without anything to occupy them.

That's true as well. The devil will find work for idle hands to do.

What in practice?


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It's part of what I imagine an ubermensch would be able to over come. In the absence of the animal struggle we should have moved on greater feats and virtues but we didn't.

Thanks Nixon.

Yes, I think they called it Social Fascism but I might be misremembering and cba to google it.

Dun know much about Nixon, was he baste?

Tbh in an entirely mechanistic interpretation you could argue the elite hijack the reward circuit of the human brain to placate them into a lethargically apathy.


ywn see her get obliterated in an apache attack

keeek Alum Rock
the absolute state of that shithole


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tbh Stalin called genetics fascist and bourgeoisie so he might not be the best source.

He gets shit on because watergate, he would've gone down as one the best presidents if that didn't happen #estotericnixongang

That's what we were talking about earlier with instagram likes and dopamine hits, I doubt our tech overlords even know what they are doing tbh.

Was it camp of saints where the progressives threw the fags under the bus to side with Islam?

maybe he was just going for a walk and ended up in the wrong neighbourhood?

Absolutely lad

when is porn gunna be banned already?

never cuz some of the radfems are thots
same reason prostitution isnt going to be banned

No I think they do and it's actively exploited for money making. Loot boxes being the latest example. I just think more broadly it has a depressing effect on people and feeds the sense of complete spiritual void and yearning that seems so prevalent in the west. I think it's what gave birth to alot of the new age hippie crap tbh.