Blender 2.80 Released
Announced from SIGGRAPH 2019. Changes include:

Any of you still use it, even if your computer is a toaster?

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Wait, you can draw (as is like krita) on blender?

Yes, through Grease Pencil. There's some new documentation that goes into depth:

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To this day I'm amazed by just how quickly Blender starts on every machine I tried it on.

If only it would work as fast. Performance on large meshes is abhorrent. Undo lags af.

Supposedly 2.8 fixes a lot of the performance troubles, assuming your GPU supports OpenGL 3.3.

I'll just leave this here.


You have to increase the sample setting. Rendering a single frame for more than 2h is not uncommon.

And that is why any serious animation requires buying or renting a renderfarm.

Which is ok, you can now buy enough computer to get a low res preview and put everything together. And when you think you finally have something quality, pay to make a publishable render. If you can't at least make the render costs back you probably need to reevaluate your skills or the potential audience for your product.

Gonna check it out. Worst part of blender has always been the UI. It truly is like playing a rage game, where the controls are bad on purpose.

Baka, you're not supposed to use the graphical user interface, that's just for taking cool screenshots. If you want to get started with some basics then you just need to perfectly memorize yet another set of keyboard shortcuts like all the blender graphics professionals do.

It's actually come a long fucking way, but "the controls are bad on purpose" was/is exactly goddamn right

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I don't know why people find blender interface so difficult. It was easy and intuitive for me from the moment I started using it. You're probably just used to something else. Editing in 3D on 2D screen is complicated there is no way around it.

If only I had a printer that could print 1280 X 1812 posters.

can anyone test if the video editor is multithreaded?

Also, more than two light sources rapes render time.

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All software would be like that if they weren't shit. Even Photoshop would have the capability of starting instantaneously if it was smartly designed.

I don't think that OpenGL is the only issue here. There is a clear performance regression from 2.79b to 2.8, check youtself

Aside from improving overall performance and viewport speed I have high hopes for following ones:
Also new texture/asset management.

Don't know precisely, but hardly anything in Blender is multithreaded. The only tool that I've found that is utilizing all CPU cores evenly is Cycles. Modeling performance is good if you work on small meshes, see above link. Sculpting on large meshes is painfully slow. Both toolsets aren't multithreaded.

That infographic is outdated. But I agree, the shortcut are way faster than GUI.

If you started from Blender than maybe yes. But when you are switching from different software then you are also fighting with your muscle memory. The most frustrating part in switching from 3DsMAX for me is re-learning modeling tools.
There is an interesting project: but I doubt that it will ever be merged.

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Mousing is faster than keyboarding
Good keyboard shortcuts can be supporting but not the final solution.

Depends of the task at hand. Contrary to popular opinion, copypasting certain small snippets is faster via mouse + keyboard shortcut, rather than all the hoops vim makes you jump through. Selecting an option from a long, unordered list of stuff is undoubtedly faster via keyboard only, or at least if you know how the option you are looking for is called. Main problem is, most keyboard-centric programs have good mouse support, but the opposite isn't always true (keyboard-controlling a file manager is terrible), so a lot of people mistakenly think mouse is always faster, just because they are using mouse-only programs.

Thanks for info! I've only used blender as a hate spite replacement for kdenlive, although kden has gotten better and olive is looking to be what I really want.

Never said that and I fully agree with you.

why are you linking the archive?
are you retarded?

Is CUDA still superior to OpenCL for Blender?

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Hope not. I hate novideo.

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