Zig Forums Tor Onion is FUCKED

Why is the Zig Forums Tor onion constantly down now for like well over a week?

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Seriously, Questions and Answers is the correct thread.

CodeMonkey is disabled, the onion has been regularly down since 2015, also it still uses clearnet to download images so it's not even that secure.

Just take a look at /sudo/ and see that no one gives a shit about the site.

he wrote in Haskell, after all.
many such cases.

It shouldn't even be needed in the first place. Just remove the block for Tor users on the main domain.

its there to control abuse. the site would be flooded with cp and spam if tor users were just like any other. tho you could go full retard and do like 4chan does so only posting from your home ip works.

Bullshit. What additional control does having a different domain give you? If you can detect Tor posters in the first place, you can apply all the limits you want for them on the main domain.
Pro tip: it's there to have plausible deniability when the feds come asking you to break the site for Tor users.
Bullshit. Most of the spam here comes from the clearnet even when Tor posting works.
Nanochan doesn't have any restrictions on posting, not even a captcha, and it doesn't have some mythical nightmarish spam or porn problem.

wrong, it should be needed. using clearnet on Tor requires using (((Tor exit node))) which are owned by them.
it wouldn't be bad to allow Tor posting on both clearnet and onion though

it's not about spam, it's about free speech and anonymity. they want people to use clearnet so they can quickly suicide them if they say dangerous stuff

Won't surprise me if they discontinue it was pretty shitty anyways since you had to do captcha for every post, couldn't post pics or create threads.

Now if they discontinue VPNs it'll be 4chan all over again.

That's what I'm saying nigger.
>wrong, it should be needed. using clearnet on Tor requires using (((Tor exit node))) which are owned by them.
I agree .onions are better, but it doesn't really matter. Better to post through the same clearnet server than setting up a .onion and then rate limiting it to 0.5kb/s and hiding behind >muh slow server excuse when anons complain about it. Exit node doesn't know the originating IP, it can only access the same data the Zig Forums server could. Anything you post on here should be considered public, as should be the knowledge that the posts you made during a session came from the same user, since Zig Forums tracks that with cookies anyway.

VPNs are useless anyway so that doesn't matter.

Tor users can already post over clearnet.
Tor users can't post images.
Tor users can be forced to solve a captcha on each post, if this isn't the default already.

You can post from public WiFi and SIM networks on 4chan.

sure you can do it but its a much worse option than tor or even a vpn. with that kind of setup you would have to find a way to avoid any possible cameras and you would be much closer to your home unless you are really autistic and actually travel really long distances just so you can post some cp there.

Why doesn't javascript work on Zig Forums on the tor browser?

If Tor works, you can post from public wifi + Tor.

The fuck are you trying to post on 4chan? Who cares if you're seen when you likely won't even change your browser fingerprint.

Maybe 8ch hs is DDOosed like all onion pedo sites

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Then the staff should release a public statement about it. But they won't because then they'd be asked by the users to disable this block , and they probably can't because of legal pressure from the FBI (maybe a court order or something).

I made Tor posts when the Tor domain was down.

IIRC sometimes one post gets through, maybe when the server didn't see the IP from that exit node before. Try to make a second post and you'll be faced by that picture.
If you made two or more consecutive posts and that message didn't show up then your Tor install probably isn't working and you're just sending over the clearnet.
Or maybe you're just a fed trying to plant disinfo. They're running a shilling campaign where they try to pretend Tor posting isn't fucked.

What's the point when you can literally check in less than 2 minutes? Anyways, I posted over clearnet last week because the onion domain was shut down for some reason and they probably temporarily allowed Tor over clearnet because of that.

No, it was just blind luck. Occasionally you exit from a node that isn't in the Tor exit node blocklist, allowing you to post. A year or two ago you could post from Tor semi-reliably just by changing your circuit, and within five attempts you'd hit an exit node that would allow you to post. That technique is next to useless now, because the blocklist coverage is almost total.

It does when your guard node also belongs to (((them)))

their use on Zig Forums is to evade bans

what's the point of that? both leak your location, and public WiFi will record your MAC, SIM network will record your IMEI and phone number

if it was, you wouldn't be able to access it at all. but we can access it every time, it's just rate limited to very low throughput, just like if CIA niggers were doing time and packet correlation attacks

another solution is to use Tor + proxy, but it has many drawbacks

It's trivial to change MAC. OpenBSD's ifconfig even lets you set it to a random value.

>It does when your guard node also belongs to (((them)))
Yeah, good point. It's actually possible to use more relays than default but I've heard it might break anonymity.
I guess. I don't use other boards so I don't get banned.

It might leak your city but not necessarily your identity, depending on how many users there are on it and what confidence in the ID you consider deanonymization.

This. Tails does it by default.
IMEI might depend on the modem.
Depends on the intensity of the attack.
Good point. Slowing down packets in a given pattern might make correlation attacks much easier.

Is that the narrative shills are pushing now? That picture I posted is obviously after the hidden service went down, or do you think I keep screenshots of random error messages?
Most people don't use Tor and wont download it just to check this.