Have slightly fucked headphone jack causing notable imbalance on PC front panel

What in the fuck were they thinking.

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That's why you pick a version that you like and stick with it.
t. somebody who hasn't updated for months
Also the retards saying the settings reset themselves are wrong (and in any case, good luck getting through the firewall that's set to block Microsoft IPs).

Install gentoo

Just fix it yourself, you have the source right?

just fix the connector

Nah, minor nuisance, but how about you fix the GTK filepicker and garbage performance of nouveau drivers too, you have the source right?

Freetards don't even fix the software they've written themselves, much less other people's software.

they do fix but only if its something that affects them or whoever pays them to work on the program.

This is actually something that majorly pisses me off about Linux. A/V player software (SMPlayer, VLC, Xine, XPlayer, etc.) has any means to control channel volume, let alone a balance slider. System-wide APIs like Pulse and ALSA have interfaces for channel volume adjustment, but NO WAY of adding balance sliders in any DE.

Coming from Mac/Windows, this is absolutely inexplicable. Nearly EVERYTHING for audio at the application and system level had a balance slider, at least buried in an EQ window somewhere, even back in the 90s.

Cool story, bro

How do you affect the balance for speaker setups with more than 2 speakers?

They are thinking about sound systems with more than 2 speakers.

You can adjust channel volumes per output in alsamixer. No easy "balance toward left/right" key though.

Glad you found it interesting.

Separate front/rear and left/right balance sliders, or (note I've only used these in DAW software, not driver config UIs) a 2D square or circle you drag a dot around in.

Yeah, like I complained about, same for Pulse in every DE I've tried.

Or you can use distinct sliders for each speaker. One slider for left and one slider for right.


This is exactly your problem. Linux is not Mac/Windows and it will never be no matter how much you complain about muh convenience. If you haven't figured it out already linux for the most part follows UNIX philosophy do one thing and do it well. You don't put EQ in your video player, you know that linux has this thing called jack which allows you to do whatever you want with your sound. I can put 30 band EQs, compressors, limiters, reverb, delay and spectrum analyzer after the output of a video player. Pic related.

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Install gentoo faggot

Well yea... works for me, I don't work for free.

Linux doesn't even do Linux well, its scheduler still chokes on heavy I/O and has always choked as long as I've used it. Start a CPU heavy thing or massive file operation and everything else chokes. Music begins to crackle and moving mouse cursor becomes choppy.


Change scheduler? I use the deadline scheduler as my (older) system uses the jfs filesystem.

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I literally never had this problem, even on very weak machines. Either you have shit hardware that does something dodgy or you're retarded friend.

While windows 10 is THE definition of a software problem, maybe OP should focus on fixing the hardware problem instead.

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it can happen if you choosed the server setting for preempt when compiling the kernel

>just install this additional giant piece of software to brute force other buggy intentionally limited programs via their externally exposed final channel output
T-t-t-thanks, I'll try JACK.

There is a patch to fix gtk filepicker so you can just use that, or use aur and you can do it without patching ^)

ideally there would be no software volume controllers or any other things that shit up the signal. volume and other things should be set on the amplifier.

How do you set your game to be half volume while your podcast is set to full volume on an ordinary amplifier?

take your adhd pills