Right-Wing Cringe Thread

I’ll start with two examples that are much more common than what they claim. Exhibit A: the anti-fun crusaders browse a diaper-fetish board and display their copies of Evola proudly as the other considers himself a traditionalist. So this is the power of anti-fun

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same in my fetish sadly

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Feels bad

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You are talking about imageboards though, kind of a self selection bias.

Good point, especially on this site.


*wanking gestures*

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Nazbol maybe?

He seems to be implying radical traditionalism isn't right-wing, though.

It's rightist doublethink, ignore that shit.

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i spent like 20 minutes looking for a screencap of this post but it was worth it

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this is why I just use filenames I can search for

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Does white people mean Anglo?


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it means whatever is most convenient for the person posting it, and it's fun to watch them fight about it

some of Evola's stuff is legit. just because some person who reads his stuff wears diapers doesn't mean everyone else does.

I read that shit when I was on my neo-nazi poltard phase like 5 years ago & no he is actually mentally challenged.

The only old school conservative I have ever liked is Ernst Jünger & even then he later on abandons that way of thnking when he gets into Nietzche & Max Stirner. He grows up from the stupid fundamentalist shit so fast & recognizes it as a higher achievement of personal mental freedom.

Once again, the repressed sexual desires = fascism hypothesis is being proven right.

Isn't that part of why Europeans bothered travelling the world in the first place?

who cares if someone wears diapers or is mentally challenged you bigoted fuck?

its cute when self professed anarchists (assume you might be one) hate laws and shit until some cunt gets raped then its OMG WOW.

Fucking kill yourself my dude.

lol, I'm too vain to do that. nice try though.

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Meeting of the Nationalist Socialist party in Redbridge

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Zig Forums in a nutshell.

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How is that right wing cringe? Exposing this fun to the normies is a moral good.

Damn roasted but sadly true

He's right you know

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dont interrupt Zig Forums in their crusade

yeah sure whatever…..but its honest question, why?

if you hate laws so much, but vow to protect one another without hierarchy, how is that gonna protect you from another group of people united to destroy your cause? this is assuming you believe all people to be essentially good natured, which is naive of you.

Hope I'm not late to the party

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oh oops

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Funny how that seems to keep happening

Statistics tell us that right wing cringe must exist.
But for some reason its never posted in right wing cringe threads.

Cringe threads are the only threads here that Zig Forums understands, so they can always be counted on to participate.

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The concept of cringe is a little far-right to begin with; social cleansing and social control by bullying humans-as-they-are, with a twinge of sadistic psychopathy.
I mean, if your only response to your fellow worker at m'coop is "stfu furfag," you effectively became their boss, economically, through idpol alone. There's ((totally)) no right-wing precedent for that or anything.

That does go some way to explaining it. Zig Forumsacks are more than happy hurting peoples feeligns where as we go straight to the physical side of things with punching nazis.
But why make a cringe thread if you arent prepared to post any examples due to being worried about hurting peoples feelings?


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did someone unironically think that presenting the right as a hyper masculine figure was a good Idea… this is why liberals lose

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This is why Liberals Always lose.

figures. you're all spooked.

forgot muh shitposting flag

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Liberals in 2016 had no idea how to actually confront the opposition. It's fucking ridiculous how fat and pampered they had become under Obama. Pic related is what an actual young right winger looks like in the US.

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I have a good one
the right wing is always cringing at the left

Obvious liberals larping as righty tighties

Cringe not. Lest ye be cringed upon.

Liberals are right wing fool

No you're thinking of LBGTQP+s

No, I'm thinking of you, liberal-kun

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lol, even your cringe threads are pathetic.

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what the fuck have mein kamaraden done

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I mean, at best they're usually gay for men in uniforms, I thought it was just common knowledge these guys are all fags.

Zig Forums BTFO
Try harder, whiteboi

prob a sockpuppet account: most zionists aren't dumb enough to be this honest

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PNW fags familiar with the subgroups of the Cascadia movements will get this one

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the fucking ride never ends

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you forgot the

Fucking this.

t. cringe compilation maker


Whats with right wingers and wanting to take cringey autistic pics like this?

even I took some nazi memorabilia/my little pony photographs of my own at one point.


Diaperfags are beyond help, and the book collection in the second pic is fairly impressive by Zig Forumstard standards. We are talking about people who think that self-help books and sci-fi novels are political theory.

Posts like this always crack me up.
Is Zig Forums retarded? Sure. But they could never hope to come anywhere near Zig Forums's level of sheer retardation, who's average user unironically believes that "I read a book at some point, I bet you haven't read a book at some point!" somehow puts them in the top 1% Autism Level distribution.
And the one book that people here have read is never anything good, it just tends to be one of Marx's exhibits of verbal diarrhea.

Shit taste, my friend

t. Shrek

lol he hit a nerve and you hit the filter

Nah, his taste is fine, if you're detecting shit taste it's probably your own

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This russian guy calls himself "intelectual nationalist"

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Zig Forums hasn't read a book at some point, tho

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the very concept of lolcows is rooted in moderator abuse of subordinates.

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and like I said, nothing wrong with wearing diapers or shitting in public. if I wanna act like a pajeet, I should be able to without societal repercussions.

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Why has politics become like this? It's like it is a game to these faggots and they adopt their views to be on a team, choosing an ideology from the supermarket shelf that makes the people they dislike the angriest.

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