Why are these Chinks still so famous?

Literally every second PC advertisement in my country is them! They're about as data-friendly and more dangerous than Huawei. Only difference is they aren't young and foolish (established in the PRC 1984, started off with a $100,000 loan by the Government), they know how to keep their spy-net hidden.

People keep buying into them like Smartphones! And today I don't see one single country blacklisting their Laptops! Even their Think-pad ended up the official Space Station Laptop (Never Forget Superfish)!

How and why do people keep feeding into this Garbage! I know the world is stupid and all, but even the dirtiest redneck knows "Dem Chineez bois ain't stealin' muh creedy card informayshin!"

I built up an urge to complain about this because I hate seeing my country get infested with Chinese Spies disguised as "Technology". And I want the biggest name of them all to go away!

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Just going to buy my new laptop from them. Stay mad overheating HP.

Banning Huawei in the USA was just a political decision and showing off their power. Every tech company is botnet, every company sells data and every company is spying. Huawei was picked probably because the government didn't want Chinese botnet to control 5G in the USA, so they banned it and now they can setup their own 5G infrastructure and botnet. That's how cyber warfare looks like.

Well, Lenovo create many great things such as ThinkPads. You can customise them very well and install different os' onto them and different bios and these will not "track" you, you could say

Because IBM sold their consumer hardware division to them
Because we aren't chinks, so we don't really care if duh commies is botnetting our data, compared to the US/EU gubmint. Similarly, if you ARE a chink, we would strongly recommend you make it a priority to get burgurlard/yuropoor botnet instead of chink botnet.

When there are no botnet-free options, your only choices are botnet vs. botnet. Better that of the rival economilitary alliance.

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Never forget that Windows spyware doesn’t work if you don’t use Windows, and that you shouldn’t be using Windows anyway

Non-American spotted. Why do you hate working class white people, OP?

Their laptops are good after you erase the OEM OS.
Linux and BSD compatibility with T(erminator,-cell) series is pinnacle tier.
Even Dell will sell you a laptop that ssssssssssstuttters under Linux, in a family that includes actual Linux OEM laptops.
They're also still very good when they hit the $300 and less refurbished price.

but if buying new, just get puri.sm instead.

I've had driver issues with multiple modern thinkpads, whilst every Dell laptop I've put any distro on has run perfectly.

Are they even trying?

>>(((Never Forget Superfish))) was founded in Isreal, 2006.

What is Intel ME / vPro?

I wonder if the MIC allows top scientists and engineers to use Lenovos.

intel makes the only gpus that just work on linux and others. none of the gamer gpus work properly.

The current lines are kikecucked like SHIT. Proprietary small factor whitelisted M.2 drives, shitty 200nit sceens as default, soldered one stick of RAM with only one slot left for upgrade, soldered CPUs, ultrathin meme, not removable batteries and some models dont have magnesium case anymore. The only thing that remained is sticker, color, trackpoint and business™ class® price.

The P53 seems nice. Unless of course you're the faggot in the other thread who cannot lift a "mobile workstation," this one is 15" though, so perhaps even he can handle 5.51lbs. Not sure what the case material is though.


I haven't confirmed this myself, but I did hear that the ThinkPad team are still based in the U.S.. Obviously it's all being assembled there though.

Naturally. You just do it in a SCI/SCIF.
t. midnight glowboy

It's almost as if the outrage over Huawei is completely manufactured or something....

Just get a mackbook pro, thank me later.

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With the level of automation possible today, it really is a wonder that they continue to use cheap Asian labour instead of domestic production.

user, it's the Jews!

I’ve seen this meme shoved around here before. It’s bullshit. Otherwise motherboard BIOS’ from different OEMs would be more interchangeable which they generally aren’t.

the basic things are always about same but the company that owns the brand can customize some things and that makes it incompatible. as seen from the freetard bios even a different screen model can break things.