Brit/pol/ #2690: Donuts For The Buddies Edition

'Bad boy of Brexit' Arron Banks wins battle against 'bleeding heart liberals' and 'rich soft Tories' who tried to block his plans for six £1m luxury homes

Knife crime 'has become a normality' in Sheffield

A primary school has been forced to abandon anti-homophobia lessons following protests from Muslim parents

Sweden to serve elderly 3D-printed food that looks chicken but has the consistency of 'panna cotta'

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good lad

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xth for no-judgement

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That's because it's wogs killing wogs for the most part and that's okay, only concerning if they kill a Brit. They're violent by nature the only concern is if their tendency to violence is used as an excuse to remove liberties.

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*casts a spell on u*

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UBI is a pipe dream anyway because it cannot happen without forcible confiscation of private wealth on a level the Nazis could've only dreamed of.

Money printing is simply not an option because of the immense inflation.



I have an idea. How about a chain gang of niggers (just like the olden days) where they will spend 20yrs hard labour around the country picking up shite on the beaches instead of filling up our prisons?

jesus christ get a load of this low turning point you gay faggot

go vote tory and cry about the national debt you nonce

If witches were so powerful, they wouldn't have been so easily wrecked by the trials.

Germany are going to be the next to try it. It's already been tried and withdrawn in Finland , Holland, Switzerland - that I know of and probably a few other countries

No, it's only concerning when middle-class metropolitans that enable wogs get raped and murdered. When it's white working class vectis it's swept under that rug,

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All women are witches and most don't even know it.

The Hebrews are so irrational in their avarice that they will not contemplate sacrificing their wealth in order to stave their demise. This is why economic collapses happen tbh.

If Bush has daughters, they will turn out like this

how about we copy the Symbiose Liberation Army and break out random criminals to reap havoc on our gay society

thats real accelerationist praxis.

the european federation? a nation of lazy dullards.

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phwoar not gunna lie

No negativity allowed today.. only Positive Generative Forces, Brotherly Love, Insane Killstreak Totals, Full Ashtrays (Cigar Stubs Only).. *The Future Surrounds Us, Unready*

UBI is just gommunism in disguise

tbf can someone tell me how UBI isn't literally giving the government power over life and death

all the socialist art thot gfs at uni are slobbering over my yang gang shirt go stay in the corner tory nonce

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UBI is a bad memi say you wanted to make it 25% of the national average income, it would cost £146bn. The questions never answered by those who advocate for it are, who will fund it and will it replace all other welfare schemes? If it is to do the former that could only be achieved through higher taxation and if the latter then inequality would be higher than what it is currently, according to the GINI coefficient; as the current system reduces it by 0.13 points whereas UBI would only reduce it by 0.05 points, not that the current system is anything to stand by adamantly.

In Finland the only benefit that was found was that those receiving it were less stressed than those on the normal welfare scheme, and the difference in hours worked between the two groups was about 0.7 hours.

As long as they bring home a based white lad I wouldn't mind

They would just escape into the off piste parts of society after they have spread enough poz. Chaining up the *homo-erectus* is the only way to keep 'em in line.

Thanks lad that is a cheeky ferret

Good lad

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if the government wants to steralize me in exchange for £1,000 a month then fine honestly just so long as they do it with a mallet

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filtered tbh

it's mark of the beast-tier tbh

Better idea

wrong lad we need as many riots, as many cops getting btfo off the streets and as many middle-class tory voting retards petrified beyond belief. Total accelerationism or nothing.

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which twitter account did your rob this off westie

tbh the acceleration happens whether we like it or not, that's slightly the point

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sam hyde

I see your point but most people are so apathetic they can't see the wood for the trees, even if it means their closest loved ones. Just look at how many "candlelight vigils" these people get involved in and the lack of action we see.


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Then why are they covering up the fact that it was obviously a wog who killed that white girl

Man that lad whose daughter was killed by the black drug dealer and he goes on a rant about how great diversity is. These people are slaves. I'm a weak and frail man but I'm mentally stronger than 10,000 of these people.

was it that eurocrat whose daughter got murdered and then played the cuck card?

go into psychic warfare with them lads

That fact that not a single instance of vigilantism or revenge was taken after all the paki nonce gangs says to me that people are totally 100% brainwashed, If I had family that got nonces I would go full killdozer+McVeigh in minecraft's, I want to know what the fuck is going on inside the heads of these girls getting pakid

wrong lad lets pay a little more attention next time

thats the point though. I dont want accelerationism because I think it'll solve anything I want it because our society is so gay that I want it punished with total breakdown. I dont care if people wake up I just want to dress up like the joker from christopher nolans dark knight.

I've read FN lad, condescend somewhere else

I'm glad his daughter is dead, my politicial ideology is creating an enviroment where his wife and parents are also murdered by wogs.



tbh. There was one rotherham lad who beat a paki to death afterwards but that was it.

think everyone needs to settle down

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what book are you on about

might re-read uncle ted tbh

Land's Fanged Noumena. You were talking about acc.


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yeah that type of accelerationism isnt what I was talking about keep up lad

Incredible how just 80 years ago cunts would be getting carted out in body bags, now look at us, if any of you ever want to go full dafty in minecraft don't feel any shame or guilt because your ancestors are proud of you and are egging you on, and deep down everyone in this country that isn't a traitor supports you aswell

They are because of good goy points on social media. In reality at the ground level most lads i have spoken too hate these paki bastards of any sort but then again, the lads I have spoken too have careers and families of their own. They wouldn't gamble on losing that. The middle classes just operate on nihilism and apathy.


Police said it was a wog. Media mostly buried it

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yeah you're correct, you were talking about the watered down, misused memi idea that gets used on halfpol. Go firebomb a post office

Russle Group are the worst of the worst.

Lad. Men don't wear maid dresses

Even so called "lads" who have literally NOTHING left to lose still sit back and do nothing, even if all these lads you talk about didn't have families they would do nothing

true and effective daftyism is just making the system unworkable not random massacres that achieve literally nothing. Just pretend to be an anarchist or better yet join an anarchist group and brow beat the nerds into doing something destructive then letting them take the fall.

Destroy cctv cameras, damage power sub stations, sucker punch lone policemen, molotov unfinished buildings, burn down car parks, derailing trains and shit like that is bad and shouldnt happen tbh

go suck off a post office

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believing there's something in the heads of girls

yep. Because a far right hate crime will get you 10+yrs in the clink as opposed to stabbing someone to death which will get you 5yrs after good behavior.

Wish someone would drop a post office on me spuds

what about their eternal soul

Killing key players who run your minecraft servers aswell as anti villager journalists is just as good as infrastructure damage, killing random creepers and zombies is obvs not though

I meant the dads and Male family tbh

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theyre gay honestly.

the state literally shat in your face and told you your kids are going to be raped by hundreds of pakis at anytime and you cant do anything about it and if a tranny farts in the direction of your business its transphobic and will be destroyed.

Every single middle class tv watcher is gay.

*accepts your tribute*

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Even all the lads that agree with us but chose to kill themselves rather than go down in a blaze of glory, the fuck are they doing

anyone else genuinely afraid of going to hell or are you all nieztchian ubermensch

Evening lads

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*walks into ladies' bogs*

"Looking good tonight ladies!"

then just dont yell a little braveheart speech in court pretend to be a usless alcoholic nobody looking for white lightning money


true tbh. Thats why we need accelerationism we need an enviroment where peoples wishes of acting out violence are totally normalised and rewarded.

nah I'm a good lad who prays

The biggest trick the deanos ever pulled was convincing us all that they are hard men when they are really just the ultimate bugmen

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No need to worry about it. Romans 10:9 says that you'll be saved as long as you believe that Jesus Christ rose from the dead. The lines are nice and clearly-drawn.

nah those people are easily replaceable, there's literally hundreds of theresa mays, sadiq khans and amber rudds. Theyre nobodies its the system thats the problem.

Stop being gay lad

oh i didn't know that, that's reassuring.


suicide is a sin enjoy hell cowards.

they will cut a man over football but are too cowardly to take a chance on a third party anonymously in a voting booth

If I was going to off myself it would be in a blaze of glory hotter than the sun.

The difference between guilty and not guilty is a pen or a farm tbh. The same rule apply regardless and our legal system is an ass.

You are what you eat and alcoholics need proof. You have to me medically examined that you have a drink problem before any consideration is given.

He'd end up noncing them if they did smh


any fat gazza fuck who talks big about muslims will most likely die of alcoholism or get brain damaged after a white bloke bumped into him outside a pub.

I don't believe that, how could you replace all those people but continue all the same policies and expect the public to go along with it, any replacements would be scared of it happening to them and also don't have the legitimacy or public profile that the current establishment have built up

get arrested for being drunk and disorderly once or twice then. Its not rocket science lad.

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