Now I understand linux users.

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Linux is just a kernel, GNU/Linux is the system.

You can feel like a hacker and a programmer without actually doing anything of note.

Now I understand Arch users.

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Enjoy your bloated ide and nsaOS, codemonkey.

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I can imagine what comes next in video.

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Inventor of object oriented programming and the GUI, and literally /ourguy/.





All these Linux Zealots think "Ooh! I use Ubuntu! I am totally cool!" and use nothing but GUI clones of Windows tools. "Apt? What is that? What the hell do you mean 'compile'? Is that a software package in the Ubuntu Store?" "I like Linux. It may be older but it's good!"

Linux Zealots are as stupid as Macfags, and expect the same thing out of their computer as Macfags. I imagine a lot of them think "Linux" is a clone of Mac. THEY KNOW NOTHING.

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Any more context? Quotas can work both ways. Compare fishing quotas with muh woman in the board of directors quotas.

There isn't much information on it, but he's not (at least publicly) a jew, so no plausible reason to shill for them.
And if he was shilling for them then he would admit to it without hesitation, since it would actually benefit him nowadays.
This is all I could find

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That's amateur stuff tbh. Check this out:

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CloverOS users are the new Arch users.

Is that you viznut? Or are you just some random schizo?

I don't know who Viznut is. These comics are parody comics that are classics, made in 1998 by the same site that wrote the troll article "Is your son a Computer Hacker?!"

As opposed to commercial products that give you what? Yes, it's freedom.

Doubt its projewish quota, mostly anti one. So jew.

And you know that, how? In the early 1900s maybe there was an anti jew quota, but in the 60s? By that time the jews were solidly in control of academia and society in general, so do you have any reference for that?

Still mostly christian society then, still fighting blacks etc.

US Christians have been in love with the jews for a long time. God's chosen people and all that.
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The invention of “commands” was the downfall of computers. Real users just need an interpreted so they could use libraries’ functions directly.

u wot m8? Real computermen just toggle in bits on the front panel.

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You know these were mainly for debugging and the way they were meant to be used was with a floppy disk and a teletype, right?

The teletype was a major upgrade, and had paper type for storage. I doubt many hobbyists had access to a floppy drive in the 70's. Even Wozniak had some trouble building the one for Apple. So basically, a lot of people started with just the front panel if they bought IMSAI or Altair kits. Like this guy, for example:

arch is like gentoo but with all the good things removed

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good post

"GNU/Linux" is not a system; Linux is indeed just a kernel and for whatever reason technically illiterate fools came to refer to I-know-not-even-what with that word which mostly seems to be a social than a technical concept.

GNU felt left out and started advocating the term "GNU/Linux" to refer to that same I-know-not-even what.

There is no "GNU/Linux" system; Ubuntu, Void, Fedora, Gentoo, Slackware, those are systems and they're all quite different from one another. The idea that there is some kind of "GNU operating system" out there that is completed except for a kernel wherein "Linux" is incorporated to fill the missing part is bullshit. These five systems I mentioned are composed of a variety of components from very different origins that are bolted together; many of which originate from GNU yes but there is no "GNU operating system" at this point nor is it interesting to start making it. GNU originally set out to do that and never even came close to completing it because there was no need as more and more things became free software GNU had no need to rewrite them from scratch as they indeed became free software. systemd, agetty, Runit, Xorg, LibreSSL, procps, Gummiboot, are all these o.s.-components these systems use part of GNU? No they aren't and GNU isn't trying to re-invent them either since they exist and are free software.

There is no "GNU/Linux operating system" nor is there a "Linux operating system"; there are many, many, many, many different operating systems that re-use some GNU and Linux components amongst others yes which they can do because these components are free software — that's all.

Arch and Gentoo are completely polar opposite systems with a polar opposite design philosophy. Arch's driving philosophy is to keep the system engineering as simply as possible and to not introduce extra complexity for the developers for the sake of theoretical correctness or to allow esoteric choices; Gentoo is the opposite and believes in theoretical correctness above all else and to allow esoteric choices.

The only reason these two systems get compared is because both have a command-line installation method — those that seriously think these two systems are similar are holly technically illiterate and judge a system by nothing more than whether it præsents the user with a click-through graphical installer or has him type out a bunch of commands to complete the installation because that is te _only_ similarity between Arch and Gentoo.

And yet they decided to use python...

I'm not sure how implementing the package manager in Python goes in the face of correctness.

Regardless Gentoo being Gentoo specifically wrote a package manager specification to allow other implementations of the protocol. Paludis is one such noteable one that is written in C++ that can also be used with Gentoo in lieu of Portage.

The GNU operating system has been an operating system since its birth in 1983. GNU was always intended to be a complete operating system, GNU was always designed to be a complete operating system and now GNU is a full functioning operating system.

Big Yikes

Yes that was the intention back in a different time when free software was rare so they had the plan of making a complete Unix clone from scratch; after more and more things freed themselves they realized they had no need to rewrite those things from scratch.

You try creating an operating system using only GNU components and Linux: it won't be POSIX; it won't even allow you to log in (spoiler: GNU never delivered a login mechanism); it will certainly not connect to the internet or allow a graphical display.

The idea that there is exists some "GNU operating system" that is missing only a kernel is ridiculous. There is no "GNU operating system"; there is a long list of GNU system components that can be used independently but too much of it is missing to be able to create an operating system from only GNU components and using something as a kernel.