Shit languages get popular, quality programming dies

why did the pascal family languages (pascal, object pascal/delphi, ada) die?
they are clearly superior to C and C++
does shit languages gain more popularity than good languages? this is possible if we look at big popularity of shit languages like PHP, Python, Perl, C

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A language isn't dead just because fat beta males and mystery gender bluehairs aren't posting about it on reddit. Ada for instance is being used by the people who need it. C isn't a shit language either, I can only assume you lumped it with those two for bait. C can be a good choice when applied correctly.

You have shit definitions for words. Pascal and Ada are not dead.

yes but popularity helps, if you wanted to make some bigger project in team (commercial or open source) it will be easier to find programmers of popular languages. it's also easier to find libraries, code samples, solutions, etc

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it is. it's features are: memory leaks and buffer overflows

as higher level assembly? possible, but dumb idiots started building big systems and software in it. some brain damaged retarded idiots called "open source community" even made operating system in C
Pascal is on 50th place, Ada is not even on the list

C's features are being simple and low level.
It's main failure is not being low level enough. The standard libs should be updated to include support for the latest hardware features.
All software intended for long term use by the general public should be written in "portable assembly" (whatever language fills that role). If anything to not rape the batteries in laptops. High level languages will never be optimized by the compiler as much as low level languages can be optimized by hand.

lul...... Cee iz nothing but simple

It's simpler than any other popular language.

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you're obviously nocodez

That's not wrong at all, but I think there is a good sweet spot. If you take an ultra popular language like javascript/python, the pool of programmers is quite large so you can easily find terrible programmers. The nice thing about niche languages however, is that they screen out retards immediately, and you're left with great programmers or very enthusiastic programmers who will become great.

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Just because languages like Python allow an absolute beginner to get simple things done without knowing what he's doing, doesn't mean C isn't simpler. For things that are specific to C you have pointers, structs, maybe unions and function pointers and that's pretty much it. In all the other languages you have iterators, decorators, classes, interfaces, multiple and single inheritance, strings, tuples, dictionaries, async, prototypes, const, static, public and private properties, constructors, destructors, value semantics, reflection, modules, templates, monads, and God knows what else.

Pascal is great, I agree OP. It shouldn't have died. People are easily influenced / controlled.


C became popular with Unix. I also vaguely remember early Pascal to have some problem with arrays being a pain in the ass because size was a part of the type and there were some handling features lacking. Ada certainly isn't dead though, if anything it's currently getting more popular. Not sure if that's a good thing.

Proof? Some other guy said Ada is being replaced with C in the aerospace field.

How exactly would such proof look like?

those are high level features. you jest proved c is lower level. in c you write those on your own.

size is a part of the type dumbass because the ype literally is stored in different sizes. you are complaining about efficiency.

The word is primitive, not low-level. The difference is subtle but important and also explains the overlap between Go fanboys and C fanboys. That primitive features tend to map well onto hardware primitives is a coincidence, essentially. This is also why you think it's "not low-level enough": It isn't low-level at all.

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low level is the correct word. all higher level languages have code behind each feature. C is pre-coding all those.

What really takes the bullshit level to the highest and should ALARM older programmers RIGHT NOW is that this schmuck is dismissing actual people who invented coding and these languages back in the 70s and80s! Get this user coders?


Primitive doesn't make any sense, because it does not self-describe how close to the machie it is, losing meaning in the process.

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Fucking this. Awesome post. Anything worthwhile will be written in portable ASM, which is C or a subset of C++. Anything else was a business decision compromise to fuck the customer/end-user.

Stop being Ctarded. Cee is not a "portable ASM." C is a high level language. For example the majority of processors do not have the concept of booleans where nonzero are true and zero is false, nor do they support lazy boolean operations between them.