Digital annotation

Is it a tool for free thought or self datamining?

Wealthy actors are taking an interest in the sorts of private thoughts we would keep to ourselves 100 years ago, that's self-evident. Diaries turned into blogs and social shite. Now they want to know what we think about any given thing we read.

Personally I want a good useful system for annotation, one that doesn't break in the future. Lo and behold, the (((W3C))) has an answer!

These hypothesis faggots had a hand in this development, no doubt. I've tried their system, it works the best and has the nicest interface. The problem being that they want your ass, your data, your most intimate sentiments on their servers. Hypothesis is a social network as much as an annotation system.

I don't mind the functionality, as long as I don't HAVE to share everything, but that's what they force you to. Nobody uses this glowy platform aside from unifags, obviously.

Anybody else even give a shit about this topic? If so discuss. I think the social stuff could be powerful without accounts or PC moderation. Like a chan layer for the whole web, or Gab but not shit. Mostly I just want an offline type of deal though. If you don't take notes or reflect about the information you consume, you're like a docile cow aren't you?

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I'm not sure I get it. The W3C thing seems more like a standardized comment section. Where's the annotation part? If it's just the hypothesis faggots saying it you can probably brush it off as marketing; the whole "revolutionary!! form your own cummunity!!1 power 2da userz!cos(0)" part is blatant nonsense since there must be a server.

Just save that shit to a .txt file.

The SVG slides explain everything:

If you read it closely, the actual standard allows any amount of service providers to communicate between each other. It's just that hypothesis has the only working implementation (afaik). The other noteworthy thing about this spec is the social focus (thought control)

Well, no shit, I could go in the woods and live like a cave man too. Doesn't make the idea appealing.

Who even needs annotations?
I could just take a screenshot scribble on it and send it to whoever I want.
It would still work 100% even if the website is down!
Great, annother control entity. As if we didn't have enough of those.
I call botnet.

Remember that SVG files can still contain javascript and links to external resources which is all run by default.
No one fixed it and no one can upload SVGs in most places because they are just fucking insecure.
In order to make them secure you have to rebuild the entire SVG and have to make a whitelist of tags, attributes and values corresponding to the attributes.
Those are the people who did this to the internet!

What should have been instead: an SVG file in a zip (named svz for example) with other images and fonts. So you could do things like softsub images or encode a text with images from a website, an epub, an ODT, or anthing else without seperating the text or burning the text into the image.
The result: No annotation format necessary. The format svz handles the requirements already.

I've never need to make annotations, but I guess this is the way to go.

text files are incredibly limited. They are basically useless for notes which is why sane people still use paper and pencil.

The structure the data with Lisp, XML, JSON, YAML, or HTML

Well for me they're not. I pretty much only ever use text files. And that makes them portable too, I can use them on any computer, including an ancient Z80 running CP/M (I write in english so don't even need unicode).

Computer information is end product based. This makes sense because mostly people used paper then got other people to put it into a machine, mostly for archive/searching purposes. Thing is we have kept this workflow even though we now mostly create stuff on a computer. This is why computer interfaces are trash for humans. There's a reason the Engelbart demo is 51 years old.

Yes and your notes are 100% worse than if you just used paper. ASCII art isn't even close to a crude sketch or line and bubble connection.
Just look at OPs picture. That would require a huge amount of time for a regular computer user to achieve on any machine. The only thing I can think of is to take a screenshot of a pdf, then get a tablet and write on the screenshot. At which point you might as well use paper and take a picture of the sheet of paper.

MS OneNote.

So if you want a structure to link your human language information together with other human language information, that's the exact purpose of HTML.

I didn't even see his image, because I'm using Lynx, and didn't bother to click the link. So I really have no idea what he posted. But I rarely need to make sketches (my notes are at least 99.9% text), much less any complicated sketch that can't be approximated in ASCII. Worst case I could make a simple GIF in program like xpaint/xfig, or even use a tool like graphviz. I've used these methods in the past, on occasion.
About the only time I actually pull out some paper is if I'm mapping an adventure game or RPG (I mean playing it, not designing it). Those don't need to get saved though.

Tagging onto the screenshot idea / onenoteĀ® idea, Xournal (specifically the fork Xournal++) are great if you want to annotate or do mathematics visually

Let me just find some random text I wrote years ago in my documents folder... oh wait I can't because I did all my notes on a picture my terminal/explorer can't parse.
txt (or more aptly rmd/org/tex/*roff) is infinitely more useful for notes because you can search through them and recall information much more efficiently. And as said best... who the fuck is drawing diagrams as an annotation??

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Nobody needs or wants to literally scribble all over web pages. Highlighting text and injecting comments is plenty sufficient for most purposes. But if it isn't standardized it's not worth using.


I don't know, personally I've been waiting for something like this for ages. Makes it easier to translate shit.

No they're not lol. Highlighting, "mind maps" and most diagrams are bullshit unless you're into electronics or some other branch of engineering. Only other excuse is formulas, for which you can use latex/lyx/word processors/whatever, or just keep it simple and use a notebook.

There's already a standard. It's called HTML.

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With pdf-tools and org-mode in Emacs one can create plaintext annotations indexed against sections of a document.

The wilderbeast wins again.

do you not get it? you can't search text if you drew it onto a pdf like OP

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