I want to sterelize my toothbrush

I want to sterelize my toothbrush.

There are these UV toothbrush sterilizers, but the obvious tradeoff is that there needs to be some sort of power. Beyond that, it makes me wonder if they're even effective. There are also these steripod clip-ons, but they need need to be changed every once and a while. I can also use good ol' reliable sterilization solution, but, in order to be economic, I probably wouldn't be using it every day; and it wouldn't address the issue of storage in damp, dark places in between cleaning sessions.

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Just the whole stupid Apple G4 era design of these unnecessarily complex devices gives me bad vibes akin to those ultrasonic humidifiers that build up bacteria without excessive maintinence. Complexity begets entropy and all that. It makes me feel like toothbrush sanitization sans cleaning fluid is a marketing hoax.

All you need is boiling water and steam. You're not going to find many bacteria that is capable of surviving 100 degree water.

That works, but doesn't that wear down the bristles? Furthermore, it takes time to get water to boiling point.


The gamma sterilization process uses Cobalt 60 radiation to kill microorganisms on a variety of different products. Processing with gamma irradiation yields quick turnaround time, easily penetrating packaging and product, and is ideal for many types of materials.

Good. Now try locating this strain on your toothbrush.

Yes the potential life of the brush will be consumed as you sterilize it with boiling water. I'm not sure why that's a problem given that toothbrushes are very cheap commodity.

Brush your teeth with bleach, OP.

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Biologically insignificant.

UV works, but degrades plastics.
UV won't work anywhere in the shade.

You could get the same effect for free by leaving your toothbrush outside for a day.

Just buy a new toothbrush. Or is it that you shoved someone else's toothbrush up your ass and how want to get it clean so they don't notice?

if you don't share your toothbrush with other people, it's unnecessary to clean it in any special way. Most of these bacteria on it are everywhere to begin with, including your mouth right now. Just wash it off with water after brushing and replace it every 3-4 months. So in conclusion stop being a germaphobe and also get bamboo toothbrushes as the plastic ones are impossible to recycle.

Just use a 0.50 bottle of 3% Hydrogen Peroxide. It's good for your teeth as well.

Just get an ultrasonic cleaner if you're that concerned user.


Dip your toothbrush in bleach before each brush. Not only will this sterilize your toothbrush it will also whiten your teeth.

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No need for overpriced UV circuits, just put them directly near electronics even power socket works as it is leaking high electric fields where bacteria can't even thrive. Also, check smart meters, plant's won't even grow near them and they wither quickly. If you have a wifi router, just put the brush beside antenna.

It's not very effective on aerobic bacteria, for example staph. which is common. Works well for spores and mold.

Vinegar is much better as an antibacterial. Rinse the toothbrush with baking soda before use or just water works plenty well too.

But what if it's raining? Or like, a bird poops on it.

Then you can't sterilize your toothbrush on the days when it rains. If a bird poops on it, then you can't use it. What kind of moron are you?

How about a bleach solution? It's much easier to get a stronger concentration than peroxide. Heck, if you get it wrong it'll dissolve the damn plastic too.

All kinds of disinfectants pretty much work by degrading molecules. You could use antibiotics to avoid damaging the plastic, I guess, but that'd be expensive.

Does vinegar work for spores and mold? Should I combine vinegar and peroxide?

Bird poop is good for you

After every use, you moron?

Yes, bleach is even better for disinfecting. I'd be a little concerned about it damaging the brush, possibly leaching chemicals from it. Bleach bottles are typically polyethylene, no idea what brushes typically use.

You don't need a strong solution, the 5% acetic acid (distilled vinegar you buy at the store) is plenty for this. I'd opt for vinegar over bleach here personally.

And yes vinegar takes care of mold and spores too.
If you mix vinegar+peroxide they can form peracetic acid (not much at houeshold concentrations), won't harm you or anything but no real benefit here to mixing them.

Is there really much of need to when you can buy a pack of six for 90 cents? That's easily a few years worth of them for a couple of dollars if you can make them last long enough.

put it in cup mouth wash when you arent using it or

Oh and it gives you cancer

Not necessary to sanitize your toothbrush as long as you're not sharing it with anyone else. Remember, exposure to bacteria is how your body builds/maintains natural immunity...don't become overly obsessed with eliminating ALL bacteria. Don't use Colgate Total with triclosan - destroys bad/beneficial bacterial balance in your mouth. Remember, the human body contains trillions of bacteria.

If you do share, a 15 minute soak in Hydrogen Peroxide is sufficient. It is NOT OK to use Hydrogen Peroxide regularly to whiten your teeth (in some whitening gels/toothpastes/strips); over time, it could compromise your enamel. Once in a while OK, NOT all the time.



nylon bristles
vinyl handles with a rubber over mold

This user is right.
pH stabilization and food debris removal is more important than disinfecting.
Alcohol mouthwash will also fuck up your teeth. Enzymes in your saliva react with the trace alcohol, converting it to sugars, which the cariogenic bacteria can feed on.

The absolute best thing you can do for your teeth is use a super soft brush, floss gently or water pick with warm salt water, and use baking soda.

Why do people who say disinfectants are bad always use this argument? What makes "beneficial" bacteria inherently more sensible to chemicals than "bad" bacteria?

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I go to the wholesaler and buy in bulk a hundred soft cheapest toothbrushes.
I use one for a couple of days at most then throw it away.

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I also buy in bulk the cheapest small hand towels, I use them in the bathroom, I only use the towel for a day or two then chuck it away, it's cheaper than washing towels.
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What for, are you sharing it with people from a hospital?
Don't know if it's a case for UV, but if you use soaps with anti-bacteria substance, bacteria on your skin or in your environment get used to it, which is a problem because these bacteria are more aggressive. Same with antibiotics - if you use them improperly, for example by taking smaller doses, bacteria that survived probably had mutations letting them neutralize antibiotics.
If this is the case for UV, you probably should keep using your toothbrush with calm and peaceful bacteria and you'll be fine. Remember - your toothbrush is covered with bacteria from your mouth, but if you will kill them, you are going to free a niche for different, probably more dangerous bacterias.


How many thermophile bacteria strains do you find on your toothbrush?

I don't know about alcohol mouthwash and enamel, but alcohol mouthwash will dry your gums, which, in turn, is conducive to bacteria and thus gingivitis. You could feasibly dilute the solution, but a non-alcoholic mouthwash is general preferable for daily use.


At that point, it may be financially advantageous to just use titanium cutlery, since titanium has antibacterial properties. Technically, that kind of behaviour would by considered dysfunctional by a specialist because of its monetary toll. I mind bacteria, too; but I also accept the futility of sanitation to a certain degree. Seems indicative of an anxiety disorder.

Maybe it kills more bacteria than the amount that grows from the dryness.

I mean, there probably are way less bacteria in washed cutlery than there are in food to begin with, and especially than there are in your mouth.

the most-convenient way to sterilize a toothbrush would be to just rinse it in some isopropyl alcohol after use and then leave it out so that it will dry off

this is true. certain UV works great but also destroys plastics

this is also true. when the bristles are no longer strait, technically you should get a new toothbrush

this is truth
mouthwash is a creation of marketing companies; there is very little evidence that it does anything helpful.

for that matter, toothpaste is not greatly necessary either. the only *possibly* helpful ingredient in it is a mild abrasive, which helps get the scum off and is why baking soda was used early on as toothpaste. ....all the rest of what modern toothpaste contains is just marketing company bullshit

in general--your teeth are partly a crapshoot.

some people are born with perfect teeth and rarely brush and still never suffer much damage (as long as they avoid the things that are known to be bad for oral health)
other people are born with such screwed up teeth that--even taking perfectly good care of them their entire lives, they still lose them to decay/gum damage by 30-40 years of age.

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Why if we made a titanium toothbrush with a UV light on the brush

Apparently this titanium toothbrushes are already a thing

triclosan also turns the frogs gay

Odd prose aside, most dentists and hygeinists don't even believe in the efficacy of mouth wash, in my experience. It's more to make consumers feel cleaner. I had a coworker like that, once, who just used mouth wash instead of brushing her teeth. Really gross. Ironically, stores don't retail tongue cleaners, which are a tool which actually address the issue of bad breath.

Doesn't really matter unless the bristles themselves are titanium. I read about one such product for very cheap, but it seems very novel. Also, a worry about sucha thing making abrasions in the enamel and on the gums. As for bristles, those bamboo brushes often use pig hair. Besides the unethical nature of the latter ingredient, both bamboo wood and pig hair are porous, making them super conducive to bacterial growth.

Then you're going to get skin cancer quickly, UV radiation breaks DNA generally. There are quicker and more pleasant ways to kill yourself than skin cancer inside your mouth.

Cutlery's pretty similar to dental tools in a lot of respects. Prolonged periods of moisture, stored in dark places, goes in your mouth. Actually, that's very similar to a penis, too.

The issue with alcohol, even if it succesfully sterilizes your mouth, is that it can only plateau in its contribution; you can develop gingivitis really quickly: even skipping one brushing can have significant consequences under, admittedly, extreme circumstances. Bacteria can go deep enough into the gums that no fluid, toothbrush, nor floss could remedy the issue, leaving you with no other option than to recieve a clean up from a practitioner.

The light would be redundant.

Just dunk the toothbrush under some boiling water, and you're done.

It's more effective than you think, and I do it at least once every 2 weeks. This is the Fagcisco level of retarded right here.

Why bother? Do you have clean freak OCD or something?

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I keep a glass with 3" of 3%H2O2 by the sink. Toothbrush goes in head down. Stays "sterile". More or less.
t. Bacteriologist

Hydrogen peroxide should be enough. Also whitens your teeth when used with your toothpaste.


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