"Anti-semitism", "islamophobia" and similar liberal horseshit

I've been wrapping my head around all this meaningless bullshit that liberals love to bemoan.

The only reason why we are labeled as "anti-semitic" or "islamophobic" is because liberals love to embrace all that identitarian horseshit. They call us brocialists/manarchists and reactionaries for saying fuck identitarianism (identity politics), yet we are probably doing far more than them to combat both anti-semitism and islamophobia, because we deny they are a thing and we do not validate them in any way, shape or form.

Funny how they call us "class reductionists", yet we are trying to benefit actual disadvantaged people by focusing on class struggle and economics. If they truly wanna lift minotities out of poverty, then they should be embracing "class essentialism", not "muh feelz".

If you get offended for being called a k¡ke or a goatfucker it's because you embrace the cancer that is religion and religious "ethnicity" (as if that's actually a thing). How about you drop the fairytales bullshit already and become an atheist? Religion has no place on the left, much less religious "identity".

We are working class, not white/black/jew/muslim/christian/whatever. Enough with identitarianist garbage.

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how much more time do you have to waste in leftist circles before you realize these people hate you and want you dead because you're a white male

"anti idpol leftism" lol good luck with that, if you're white and a leftist you're absolutely clueless, if you knew what was good for you you'd start prepping for the race war

Wait, so if I hate Jewish people merely for being Jewish, what's it called?
Go away Hoxha

I agree there is an infinite way to divide people, and ruling groups use it to pretend they're constantly working towards progress. But its just dividing people, and meant to hide the real divide : master and slave.

BUT even though those divides are artificial, they exist. It has to be addressed.

We can point out their tactics, keep the real message loud and clear BUT you have to address the people effected. You can tell blacks, feminists, trans, etc to fuck off or get over it. Maybe that will work for some. But your going to have to fix what was done. Give acceptable solutions. Maybe show how they got there, and work backwards out of the hole. Or find a new solution.

It doesn’t. Your unscientific worldviews are delusional. I do agree that religion shouldn’t be abolished outright though and oppressed with force. Closing churches and making the lives of the religious difficult doesn’t eradicate make atheists.

When you really think about it, you can either be anti semitic or islamophobic.
There are no other positions.

I'm pretty sure the right also has a lot of identitarian horseshit. All you need is a quick look at Zig Forums and witness the absolute retardedness tha is "muh white genocide" and "muh aryan race". It's just a mirrored version of the left's "muh feelz". Both the alt right and SJWs are autistic morons.

Also, Zig Forums would be a-ok with being exploited by non-jewish white bourgeoisie (the hitlerian definition of white, of course), just like SJWs would be a-ok being exploited by diverse bourgeoisie.

Again: religious identity is not a thing. Both sides are to blame: the far right for being dickheads, jews for embracing religious fairytales. Wanna stop being a target for islamophobia/anti-semitism? Stop identifying as jew/muslim. We are working class, not jews/muslims/whatever.

All in all, identity politics is the ultimate "divide and conquer" tactic: they pit the working class against each other, while they drop the hammer on all of us.

Everyone on the left that takes class struggle seriously must embrace new atheism. That's non debatable.

Yeah like the oppressed peoples of kekistan.

For real though, I mean like de Leon, if a martian came to Earth and saw any criticism of jews/muslims *insert trendy minority here* being responded to as muh antisemitism/islamophobia he would think jews and/or muslims are bad if every time they were criticized they needed immediate and unquestioned defense from people which seem to be nothing but useful idiots for said muslims/jews.

I don't associate with any leftist organizations for exactly that reason, every one near me is filled with fruits.

Holy shit, we got a radical centrist here buckos.
That's not how anti-semitism or Islamophobia works in practice, you may as well tell black people to stop identifying as black if they want to stop being a target for racism.

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Ignoring the correlation between Islamophobia and western imperialism is not only vapid but, dare I say it, reactionary. Is it such a big deal to expect people to be a bit softly spoken when the west has killed millions of Muslims over the last few years and continues to do so routinely? People were and are somewhat oversensitive about perceived antisemitism due to the holocaust but does that mean it doesn't exist at all? Of course not. It's all well and good to expect Muslims to receive the same criticism as the stuffy vicar up the road but when was the last time our state was butchering Protestants?

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As someone who grew up in a backward conservative christian context, you're a fucking retard.

People adhere to religious mores because failing to do so comes with heavy social consequences. Religions aren't just personal beliefs (except in highly secular places like US coastal cities); they are the backbone of whole communities. Ideologically they are akin to an ethnicity for most people in the world. Calling out religion as bullshit may "wake up" somebody in a tight-nit community but they still have to play along like they believe to have a normal life there. When you lambast any particular religion you are de facto going after the communities built on it.

You're failing to understand religion as is really is - a functional social tool for shaping group behavior. Marx was wrong when he thought it was just the "opium of the people" and "the joy of a joyless world." It is - probably always was - a way for people to have a common understanding of the world, and one that would facilitate society's relations of production. Religious criticism is necessary but that's not what you're doing. You're just spewing vitriol at certain groups 🤔 you don't like without attempting to understand why they do what they do and how that might be addressed.

You can't see past your own context where you have the freedom to decide what you believe, and you buy into the porky narrative of Rugged Individualism and where people's actions and beliefs are a result of their Free Will when they are primarily a factor of what strategy is successful in their particular environment (which is extremely ironic given the pic of Richard Dawkins).

What a disappointment, user. Even Jordan Peterson is more woke on religion than you.

False equivalence. Race, while a liberal construct, is actually based on biological factors. It's not like being born black makes you a bad person, nor you can change the levels of melanin in your skin.

Being jew/muslim/christian is a personal choice and makes you a bad person by de facto, if only because you cheerlead for bourgeois ideology.

All religious communities have been authoritarian shitholes. Not only that, but religion has caused almost every single armed conflict on history, be it outright war or genocide. People that subsribe to religion and/or identify as christian/jew/muslim is glorifying those opressive systems.

A true socialist society must be atheist.

Liberals get the bullet too.

The word Islamophobia sounds pretty dumb tbh, I'm not even afraid of Muslims, they're just people who live around a really negative culture.

Antisemism, you mean countersemitism, some thing all people on left should support due to Zionist imperialism. Islamaphobia is a dumb term. I've heard Southerners be nicer to Muslims than Northern liberals who claim to like them. Try living in the real world.

>Marx was wrong
That's a yikes from me dawg

Sad to see even some comrades cant shed this potent spook

Racism is part of a divide and conquer strategy that prevents class consciousness. It is a real issue. You can be against identity politics, fine, but you need to recognize racism is an issue, because bringing people together of all groups is uniting the workers.

If you're a Nazi or white nationalist more broadly, I genuinely urge you to kill yourself. Not even being edgy, the world will be better off without you.

but killing you would be better because suicide is for cucks.

also I'm the nationalist version of you, user…

q user…

The stupid thing with anti-semitism and islamophobia is that they're conflating racism with dislike for religion. Judaism already creates a basis for this, but Islam is a religion followed by all sorts of ethnic groups. It's usually extremely obvious whether someone badmouthing Islam has an issue with Islam per se vs is a bigot toward middle easterners. With Judaism it's a little harder since the ethnic identity is even more cultural than most (you're a Jew if and only if your mom was a Jew), but it's usually still pretty fucking obvious. IMO the problem is that liberals can't parse particular differences and instead lump people into monolithic categories that have to be taken as a whole (which is why intersectionality is how they deal with multiple identities instead of treating people as individuals).

This is the most eloquent summation of why intersectionality is retarded I've ever seen. Bravo user.

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Take that flag off, you don't deserve it.