Brit/pol/ #2691: Far-Right Rising Edition

How has Ukip shifted to the far right, and what does it mean for British politics?

MPs Demand Britain Double Refugee Intake, Import Fivefold More From Africa

Brexit 'likely to cause cancer test delays'

New IRA terror fears after firebombs sent to Heathrow, Waterloo and City Airport

2 months after declaring all US troops are leaving Syria, President Trump wrote to members of Congress that he now agrees "100%" with keeping a military presence in Syria

Colorado officials and the baker who refused to make a wedding cake for a gay couple on religious grounds have ended a separate legal fight over a cake celebrating a gender transition

Mark Taylor, the ISIS terrorist from New Zealand: “I was on holiday. I wanted to voice my freedom of speech,” he said of the incriminating social media posts. “It turns out that freedom of speech was not allowed in the Islamic State."

Swedish man 'performs sex act in front of woman' during monthly LGBTQ steam room session months after activists complained about the sauna's strict gender-segregated rooms

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nth for comfy pub toil

post some pictures of average women hips

Hope it's not a city pub tbh lad

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You won't find many as most pictures will have them accentuating their features.
You'd need to find pictures where they are standing like this.

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the utter state

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xth for warm milk and sleeps

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Did you just get up.

Been up since 9am tbh

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Oh god it can vary that much smh. middle would be fine but I get the feeling that most are on the right

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That's not a 5 foot 5 11 stone woman

Due to bodyweight it's hard to get an accurate reading since the average woman is a fat cunt now.

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Doing anything fun?

Are you sexually attracted to women, lad?

tommeh just confronted douchberry

Also it's pretty hard to look this stuff up as most of it ends up with women whinging about being called fat.

Why wouldn't I be.

source pls tbh lad

They're mistaking your templar work for a hobby again lad.

smh silly cunts

Not really no.

e-whore #1356780

What do you do to occupy yourself all day? I'd go stir crazy stuck in a market town with no money and nothing to do.

Belle Delphine, lad

Why didn't you just answer "yes"?

Shitpost on the internet and read books tbh.

thats me

Because it's a weird fucking question. Glasgow&src=tyah

So you're wew's minus the dvd collection?

I thought Yorkshire was gods county where the men are filled with such spiritual vigor they don't know what poverty or boredom is?

Is that why you did those things people bully you for?

No need to curse, lad.

wtf is this deano shite?

is there anything else to do in a city?

No, wew's has a semi-successful youtube channel.

Should have done that minecraft channel, lad

It's just more of the same tbh

I regret it every day

Drugs and hookers and soul death. Really I'm just as isolated.

You mean the one where he reviews his dvd collection inbetween interviewing obscure internet personalities?

yeah I dont get people who move from small towns and villages to cities, it seems the only difference is scenery and more oppertunities for hedonism.

start livestreaming with a face cam lad I'd watch it

i live in a small sea side town and we have a bunch of romanian brothels and a lot of drugs.

Is this setting up a channel in minecraft or setting up a channel about minecraft?

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becoming a youtuber and hauling in all those superchats

200 years old mate,looks it too.

even independent

tbh that's all it is, I've heard from natives at work "ugh my small town/village was so boring there was nothing to do" so many fucking times yet all they do in the city is go clubbing or to muh food places to be 'cultured'.
Cities have just got more of the same tbh, it's good if you're interested in museums and cultural historical locations, but no one of these whingey cunts is whinging about that.

Yeah but you don't get see every ethnic under the sun while enjoying that.

tbh I think I snapped years ago and just didn't realise.

Hey that's more than I do.

It's too late for that now.

Good mum applying force to sort the little shit out tbh

The countryside is 90% druggies and 10% a weird deano-nerd hybrid where they all play D&D after rugby matches.

exactly. the mass exodus of young women from towns to cities is the only reason I can see a young man going to a city. Sadly there's far more good lads that deserve a wife than their is wife material.


You lucky cunt, does it get unbearably busy?

It's a fucking mess, we let women liberate themselves to drown in debauchery and completely fucked ourselves over.

i think thats north yorkshire

Cotswolds is Gods land and everyone knows it, we just don't tell anyone because we get too much tourists as is.

That's on the verge of obese for a man

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gonna start a victoria 2 campaign, who should I play as?

i like making my people replace foreigners in my border regions tbh

What happened to the job hunt anyway? Is the job market just dead up there?



the utter state

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Sounds difficult tbh, what should my goals for the campaign be?

I quit my job and get carers allowance now

luv that song me.

What the bar tending? I suppose it pays more than minimum wage toil.

i fucking hate this gay tradition so much

its everything shameful about young british culture, meaningless violence over nothing for no apparent reason while people pretend to enjoy themselves.

Oxford Street terror bomb plotter Lewis Ludlow jailed

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To survive and cuck the USA out of land as much as possible tbh

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norf fc
but lad this represents something going back hundreds of years, when the competition would have meant something. all modern team sports represent tribalism and inter tribe conflict which is why people latch onto them


It's the last sense of identity for thousands upon thousands of lads in Britain.

What the fuck happened on this save

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how lad? got a pic of the demographics?

New world gets a buff to immigration and a few actions you can take to get more, might be a mod thing though I can't remember.

its just i hate my peoples behaviour sometime. It seems like the average young british man is one shove or drunken misunderstanding away from beating his best friend to death. The violence under the surface of so many people is just so sickening especially so when no violence can be found for those that actually deserve it.

maybe its a lack of religion or a lack of a healthy father figure being replaced with this childish subculture that young men are shamed for not being a part of but either way I hope its fixable.

Pretty sure the free states rebel if the USA doesn't abolish slavery and makes too many slave states

dunno why the confederacy rules so much though

wtf is going on there? did his mummy accidentally destroy the house he'd spent hours making?

I do agree society is becoming more openly violent and the thin veneer of civilisation is eroding away. Tbh I think arguments of immigration and police cuts only explain so much of the epidemic of knife crime in london for example. The broader shift is that everything that holds society together has gone, we are all just competing individuals and the thuggish tendencies then come back to the fore in such a scenario. I notice it in little things like how people dip their headlights much less than in the past

no it was £5.90/hr

Oh I get what you mean, it pays alright for being able to work at home yeah

no it's standard griefing.

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Good lad

Yeah sorry I should have worded that better, only after hitting enter did I see what a mess that was. So what is career allowance anyway? Is it where you get your wages topped up?

yes but whenever I've gone drinking in france or italy I dont see nearly as much yelling, fighting and a general propensity for violence. It happens but I can sit down in a pub in Brittany and see a lot of much healthier looking young men chatting and just enjoying each others company while in England its filled with middle-aged men acting like children and nearly every fight is usually two former friends beating each other up. Half the people you meet think being a violent asshole or dysfunctional child is a personality. Its just such a sickening and awkward situation to be in.

you get carers allowance for looking after a sick relative that qualifies certain conditions

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Selsig, fried eggs and burgers, followed up with Crunchy Nut Cornflakes flavoured vape for after tbh.

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because we don't have a healthy civic society any more lad. watch footage of football crowds in the 50s and everyone was well behaved.

Sorry about your grandad lad.

I get that it's worse here than elsewhere but you have to be going to the worst fucking pubs to think that tbqh

true I just want a way to fix it.


Restore national pride, have natives as first class citizens, give men a purpose and a sense of duty.
Good fucking luck getting any of that done in the current climate.

That's all keto friendly tbh

I fry in butter lad.

There is a real nihilism to binge drinking tbh

Football is the only thing many working class men have. Their racial and national pride has been forcibly stripped from them, their jobs taken, their religion subverted. No wonder they cling all their hopes on sports, and no wonder they act like it's the end of the world when Ngubu doesn't score.

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Iconoclast is a good lad but you can smell the thirst he has whenever he speaks to a women.

i just want a mob of catholic williams to enforce good drinking etiquette lad.

I think we just have far more "bad pubs" than most coutnries.

This tbh

Do you know what keto is.

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