Brit/pol/ #2692: Lefebvre Edition

Police dealing with 'suspicious item' found at Parliament

Sales at Greggs top £1BILLION for the first time amid 'extraordinary' popularity of vegan sausage roll

Trans Woman Charged With Hate Crime for Admitting She’s a Man

New IRA 'has recruited dozens of dissidents amid mounting anger over Brexit'

Oxford Street terror bomb plotter Lewis Ludlow jailed

Grinning sex attacker who abused schoolgirl commits fresh crime after failing to be deported

How has Ukip shifted to the far right, and what does it mean for British politics?

MPs Demand Britain Double Refugee Intake, Import Fivefold More From Africa

Brexit 'likely to cause cancer test delays'

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just drank coffee

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for her

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first for the bake off mystery monster

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who'd've guessed this was going to crash and burn

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xth for getting involved in dumb yank political memmies because British politics is boring

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I hope jeb comes back

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I think he knows.

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soon they will start heavily pushing this vegan "food" so the British people are even weaker and unhealthy than ever


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Might be a good thing in the long run, I hate the good friday agreement

you fools posted imperium so often that you memid it into reality

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Just eat some rib eye, with of spinach.

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They've been doing it for fucking ages now.

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So ISIS dies down and now there's this new group planting explosives instead. Bit convenient.

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I've literally never posted a gook (which is what you're doing now). You are to blame for this nonsense, SA!

*claps in freedom*

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from today's Sun

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Vid related

Lad just vote #yang2020 so you can get your $1000 a month and slip into the abyss in comfort

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And statewide HBO GO for free!

literally would satiate a dying african child

We need animal protein and fat to make sex hormones, fertility and milk lectation in women.

The low fat food being push has already done damage.

Very worrying.

Is she saying that no matter how shitty america's economy gets, the (((government))) will still give shekels to kikeland?

Literally how can yanks ever mock Europeans? How the fuck do the retards in comments sections who say things like "RIP great britain - we have to remain vigilant so this doesn't come to this country" even exist? I hate america.

it literally looks like a piece of cloth

‘Year of the tall building’ as skyscrapers spread across London

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I think he may have a chance.

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theres a reason there are so many mutt memmies

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umm actually lad those were d+c kike shill memmies you fell for a kike trick you cuck

Yang is probably the only person I can see right now beating Trump. If Biden were to run and win, Trump could easily just play the same game he did with Clinton, accusing him of being an establishment tool (not wrong tbh). With Sanders or some other far leftist candidate, Trump will play the patriotic anti-socialism pro-freedom card. Yang is a much more tricky opponent for Trump.

Is yang a democrat? Never eard of im tbh.

Yeah. He's mostly known at the moment for his UBI policy which I think is a debate worth having.

Can't wait for blue checks to get confused when people post memmies of Yang standing in front of a gas chamber occupied by the Zognald

Yeah, are they even aware that we don't like Donald yet?


"England lives, and she'll give you £1000 a month!"

I think it's a good idea tbh lads.

She's basically saying that even if the US was starving and collapsing they would still be sending money to Israel.

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Operators of darknet child porn forum jailed in Germany

It's always German, Austria and Belgium.

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London was already an ugly, confused city. This is simply piling more garbage onto the heap.

r e a l l y m a k e s y o u t h i n k

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Imagine a Rotten Tomatoes for art and architecture. The disparity would be even bigger.

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did you not suspect foul play after 9/11 when the US suddenly stopped funding the IRS?



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Would accept spetsnaz training just incase any Russian government agents are watching the thread.

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>"it doesn't count when we do it!"

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"Because we're the good guys, like Dumbledore's Army, but they're the bad guys, like Voldemort"

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This tbh, send us a few million to get a right wing party started, we will align the country with you when we get kicked out of NATO for being mean.


Don't want to align with Russia until they ban abortion, tbh

Never need much of any excuse to post this.

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Russian is quite an elegant language. Listen to this one too.

I mean, we could do that too.

They banned gay propaganda, their nation is morally superior to ours already.

They've had the same fucking talking points since before the election and are just constantly recycling them.

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Prefer the thread version tbh

It's a left over from the Soviet Union tbh which iirc banned regular contraception and pushed women into getting abortions instead.

Guillaume Faye died

SPETNAZ training doesn't sound very fun, forming a political party at least doesn't carry the risk of dying from exposure in Siberia.

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People only learn through suffering lad.


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ain't our own training more intensive?

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angery tbh

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Which kino are those from?

It's the retarded crew neck shirts and cargo pants an retard shoes he wears

Thats actually based and loyal lol

Love spinach me

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unironically genius

how bad will america be in a decade's time

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Gentlemen Of Fortune (Джентльмены удачи)

It's a Comedy, one of the first Soviet movies to show petty crime I believe.

The whole movie is on Youtube.

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just need to dub in "tbh lad" every .5 seconds

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pls flop pls flop pls flop pls flop pls flop pls flop pls flop pls flop pls flop pls flop pls flop pls flop pls flop pls flop pls flop pls flop pls flop pls flop pls flop pls flop pls flop pls flop pls flop pls flop pls flop pls flop pls flop pls flop pls flop pls flop pls flop pls flop pls flop pls flop pls flop pls flop pls flop pls flop pls flop pls flop pls flop pls flop pls flop pls flop pls flop pls flop pls flop pls flop pls flop pls flop pls flop pls flop pls flop pls flop pls flop pls flop pls flop pls flop pls flop pls flop pls flop pls flop pls flop pls flop pls flop pls flop pls flop pls flop pls flop pls flop pls flop pls flop pls flop pls flop pls flop pls flop pls flop pls flop pls flop pls flop pls flop pls flop pls flop pls flop pls flop pls flop pls flop pls flop pls flop pls flop pls flop pls flop pls flop pls flop pls flop pls flop pls flop pls flop pls flop

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Who'd win in a fight?

The one that triumphed against all

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Ay Tone

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Looks a bit muslamic, lad

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kek, didn't have some of those. Wholesome gang

here's the rest of what I've got

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I’m on a fucking roll me.

I’m sat in this fucking meeting and the idea is that I leave with a purchase order but it’s the pubic fucking sector and everything requires 300 levels of fucking approval, signing and counter fucking signing and so on and so forth. And I am trying to explain to the noddy infront of me that if they sort out their P2P they will gain efficiencies and save money and it will pay for itself – but the twat has been in the public sector far too long, with his short working days, pension, tea club, packed lunch and cushy lifestyle, back to the missus and kids every night and every couple of months his missus agrees to let him get his leg over in the dark if he’s been a good boy.

And furthermore, he has this irritating habit of sniffing throughout the whole meeting like he’s got some invisible turd dangling from his nose and he can’t quite fathom out where the fucking smell is coming from, but at the same time can’t stop sniffing throughout the meeting. And there are others in this meeting and they are all the same grey, boring public sector wankers I’ve become accustomed to over the years and it’s not lunchtime yet but they are already thinking about stretching it out to get lunch thrown in, and no one can make a decision and I’m the only one here who’s not on a salary and they are all fucking about. What a bunch of useless wankers. That’s the trouble with us English, we can’t make a decision.

And I have to get back into Nottingham as I have a meeting set up with Lucy who has been recommended to me by BigRockCandy and we have exchanged text messages and spoke and she seems like a top girl who knows her way around a cock. And before I know it I’m parking up near Rock City and making my way up to Talbot Street where I am going to meet Lucy and gain carnal knowledge of her body in an intimate way. And I bump into BigRockCandy who has a smile on his face and the dirty fucker has been in there already for a threesome with Riley and Lucie, the dirty fucking bastard and we have a quick chat about what’s happening and then I am walking down the corridor and knocking on the door and fuck me, guess what, she is a stunner.

What a day lads!

Muslims don't replace what they destroy.
We're better off without statues of Priapus and Sterquilinus, anyway.

you sound like a big boy

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