Is anyone else obsessed with hunting for spooks and dispelling them? I listen to people talk...

Is anyone else obsessed with hunting for spooks and dispelling them? I listen to people talk, I read their words and all I hear nowadays is meaningless nonsense, fixed ideas and spookery. The spook itself has become a spook to me. If spooked thought enters my mind I pause mid-thought and tell myself that that thought is a spook and I am not its slave. I feel enlightened among hordes of normalfags

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You and me both, user

It's all meaningless abstraction intended to enslave you in some way. The difficulty is nonetheless finding a path out of the alienation that arises from this understanding.

I mean, does anyone really believe the Union of Egoists is realistic ? Or are we doomed to forever reenact master-slave games ?

sexual consent.

mention that and the fake Stirnerites will separate themselves from the real ones.

it can be, but that's provided everyone is perfect.

which they're not. not even I.

What are you implying ?

I don't oppose rape because it's immoral or some other nonsense, but because as a non-warped human being, I have empathy towards others and it is repulsive to ME, thus I would be unopposed to the violation of rapists due to MY opposition toward their actions. This would be supported my most others in any case because human beings generally feel the same way.

While sexual consent laws (and all laws) are completely arbitrary, my own egoistic desire does not wish to harm children or subject them to things that they do not understand or are not developed for

I believe it is realistic. Not sure if we'll ever get it going, but it's doable.

^The real "Stirnerites"


some people don't have empathy. egoism would not prevent this. someone would manage to blend it with Machiavellianism (I've already known someone who has) and use it for pure evil. then again, what is evil and what is not to an egoist if both do not exist?

Neither would any political system prevent people from being non-empathetic. In fact, most states reward psychopathy, whether capitalist or "socialist" (see: most politicians, CEOs, etc.). States merely construct legalist nets of procedure as consequence for "breaking" of laws which are no more effective than a consensual union of people who decide that someone has transgressed them and carrying out their own ad hoc punishments

This is a nonsense argument because good/evil are not even part of the question. If a union of people come together and say "ok, so as a union we shall agree not to rape one another or molest our children" there is no morality necessary for this to even occur. Most people don't want this so it would be a completely natural and consensual thing to agree upon

but what if they do?

MOST PEOPLE. not everyone. you forget psychopaths exist. you have too much faith in humanity.

Yes, 'reality' is socio-technical system, its parts are constructed by Humans. The nature of the scale of this construction necessitates the existence of supporting systems that allow us to communicate and make sense of ideas. An example of this is the metric system, which they are standardising further as we speak by relating it to physical constants in the universe and not an iron bar in Paris. The metric system exists so that stuff can be built in different parts of the world and still work together. So, what you call 'spooks' are these different systems that facilitate the functioning of parts of society. Marriage is a 'spook' that facilitates child rearing in the "liberal capitalist system with Protestant characteristics", for example. In a different society it would be a different kind of 'spook', but a 'spook' nonetheless. I guess the 'de-spooked' version would be an everything-goes free-love free-for-all, which is great, but so improbable that it might as well be impossible.

I don't see why Stirnerites think they have cracked some puzzle by noticing 'spooks'? It's kind of obvious. It doesn't give you some magical power of resistance to these systems. Because guess what, you're embedded in the technological society whether you like it or not. I'm not talking about you using the computer, I'm talking about you existing as part of many systems in the network. Even if you are a child born in the wilderness, and even if all your stuff is built from what you find around you like the guy in Primitive Technology does you are still using knowledge and probably tools that have come from systems. You can't 'despook' your brain unless you literally start anew because our knowledge is laden with all kinds of socio-cultural assumptions, norms, etc.

Furthermore, I find this whole 'spook' thing to be useless as analysis. So pretty much it is all a 'spook', so what? Stirnerites end up living 'de-spooked' individuals, in a 'spooked' world, smirking at the 'spooked' masses, feeling enlightened by their intelligence. I think rather than destroying 'spooks' we should recognise that Humans need these scaffolds to prop up lives and the societies we wish to build. We should replace 'spooks' with 'spooks' of our own.

Then "we" deal with them in a way we agree upon. It requires literally zero metaphysics

…of course, the literal instant this union no longer amuses me…

who's we? and what about "them", what if they have their own union?

Literally let's not call it a spooky.

How are you different than a spooked bitch anyway?


I don’t want children hurt because I don’t want my own children hurt. There are some soft union if egotists existing already.

go back to school, kiddo

Big brain


Read Stirner before criticizing him


Uh, huh, yes they are.

Everything is my property
Are children not different than adults in many ways? The distinction is made for a reason. If you were obsessed with the idea of “childishness” or saying that it is “illegal” for children to do X Y Z that would be a spook

The entirety of Stirner's point is that spooks are unacknowledged things you serve blindly, regardless of your desires, whereas an egoist is capable of conscious acknowledgement and choice based on pure whim.

Once you are capable of acknowledging something is a spook, it is no longer spooky.

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This thread proves I'm pretty close.

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The best thing to come out of Stirner and his champions is the ability to recognize immediately the cancer of unread fake leftists from /lit/ so I can disregard and dissociate from them without going through a bunch of pointless posturing and politics at whatever meeting they infected.


you gotta recognize what spook is & what isn't tho. If you only point out whats abstract well yeah you didn't got stirner.

Read Stirner's Critics…

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btw Stirner is basic philosophy. But damn good introduction to Philosophy. if after than you can get into Kant, Hegel, Aristotle, Focault, Gilles Deleuze etc that would be great.

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this but unironically

Look fo real read Hegel Philosophy of History & Philosophy of Right if you can understand them, they're hard not gonna lie one has to learn Hegel's use of words first which is hard as nails.

State, union, law, etc can & cannot be in opposition to one's ego.
Egoist-Anarchism is the maxium philosophical concrete self-awareness that says "if I'm not having a good time in this system I can leave at my heart's content". Anarchism is the greatest most self aware anti-political position but that doesn't means some rules/law can't be useful for one's ego protection against another ruthless uncaring egos that do not give a fuck about raping children for example.

Stirner makes this clear in Stirner's Critics. Being an egoist is great, it's a big position of self ownership the maximum there is, but being in a group that mutually agrees with terms shared by them all (union of egos) is even more powerful & allows for higher forms of freedom that are not possible alone, because in group there exists more protection. Having friends watching your back is almost always a good thing.

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Stirner was a student of Hegel probably one of his most important life experiences was listening to his lectures in Berlin's gymnasium.

So stop being stupid & get what Egoism is once for all if anything fake Stirnerites are the ones who can't comprehend what an "interest" is. It's in my interest that children are not raped, therfore I'll protect them because they can't do so themselves or they can but with great difficulty. Adults are much more powerful.

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I see this thrown around a lot but what do you mean by this ? Are you talking about people who just throw around the word "spook" as if it's an in vogue type of meme ?

Why shouldn't I be stupid?

Authenticity is a spook

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The folks bitching about your spooks are pointing out a few things…
1. The total denial of agency.
2. The writing in of completely-imaginary motivations into the void created by this suppression.
3. A fuckton of lesser mental gymnastics surrounding this.
…compared to what you actually want to do. If you'd just said "I'm a sociopath and like controlling people, but am afraid of physically large people," then, well, you'd be twisted, but woke. It's the rest of this shit.

It's the same "saving the princess" drama, and the same problem - dehumanizing the princess to make a fictitious person a doll in your spookhouse. How many OTHER spooks kick into that whole "I'm a sociopath turning people into dolls," well… that's a lifetime project in research psychology.

Lmao this what theory ends up doing to you isn't it?

I didn't made the term "fake stirnerites" it's butthurt pedos usually who can't grasp their minds of having their wills stopped by egoists too lmao. Since it's in our interests to never give them any change we're more & they're hated everywhere. They don't understand egoism either but whatever.

do whatever you want, but you dumb af just saying.

nope you dumb as well you don't get what an interest is. It amazes me how some people can't think concretely for something so easy. smoothbrains I guess.

i think human rights are a spook tho.

i dont understand why anyone ought not rape at will.

Yeah, no. You were doing a bit better in that moment of lucidity where you admitted that you chose here because of your belief that children can't fight back as easily (itself a spook), but by the time you're mixing "I play with my spooks just to maintain" with "I can't distinguish between spooks and rl"… no.

they have no serious argument against raping kids.


Most people have it in their INTEREST to not allow others to molest others so in a union of people, there would be an agreement that such an act would entail punishment

This, there's already soft forms of "Egotist Unions" existing already. Having kids welfare be sacrosanct is one of them. Kids were not treated this way in the 1800's.

We should launch all the children into the sun so all the pedophiles kill themselves

Then we can pull the sperm and egg out of the fridge and ride into the vat baby sunset

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You forgot about all that child labour going on in the 19th century?

Funny thing about that…

What’s a spook? Genuine question as I’m new to this

What is colloquially referred to as a spook among internet memers refers to abstractions in human culture which only exist in people's minds. Concepts like "nation" or "ethnicity" don't really exist except as ideas and even then, they cannot really be defined objectively. However since the neolithic revolution these things have been used successfully to keep people as slaves to masters

what the user above said and also literally translates to "scares" you fearing that idea & following it blindly. An idea is not a spook if you own it, if it's in accordance to your ego.

Look in youtube octopus circus I think he has 3 videos explaining Stirner which Stirner's own quotes.

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Thats Jordan Peterson tier solutions. He's retarded don't listen to him. The worst part is that he says his bullshit unironically then gets a reaction to his stupidity & says "I'm NOT saying that but what IF" like a retard. Don't be like Peterson he will never be a philosopher & will be forgotten by history as a retard who was never on the level of Zizek.

I think the concept of a spook is a little nonsensical but 1: you wouldn't want to be raped, and 2: if you raped people society would take vengeance on you.

My argument was already made. I want to defend the weak youths from the abusive adults, are my terms not clear?

For whatever reason btw: solidarity, they being my friends, I being their parent, their guardian, whatever. All those reasons satsify my ego.

Understand the simple thing: my ego (which is also backed by a collective of egos) vs your ego (which is hardly at company). Fight me if you have a death wish. Express yourself how you are if you want, in response to that I'll act upon you how I genuinely would which is smashing you. Your freedom ends where mine starts, simple as that. Your authority vs my authority.


Society is an abstract idea, it cannot think and therefore it would be absurd to care about what "society thinks"

See, this is a slightly more solid line of reasoning.
Ditch number two, though : predicting "other people" is… all in your mind. There's LOTS of situations in which society would take no vengance.
…such as the rape exemptions this clown is dickriding.

M'spook. The abusive adult is you in this scenario, in fact.
M'spook. All these imaginary people… you stand alone.
M'spook. You have no idea whether someone else is many or few.
Your elite victory and triumph with your manly strength… is a spook. One in which you apparently dwell much.
…and are other peoples' expressions taken from them, to be spooks in your SEVERELY MASTURBATORY game?
Either the answer is yes, or it's in response to nothing. BTW, your weak, noodly ass smashing ANYTHING is a spook only you entertain… but you do entertain it a lot. It's like compensation or something.
…which you appear to believe involves voiding a fuckload of people to use them as dolls in your spook-game.
Have you ever considered it might actually serve your interests quite well to NOT use real people in whatever twisted train-wreck this is? I mean, that's what incurs the costs. I don't think anyone gives a shit if you rescue pretend-Ken from the wretched designs of pretend-Barbie… as long as you buy your own damn toys should you want to physically play out these scenarios.
Which is what all these criticisms of you come down to. Okay, you've got profound mental problems : keep your hands off other peoples' shit.

These are not spooks. These are just plural nouns describing actual human beings, as opposed to concepts like "society" which describes nothing concrete whatsoever

Not a spook. Just refers to one's unique experience of the universe.

Great! Post their names, addresses, and phone numbers, and we can all call up and check that your assertions about them are accurate!
…we're waiting.

truly predicate level logic we've got here, a linguist too evidently

but what if the child consents?

so raping anyone is fine? regardless of gender, sexuality, age, race, etc.

hell if that's case why not species?

I'm gonna lube up an oak tree and get my fuck on. in a public park near a playground. fuck everything.

You know, that list of names and addresses actually exists.

Go be a moralfag somewhere else.

Go be a sociopath somewhere else

Aaand you still haven't proven that any specific person of whom you claim knowledge exists outside your head.
Hence, a spectre haunting the mind.

There is no such thing as society, unless society lynches you for raping their daughters. So yes, you have to care what society thinks.

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t. rapist/pedo/serial killer/sociopath

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worse, he's just an edgy little bitch online. At least Dahmer got off his ass and put in work.

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You really have no self-awareness, do you?

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Sorry I didn't realise your level of autism, I do not support the actions of Jeffrey Dahmer or other serial killers, it was a humorous metaphor to draw attention to the fact that said poster was acting like some badass edgelord while simply sitting on his ass posting online. I am user and I approve of this message. No animals were harmed in the making of this post.

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No, that is not what "metaphor" means. What you mean to say is that you made an intentionally absurd statement that you thought would shock and upset the person that you were writing to. In internet parlance, that is known as being "edgy." You can see another example of "edginess" here in the post that seems to have you all booty-blasted.



No, but if you hold a position of moral nihilism you are.

no I don't

Obsession is a spook.

Why is it your interest?

This is burying the needle on the PKE meter.

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Look, I realize you're developmentally disabled, but could you stop being disingenuous for like two or three posts?
If you don't believe morals are real, you can't define what's in your self-interest because you have no definition for goodness. Moral realism does not entail absolutism, laws, codes od conduct, any particular system, universalism, and so on.
Read a fucking book instead of outing yourself as a sociopath who is looking for an excuse to care only for yourself and selectively apply values to others on the basis of your own ideals and feelings while denying that the other moral agents in your community have such things with any legitimacy.
Everyone can see right through your shallow attempts at deligitimizing the views of others while at the same time tacitly assuming the legitimacy of your own beliefs and values. That's why you keep getting called retarded and why no one takes you seriously.