Brit/pol/ #2693: QT suffering Edition

Police dealing with 'suspicious item' found at Parliament

Sales at Greggs top £1BILLION for the first time amid 'extraordinary' popularity of vegan sausage roll

Trans Woman Charged With Hate Crime for Admitting She’s a Man

New IRA 'has recruited dozens of dissidents amid mounting anger over Brexit'

Oxford Street terror bomb plotter Lewis Ludlow jailed

Grinning sex attacker who abused schoolgirl commits fresh crime after failing to be deported

How has Ukip shifted to the far right, and what does it mean for British politics?

MPs Demand Britain Double Refugee Intake, Import Fivefold More From Africa

Brexit 'likely to cause cancer test delays'

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Good lass

Selling out to the paddies is literally the only 'success' that labour have to point to.

GOOD lad

xth for Chieftain

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My fucking arse.

The only burning injustice here is your wife's curry on your bowls you shit.

good lad

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Sneakily calling for a second referendum whilst pretending to think we should just get on with it.

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Brexit means brexit

good lad

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smh, good lad.

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just fuck off

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meming tbh

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big fantasy of mine tbh

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Please be joking or may god have mercy on your soul.

would love to dominate some smarmy muslim bitch tbh lads

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they must be like catholic girls on steroids

God I hate this feline sarcastic discourse where tarts condescend to you like you've been a naughty schoolboy. Dignity in the discussion of public affairs is beyond them.

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yeah same

Think how rapey the paki males are, its about that much. I've noticed stares tbh.

Would have thought Rudd would prefer BLACKED to coloured.

Yep. Women base their lives around humiliating men. Ate em tbh.


Clown world.

I'm not listening to the language policing segment it's kike magic and a chance for foreigners to moan about how hard it is living in a first world country

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Based Rudd and Tories?

What will niggers be called in ten years time? they've gone from black to being people of colour in a few years

>My own industry the media

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Exalted ones

I've heard brown going about

Fucking kek.

Texting mute lass while I watch tbh

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African? Black and White are deliberatly de-humanising rootless terms tbh



This fucking paki smh. Pakis are much more racist to us than we are to them (sadly).

We'll just call them 80% pigmented soon. Everyone will be addressed on a sliding scale of pigmentation created by an Israeli-American funded equality and inclusion thinktank.

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Diane Abbo from the future

seeing mutts breaks my heart too tbf

Proof that the anti-white racial alliance marches on until there are only ashes to squabble over.

What a pathetic episode. Owen has let me down.

What the fuck is this bitch talking about?

Was it me or did she mention slavery?

Fucking ell. I am so sick of watching my society die in front of me to the applause of the retards I'm supposed to care about.

Thanks for the race bait question QT

Once one struggle is overcome another struggle will be invented.

what is this nigger rambling about lmao


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*rapturous applause for retarded nigger rambling*

Does anyone think history and events are repeating themselves?

1919 Germany got screwed by the communists attempting revolution and the aftermath of ww1

2019 Britain’s gonna get screwed by Brexit being fudged, delayed or not hallwning at all

The years this shit is lining up is parallel, and if history’s going to repeat, we all know who rise up during the 1920s-1933

I think it was something about just judging someone on a person by person basis.

We've reached a point where banal female snark is considered an actual argument.

This forced language swapping every half a generation is a political tool to beat the natives of this island over the head with and continues their quest for being eternally parasitical tbh

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More balls. Lovely.

Exterminationism will be necessary

Haven't got a giant power bloc threat right next door to us to push people in the opposite direction though.

Imagine being a tory and giving heed to the left's morality even to the point of self-negation and it STILL not being good enough

oh wait no the EU


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I’m ok with this tbh. Kill the lot.
The EU?

based mixed baldy

This highlights the absurdity of the whole thing

Yeah I completely forget it exists lmao

>we need to stop the show

I guess one autist had to slip through the BBC net.


Based blushing centrist lad

Whilst also generalising people by ethnic groups? It's all doubletalk.


Baste? He just said we need to get over the idea of 'white people and the rest of the world'. Multiculturalism is only possible because this attitude exists. We are held to exceptional standards in our own lands smh. If we behaved like the various breeds of wog, then none of em would be here.

She is a senile wog, that's like a double whammy.

Lad, I hadn't heard that bit yet, smh cool your autism

Kek. He should have injected the phrase 'Saint Stephen Lawrence' into his point tbh.

it;s so frustrating watching someone try to say something pro white but having to police his language so much smh

Good lad.

It has been since the fucking sixties, lad.

I thought they canceled this week?


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Fucking ell.

Wholly triggering episode tbh. reminded me of how fucked we are that you can't literally call a spade a spade (though you can call it a shovel) which is actually the same thing but less offensive because reasons.


I really do hope im right though, because so far the years are lining up perfectly with events from last century