Brit/pol/ #2694: RIP Gayman Fag Edition

Police dealing with 'suspicious item' found at Parliament

Sales at Greggs top £1BILLION for the first time amid 'extraordinary' popularity of vegan sausage roll

Trans Woman Charged With Hate Crime for Admitting She’s a Man

New IRA 'has recruited dozens of dissidents amid mounting anger over Brexit'

Oxford Street terror bomb plotter Lewis Ludlow jailed

Grinning sex attacker who abused schoolgirl commits fresh crime after failing to be deported

How has Ukip shifted to the far right, and what does it mean for British politics?

MPs Demand Britain Double Refugee Intake, Import Fivefold More From Africa

Brexit 'likely to cause cancer test delays'

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xth for Yockey

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sexy lad, h0t edition

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i've noticed a lot of blacks are really into owning feminists epic style lately

Faye was a pornstar?

They don't care about the left's social program; they want their money, that's all.

on the side

Refined and classy degeneracy only tbh.

based and redpilled

it's scared

God I can't STAND these videos with women blathering on pointlessly about shite they know nothing about. Jesus christ who put the stick up their arse?

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Archeofuturism is just a prequel to Monster Girl Quest.

I can't even right now

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We're all gonna make it, lads

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thats where u are wrong

how come whenever white men create anything a victim narrative must be created so every other useless shit tier group can feel better about their inferiority and blame whitey

even that superhero looks like he's got grids tbh

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rhetorical question I guess


I want to see kyriakos fight 600 women in a big arena with a club tbh

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That's the plot of Mother 3.

Anyway, Revelation talks about creatures with chimerical features. Interesting stuff.

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Kek, probably fabulous

Save us Faggot Man

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together we form a mighty faggot


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how many silver coins do you think satan gave drumpf to go back on every single one of his campaign promises lads

tbf he kept one of them

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kek true

just meditated

got any tips lad? do you do mantras?

Just as an interesting side-note, thirty pieces of silver was the Ancient Israelite fine to be paid if your ox gored a slave.

seems like they've resurrected the WW1/WW2 blueprint

I'm Camp ~ Adolf Hitler

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keeeek hipster hitler that's a blast from the past

It's the only way

Only just realised that a centaur girl would have a horse vagina and not a human one tbh, that's kinda gross.

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i just sit with my eyes closed count my ==BIG== belly breaths for 5 minutes

just look at that face and body

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dugin a shit fuck the world island tbh

yeah dugins a mong

muh benis = sad

I agree with Dugin being a shit tbh.


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also don't google Brie larson's feet


umm that's just virgin incels trolling the website okay thank you


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trying out rye bread with my scrambled eggs instead of wholemeal

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We need a North Sea Federation with an artificially made Dogger Bank which we will use to house the political center of the federation as well as the site of the space elevator that we will have to build if we wish to conquer space.

lulling hard tbh

can't we just have an alliance or something, lad. Don't like the sound of EU 2 smh

yockey was kinda gay tbh

Kinda depends on if the EU turns into a federation or not tbh.

Most of the far right has been pretty much useless tbh.

Utter cunts

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A North Sea Confederation would be comfy tbh, especially if a tiny bit of Baltic immigration was allowed.

Who's gonna raise Doggerpolder for English settlement with me?

it says in the article they think it's fully auto


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I'd let Finland in but not the Baltic tbh, they'd probably be in the EU federation.

thought full auto anything was banned


my illusion of Zig Forums being brit lads only is becoming more shattered everyday

It's Welsh, lad


begone demon

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Nice try Jorg

man fuck greg johnson, never trust a queer

literally who

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Good times, for a change

They always do this.

Like when they claimed firearms were being taken off the streets, but in reality it was retards handing in sub-12ft/lb air weapons.

runs counter currents

I've been trying to tell you all for ages.
The muslims who came to the West are LARPers.
Their sons worship money and their daughters are whores.

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she'll break her son's heart and won't give a fuck

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I love them lads

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they can all be my girlfriends if they want to

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They want to give you their chlamydia and hpv

hate em tbh

Do you think they want to?

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delete yourself

wtf seeking arrangement has more thots than all the other "dating" sites combined

Only if you do it as well lad,you can be my Eva Braun


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