Does anyone here watch or is familiar with "Adolf Stalin" on youtube...

Does anyone here watch or is familiar with "Adolf Stalin" on youtube? He's seems fairly eccentric and is probably most notable for being one of the only leftist youtubers besides Jim Profit who disregards political correctness and social ladder climbing entirely as opposed to the vague "anti idpol" stance of Bat'ko, Muke, Unruhe etc which usually leads to some kind of self censorship or retracting of said anti idpol stance anyway(though I will admit that Unruhe has been mostly consistent here for the past 2 years). He's been banned by the BO of Zig Forums countless times too so he could be considered one of us as well and possibly deserving of our sympathy. Also this is just heresay but I did hear that the Jim Profit fan Stalinstache was working with J Barg on a incel themed blackend death/doom/grind/noise rock project, though I can't confirm anything about that.

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I'm a fan. Nice.

I wish you two would stop shiling eachother this hard. You are both garbage.

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Who do you believe me to be

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Jim, but it doesn't even matter if you aren't. Stop shilling these dumb faggots. If you want to watch them, I don't give a fuck, it's obviously expected from a dumb fuck nazbol, but stop shoving their shit down our throats.

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Stop shilling these faggots and go back

"You are the Christ, the son of the Living God"

Another schizo who probably made this thread since his posting style is really obvious and is responsible for much of the fascism infecting this board


I've seen him in /fascist/

Fuck off. Sage and report.

I'm not a nationalist tho, I am closer to Jim Profit tendency wise I just think J Barg is cool

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lots of people with assrash in this thread from anal sex with their dads

ok hot


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Seems like it, I don't know why everyone is so buttmad over this guy

This nigger namefag'd as 'Adolf Stalin' in /asmr/, /fascist/, and, for a short while, /b/. 99% of his posts were dogshit.

That's nice. Nobody cares. Meanwhile the Jew Yorker does a piece on Trannypoints. It's nice to see where the msm's priorities lay.

Because they're all red liberals. Like Trannypoints.

Btw, hint hint


noticed this thread got anchored. mods are gheytarded.


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This is some advanced autism.

I honestly never heard of Adolf Stalin.