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What is the Zig Forums response to this pressing issue of the day

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Option one obviously, it's not even demanding to be let into the fashion show, she just wants trans treatment to be state funded (which it obviously should be).

I might post some of my funny nationstates screenies later.

But my economy is already kinda shitty and I fear it'll suffer if I have to pay for trans peeps with healthcare

Also sometimes its a bit annoying as Max Barry is evidently quite a neoliberal guy and rigs a lot of the responses to give you ridiculous conclusions and detriments to your stats

Option 1

The amount of trannies is insignificant and if providing healthcare bankrupts your country that's an argument against capitalism tbh

Yeah, I was thinking that. We haven't fully transitioned from gabidalizm yet. It's a process that I'm taking my time with. But alright ! through the superior power of imageboard dialectic, option 1 it is !

Option 4: Read Bordiga

Max Barry is clearly a Socdem, just read his books. It's easy to have a strong economy as a leftwing nation, it just takes a little longer to build up. Here's my nation, it's 100% gommie.

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Degenerates rights are irrelevant to me. It's not a working class issue.

Maybe they should accept they were born male, man up and shut the fuck up. Ever notice this is a thing exclusively with MTF degenerates? It's almost as if they are already giant pussies. I never hear about FTMs throwing a bitchfit.

Ah, I haven't read his books as of yet, however from what I read it felt a bit neoliberal to me. Thanks for the heads up.

Also I've been "playing" for a few months but I still reside in the same region I started in despite the mountains of pms in the beginning. I don't know, I guess I just never found the right fit

Well, I think this is an issue of semantics. There are genuine people who feel they are in the wrong body and of course you can say they will always be male and it's definitely true in the sense that they are XY chromosomes, etc. And at this stage I do actually disagree with genital reassignment surgery due to the shitty nature of it right now (e.g. literally having to douche out your "vagina" every day because it's not really natural, and so on.) but at the same time I believe it's fine to help them and I gladly refer to someone MTF as he and FTM as she if they ask politely but it would be ridiculous to ask anyone "what pronoun do you prefer ?" It's a complicated issue for sure

Yeah, I do notice that. I wonder why

This bit is true and used to be worse in the old days because each position was kind of an extremist take on the issue where it's always given a comedic negative spin, eg an issue I did recently where if you decide to make police bodycams accessible to the public then you're told "criminals are strangely enough always warned of incoming raids", obviously I didn't mean everyone could just watch live, or for example you can see in my timeline that flag burning should be legal, that doesn't mean that everyone who tries to do it is going to set themselves on fire, but what you should pay attention to is the stats overall, usually they're mostly fair, although some have been inexplicable and stupid, it balances out. Important decisions are listed in your policies section which is more reliable. If an issue is presented in a way that is too extreme and none of the options fit a reasonable position, it's a perfectly valid option to dismiss it and you should do so.

Nationstates was originally designed mostly as a wry satire and has only become a more serious attempt at letting people pick their political philosophy in the past few years.

like pottery

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Regions don't really matter unless you want to roleplay or care about invasions, I just picked a generic gommie one. They don't affect your actual country at all.

No worries, I think they're good reads, I enjoyed them a lot, at least the ones I read (Company, Jennifer Government, and Syrup). I don't think Barry is an actual Marxist but he's clearly on the left wing, right wing ideologies are portrayed much worse in Nationstates even if he makes fun of both sides a bit.

Fuck ! :-D My environment has always been fantastic but my economy has been "fair" at best. This is what I get for acting with my conscience, Barry. This is what I get… Might still be able to get 1 billion citizens with a very strong economy though ! I just will never sacrifice my emvironmengs

This is one aspect of the game that seems criminally underdeveloped. It's unfortunate that anything that actually happens is RP and has no real affect on your nation-state whatsoever. I'm not big with RPing/LAPRing but this is kinda just entertaining to pass the time. Wish they expanded it though. Lots of potential.

I always choose against any nationalist/patriot shit so maybe it's just my own ideas conflicting with Barry's. Or I'm just an idiot in general ;-)

You can get it retrospectively, like I did, it's 300+ million, so if you get a strong economy later you still get it (which is nice). I didn't compromise on anything in my nation that I wanted, I still got 100/100 economy with gommunism and mandatory vegetarianism.

That's a fair point but basically it was decided that people would be too upset by that, there are still special events where regions and nations fight though like nuclear war 2~ months ago, 1~ month ago zombie wars.

Fuck ! You know, I logged into NS just as that was ending and my population was entirely zombies so I had to make policy for a nation of zombies. Actually I wasn't so disappointed but it was quite unfortunate that I missed this fun little event

Also why would people be upset ? I mean there are an infinite number of ways that you could diversify the gameplay, perhaps making it so that other nations could never be completely "killed" or whatever, but some more interactivity would be nice. Oh well

Ben Gennaro is the hero we all need. Damn cross-dressing waitresses.

Haha, I did too, I forgot about it for one day and my nation was already zombified, but it happens, there's new stuff like that pretty often.

Basically as I say, it was decided that the fun people would get from kicking over each other's sandcastles was less than the hurt feelings from having their sandcastles kicked over, which I would say is probably true. The total amount of happiness would decrease.

Basically, if you partook in the nuking event you would see why this decision was made, as the communist bloc we had some good fun for a while beating on the fascist alliances that the whole game world was opposed to at the start of the event, I personally did about 300-400% damage in total, but after they were mostly mopped up things quickly turned on us and we were obliterated in just a couple hours, after that I didn't pay much attention but clearly all the small regions were swallowed up by the biggest, with the biggest coalition by far being called SMASH or something, that was like 3/4 times bigger than their nearest competitor, and the name stood for something like 'Strategic alliance of South Seas, Pacific Ocean, etc etc (a bunch of the default regions with tens of thousands of nations each)', obviously I can't remember it exactly, but anyway, they steamrolled everyone not based on skill or even ideology but just because they were bigger than everyone else. If that was repeated through the rest of the game and at all times, it would be miserable for everyone who didn't join the biggest unideological alliances. I'm glad that NS lets just play around with your own nation and isn't like BLOC or similar where nationbuilding is extremely shallow and focussed on janky military combat, and often things are constantly reset due to the game getting broken or one group getting too much power.

Ben Gennaro ABSOLUTELY DESTROYS my sandcastle I spent hours on!

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Can you tell me any other sector of the population that is affected by shit like this? It's not gay or straight whites, blacks, Asians, or Hispanics. Seems pretty fucking irrelevant to make a big issue of.

Would anyone be up for creating a Zig Forumsish NS region ? Or does the Communist Bloc already suffice for those in it ?

I don't have a problem with TIMs living and modelling as women. I'm just sick of forced trans 'brain sex' ideology that says male and female are a state of mind.

Simple: end Centralia Fashion Week and every other event like it.

But it's just so fabulous~

It's already acceptable for females to act/dress manly, so they are past all this tranny shit. Instead of pushing for it to be acceptable for men to act/dress feminine, they went down the tranny rabbit hole.

I'm pretty sure quite a lot of black and gay people find transgender fun questionable as well (hell, even some feminists dislike them). Gender dysphoria is a mental illness. You don't see any transgender animals; it's just a "human" thing.

All in all, I don't care if denegerates want to transform into an abomination that resembles an ugly ass female. They shouldn't expect, however, free reassignment surgeries or hormones.

Class struggle is about libertating the working class, not validating mental illness.

This. They are basically thowing science out the window. Whether they like it or not, they were born male and they have to accept it.

So people hurt by capitalist alienation (e.g. schizophrenics, depressed people) shouldn't expect help?

Nice to see fellow comrades in Nationstates. My nation is fully commie (Socialism policy) for a long time and I was at about 98 to 100 economy for months. It has now fallen since I decreased taxes and cut government programs to decrease government size (it was 30 now its 17)

Yes, they are mentally ill, but doesn't that mean we should try to help them?

Letting them mutilate themselves isn't helping them though.

SRS is a legitimate treatment, though, and proven to be efficient. The WHO recognizes it as the one and only cure to gender dysphoria.

Lobotomies used to be considered a legitimate treatment too. SRS is barbaric.

Multination is NOT medicine. If trannies want surgery then they should pay for it with THEIR labor vouchers, not mine.

Psychological studies deny all you are saying. Kys stormfag

OP here. I think they deserve support, but as I've said in this thread, I don't believe SRS surgery at this point in time is "good enough" to justify state funding (e.g. too many suicides due to shitty result). Hormone replacement, etc. is completely reasonable, however

You can’t “be” the wrong gender because gender doesn’t exist.

Wrong. Don't delude yourself into believe that all lefties follow your tranny cult.

Removing healthy organs to make a frankenstein gaping wound vagina is not a normal medical procedure, no matter how many self-affirming studies you guys create.

Never said anything about gender.

I meant, nice ethicfagging

How is transgenderism caused by capitalism? It can happen under socialism as well. These people are mentally ill and eradicating capitalism won't help them. They should get over themselves and accept who they are.

This. Transgenderism is a disease. These people are degenerates and we are under no obligation to subsidize or validate mental illnesses.

All in all, I only hear trans "women" complaining about "discrimination". They will never be women, no matter how big their fake tits grow or if they get a fake pussy out of the remnants of a dick. They'll never biologically function as a female; therefore they'll never be women.

Degenerates must get over themselves.

You don't belong on this board.

Look, I'm not making an apology for capitalism. I'm just pointing out that it has nothing to do with it. It's like saying capitalism created racism, which is factually wrong.

I agree with this. I like the idea of SRS in principle, but I think the technology isn't really there to deliver good results at the moment. We should work towards progressing this treatment though.

It kinda did. The concept of race as we know did indeed arise within capitalism.

Arguably it arose before to justify chattel slavery, and it could survive capitalism to some poor effects on certain people.

Literally no evidence of this

Chattel slavery only began to catch on when it was brought to the Canary Islands and the Madieras by the Spanish and the Portuguese in the fifteenth century when capitalism was in its infancy. Until then, slavery had been a different institution. Race was an entirely different concept before that (eg. the Burgundians were thought to be of a different race than the Parisians).


I mostly agree, with the caveat that other people who felt trapped in the wrong body in ways other than being born with the wrong genitalia would also get some kind of support (IE, fat, ugly, puny, mutilated genitals, ingrown toenails, etc.).

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whoops, ignore pic, meant to post something else

Sounds reasonable. In fact, I'd argue these things are a lot more straight forward because the LGBTQ "movement" has completely distorted actual cases of body dismorphia making it into a "trendy" thing. I mean, you can't change your skin colour but you can act as if you're trans, even if you have never legit experienced body dismorphia, and so raise your standing amongst certain crowds.

The plot thickens!?!?

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Like I said, EZ decision

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