Brit/pol/ #2695: Cultured Thug Edition

BBC audience CHEERS as SNP MP vows ‘I will do EVERYTHING to stop Brexit!

Al Gore Brands UK Politicians ‘Cowards’ for Not Forcing Second Brexit Referendum

The death of Shamima Begum's baby has led some to question the response of the UK government

TERROR ARREST Man, 33, charged with terror offences after police probe into extreme right-wing activity

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for him a true son of the swamps

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good lad

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For them

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xth for USSR 2.0

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sick of lasses acting "sexy" just want them to be nice lasses who are comfy and girly

I know it can be said for right-wing groups as well, but is there not a single one of these fucks that doesn't look like a stereotype.


The rugby player embodies The Cultured Thug tbh

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in the second picture, the juxtapostion of those gaudy slappers and the backdrop makes me feel slightly ill tbh and i can't explain why

This tbh, cute and homely >>>>> "sexy"

no tbh.

i just want a traditional girlfriend who lets me suck them toes

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Yeah, I'd like to have a rest from all the constant attempts at stimulation; be they from ads, or from women dressed like whores, or obnoxious pop music.

cute > hot, change my mind

the absolute state tbh

habbening lads

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quite like the hair in pic 2 tbh, could be classy if it was worn with something different

you are starting to get a feeling for aesthetics, look at how our women look and how shitty our landscapes look.

I know what you mean lad its a quintessentially British sight and not in a good way tbh


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A rotten society with nothing but narcissism.

this as well tbh

England vs Italy KO 16:45

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ahh fugg time for pub then

It must be the car the Heathrow drone drives tbh

what's wrong with them

There's a disconnect between the people and the country they live in tbh, everyone seems like a tourist, I guess this is what yankland is like.

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I can see that being written on your tombstone tbh

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Without God, people behave like tourists through life.

That's English problem mainly though, but I do sense it in cities in Scotland and Wales too.

It's like the upper middle class embarrassment towards their country and people has been adopted by everyone tbh, the replies to that video of lads playing medieval football the other day set me off tbh.

this is good

"We cannod leab da yourabean yuneyun 'cos ira"

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Should I stay with my 40 year old gf or go for the 20 year old cleaner at work who quite definitely has the hots for me? Both are pretty fit.

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20 year old cleaner

Pollen race attacks nigger

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Now this is slag posting done right.

This. Everything in the mainstream seems to either be a garish kaleidoscopic hell world (the corporate sector) or an equally hellish world of lifeless grey gruel (the state), and it all just sucks. Women seem to reflect this - either being high octane, demented whores of babylon or joy-sapping, curtain twitching school of globohomo prefects.

That game was too close, lads. Hope we can skin the potato niggers next week.

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‘It’s time for some structured anarchy’
Nigel Farage joins Brendan O’Neill to discuss the betrayal of Brexit and what we should do about it

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gay annoying vocals sounds like that cunt from muse but worse

Put your flag on big man. I'm up for meeting for a fight if you are.

I agree with the vocals tbh

wait no that should be "I agree with the other lad on the matter of the vocals tbh"

No, no, no, no, yes, yes, possibly yes, yes and yes

who you kidding lad?
yes to all

Still my slag waifu.

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No. Death to all irl tbh. Hotter girls than this who aren't complete slags approach me from time to time (when I actually leave my pit of despair).

those shoulders and hips though, lad

Any more pics?

Kek. She does look like a tranny. Imagine how bad her hip to waist ratio would look minus the slag-shoes and slag posture.

its a man

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That's a man




oh you lads are having fun watching sports

Kek I guess he could be used to lightheartedly question anything

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Stray dog becomes first to conquer Himalayan summit after tagging along with climbing expedition

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majority of audience members picked because they would cheer at opinions aligning with the BBCs political agenda. Everyone watches the BBC. Retarded masses who love groupthink see cheering audience think: yes, this is the right opinion and go back to watching their netflix ,playing their viddy games and getting wageyz without a second thought about politics. Information propagation is their most powerful tool and they hold the monopoly

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It's not as good tbh. The holocaust ones are just top tier bants.

Hungover and just woke up for breakfast

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The rest of us already concluded she is a tranny, lad. You're gay now


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This holy fuk

It's so obviously a psyop to falsely associate genuine (justified) antisemitism with the lily livered left, so that the baste centrists and Popular Youtuber, Sargon of Akkadite shitlords can be tricked into thinking that questioning the scoobydoos' influence is something stinky leftists (who are becoming increasingly hates) do. It also keeps the leftycucks on the kike plantation - ensuring they shut their pathetic murmurs about Israel's treatment of the precious ickle palestinians. I hate these cunts so much.

They are making it so that being against the current economic structure is anti-Semitic

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It's got a willy, Billy

It's fucking kicking off lads

unironically more exciting than football, but then again you can just minmax beyblades so in the end everyone would just use the same one smh, and then it comes down to skill, not sure if you can really have such a thing with beyblades

Beyblades are fucking cool tbh.

smdh, full force with the sympathy shite

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NO! Fuckoff and take your face for a shite you abominable paki

tbh lids

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if only people would be offended at this manipulation rather than actually fall for it

wtft this is based

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Every single last motherfucker has to go home

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baste prometheus

lots of south americans who've claimed italian or portugese passports through ancestry in london SMFH


the android and weyland are the best part of prometheus tbh.

Yeah. Ones with fucking Spanish names

literally what is happening here, I am almost inclined to believe this is being pushed by a dafty in the beeb who wants to wake up as many people as possible

Lad now we don't have plausible deniability, they're going to come for us

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