Why is every single thread here filled with fascists, edgelords and Youtube-shills...

Why is every single thread here filled with fascists, edgelords and Youtube-shills? If you don’t nip Zig Forums cancer in the bud it will fuck up your whole board. Zig Forums is proof of this

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The worst garbage that gets banned from leftypol seeks refuge here.

Shit board on a shit website
Go to an actual leftist space instead of this horseshit false flagging reactionary garbo

Know of any good ones?

Leftypol is garbage. Which means the goods ones get banned.

Yeah, but I won't post them here. Sorry, but I'm sure you'll understand.
They exist. Go meet up with some people in meatspace and you can find them easier.

I get why. I’m sure if I search around enough I’ll find some good places online. You’re right about doing IRL stuff though, all of this shit here is meaningless and just a waste of time

Okay buddy, but then why is every single thead here filled with fascists, edgelords and youtube shills?

Yeah, it is shit, but at least it isn’t full of reactionaries that the jannies let run rampant. It’s not even like the fascists and other assorted retards here are interesting to argue with, it’s just pure edge and shitposting. I’d rather deal with tankies and overbearing moderaton than this trash here. I want this board to be actually good so I DON’T have to deal with either of those

this, but I guess I'll have to make due.

Shitposters is chan culture. Just get over it and troll them back.

Pretty much this

It has literally nothing to do with moderators you single minded faggot. I would absolutely love if we moved the leftist community onto a website with inbuilt democratic functions to replace mods.
But just fucking stop you insufferable pseudo communist.

For some reason I thought this was the youtube shill thread.

It’s the same retard, he deserves his bullyiny

It's incredible how quickly this board went to shit. It's one thing not wanting the mods to be completely insane reddit schizos who ban anyone who disagrees with them but it's another to let the catalog fill up with dogshit just cause "bUt mUh aUtHoRiTaRiANiSm".

Says the person from a board where you get banned for not cheering on a right wing nationalist regime because it's anti-US.


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due to its moderation, Zig Forums is filled with mostly children LARPing as stalinist political commissars dreaming that one day they won't be the bullied ones, but the bullies themselves

Case in point

Zig Forums is actually quite diverse, with all sorts of interesting perspectives due to to relaxed moderation. I've seen much much less shit from Zig Forums types here than I have on Zig Forums also

This is your brain on idpol. There are people that are this fucked in the head that their political view is their identity and as such want it only to themselves.

It's really surprising to me how quickly people have forgotten what Zig Forums was, and what kind of stuff was posted there, even just two or three years ago. Shit is so different now.

I was there recently until I got banned permanently by some child larper mod who thought his banning and deleting of every post I had made was equivalent to putting a bullet in the back of my head and wiping me from history. It really is a larping board and if you step out of line and break their fantasy, you'll be banned too

This really makes me think, I think I just ignore any thread of controversy over there to prevent getting banned, but even some threads with controversy that I had posted in doesn't get me banned so I'm having doubt about this statement.
What are the big no no's that would get you banned?

I implied that overpopulation was a huge problem that needs to be dealt with appropriately

Well deserved ban.

I wonder who could be behind this post?

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Also come the fuck on you turbo autist, you post that exact reaction picture to literally everything. Do you think it's your profile picture you need to upload with every post or something?

Bring back Jim Profit Communist to make new videos.

youtube.com/channel/UC6izU_61Rra5vCqlyQDI2_A His current channel is under the name "James Lucrative"

Hey, get JP Communist in this thread.

/Liberty/ on the Internet

Cry some more faggot

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Today it’s all infograph spam. It’s getting worse. Sad moderation is so slow