Brit/pol/ #2696: People Breaking Their Ankles Edition

BBC audience CHEERS as SNP MP vows ‘I will do EVERYTHING to stop Brexit!

Al Gore Brands UK Politicians ‘Cowards’ for Not Forcing Second Brexit Referendum

The death of Shamima Begum's baby has led some to question the response of the UK government

TERROR ARREST Man, 33, charged with terror offences after police probe into extreme right-wing activity


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Got called work shy at waitrose




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where were you lad?

For them

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smh we have to save her

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These posts get better and better every thread

absolutely haram??


disgusting degenerate assimplants
I hope they fail and give her ass cancer tbh

why did they call you work shy??


tbh i want all slags to feel pure suffering

What happened?

there's loads of white converts who moved to ISIS territory and some of them had kids. The Kurds were saying on twitter that both her parents died and she was sent to a refugee camp alone as they didnt know where her parents were from just that they were european.

I saw a white women in liverpool in a hijab with a bunch of blonde children holding hands with this fat brown muslim, obviously they were from a different father. But its always sticked with me seeing little blue eyes poke through a burka. I want to kill them all.

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what holds ass implants in place? Wouldn't they slip downward over time? An ass is always moving, not like boobs.

Thanks for the depression, lad.

You can get implants anywhere lad, I've seen people with bicep implants. Very confusing.

Slags are the lifeblood of our nation lad

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Anti slag is code for anti white

I should clarify I've not met these people in day-to-day life.

Slags are a national embarrassment.


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i love them so much


smh at all the unchristian lads here

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oh boy, how groundbreaking!

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slagposting really demoralises me. If it is shills that do it, it works.

the lad who bullied me about being shy can fuck off tbf

It's either that or lads trying to distance themselves from the idealistic/moralistic movement over on Zig Forums by acting like Norf F.C supporters.

think he just likes slags tbf

if i ever get suicidal im going to tower hamlets and tearing up a koran and seeing how many muslims i can belt before i get overwhelmed.

this fixating on the extreme negativity of women and the state of sex relations is like suicide fuel


me and the lads finna reconquista these sandmonkeys

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xth for Bintifa

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wish I was a dad with a family tbf lads

ok go do it, atleast you live in a country with amish qts go join up

Feels like pure shit without one

you're gonna make it lad. I saw that chad donut video.

I can't even talk to lasses I like lad and am nearly 30 smh only trashy thots want to be with me not shy lasses or less trashy semi thots

was at the barbershop today and it was full of mummies and dads taking their boys for their first haircut and it gave me feels

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wish my dad had put me on the carnivore diet and trained me in weightlifting from birth, so i could've knocked up a girl in school and had labour aged farm children by now.

yeah or that they had spent any time at all explaining how to be a man


and dont forget theres 200,000 Amish people who are all descendants of only 200 people. Most of their health issues are from inbreeding imagine how much healthier they'd be if they came out of a larger stock .

knew a lad who was kicked out of being amish and had to live on the periphery of their society as a poorfag redneck criminal who stole powertools for pawnshops, etc.

Their genetics must be pretty decent in terms of strength and athleticism too, at least compared to the modern soy.

yeah they look pretty jacked usually. they also have massive hands.

this so much, i've talked to you about this before, they just thought we'd become men without them showing us anything. It's been such a struggle to get to where i am now, and it's too late. fucking useless that generation, i'd cherish a son if i had one and try to get him ahead of every other lad out there.

those amish know a wrongun when they see em

They were a part of the daisies and rainbows generation who thought that love could conquer all, that people should do whatever they like and be whoever they like etc. etc.

Just be a man, lad

good job taking a pic of your fat gut lad keke

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On that note I feel sick to my stomach whenever there are jokes about white people and every limp fucker in attendance starts guffawing, moreso when those jokes are from minorities. Do those people just not give a fuck about their status and the status of their children?

Got an anecdote, lad?

yeah and its demoralizing when you see other guys out there who had dads that helped them out alot. my father has only recently decided to help me on some things but its way too late. the worst is when they take credit for things you did yourself.

A white man in the 100 metres? good luck with that! -laugh track-

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I can't really take that stuff anymore so I just fixate on the shylass from work so when I fail at that i will probably kms because this country is a giant shithole. this one goblinot faggot mixed meat was lecturing me at the gym today about being a "country boy" or something and acting really tough and judgemental. that stuff used to make me angry now I just sigh because its just a joke. its like watching a reinactment of livy's discussion on the racial disintegration of the spartans

The kid I had drive with me on the last day before Christmas holidays grew up with a father who was a car mechanic and just by helping his dad and being taught by him he could now build and fix cars.

ah yeah also got a lot of contacts through his dad, how he got the driving job

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yeah stuff like that my father was always gone. he taught me alot of handyman stuff though but they always expected me to go to uni and do uni stuff like I do now because I am smarty but I suck at all the other life stuff

keke, good example.

although compared to most of my school age friends I am doing okay. one is a NEET, one I think is on heroin or something or dead idk, one works at walmart and another just started an electricians apprentaceship




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yeah i'm doing ok too, just don't have bairns or property. Wish i'd had more fun too and been less uptight in my early twenties. I know that's a controversial thing to say around here though.

kindergartens and public schools tbh, they drop you off expecting you to learn valuable stuff, they pay for it after all, and then you end up learning at the rate of the lowest common denominator while being bombarded with useless propaganda.

I really started noticing it years ago when the whole "White people are squares and minorities are cool" thing kicked off in the media. You even have Europeans acting as though white people have no culture when they could close their eyes, walk for two minutes and smack into something with a history older than most nations.

The fact that we're beacons in the darkness should spur you to keep living and improving, you've helped me twice over the past week or so and I'd hate to think someone like yourself would give in. I know you were probably joking but it's something to keep in mind.

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having fun was a waste of time lad

Is it easy to get into trades over there? from what you've said before it seems like boomers don't want anyone else doing it.


I don't want to force anyone anywhere, but there has to be a reason why men have pretty much dropped wanting to be teachers.

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There's always time to have fun, just go to a festival or on a holiday and let yourself go. Uni students being wild is a memi.

Based, choking is the kino fetish tbh

That's a lot of good boy points, lad

yeah I really want to have a gf now so I can invest in society more because every fibre of my being wants me to just drop out and live like this because when I was at the gym today it was like being in a green text memi where there were fat spics outside then a mixed race couple inside and like 90 gays everywhere and all the white guys had headphones in and were just staring blankly in front of themselves like zombies. only redneck greenpilled lad and some of the niggers are worth talking to everyone else is a zombie

Modern education consists of being a compliant daycare worker with no real power, authority or knowledge. Women are agreeable enough to enjoy that line of work, men are not.

no its made challenging to do so on purpose and licensing is generally there to protect boomers. I have begun to learn alot about the business aspect and I want to start a side job doing home improvements this summer to make extra moneis to save for building my cuckshed

this is my favorite vikang pepe imag

stuff at hte end is good

While my mummy's love has been a slow poison at least she loves me.

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In the chain gyms there are more minorities than I'd like to see but even those are 70-80% huwhite I wager. I do know that feeling of being alone in a sea of zombies though. That fluoride stare may-may is closer to the truth than most realise.

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What is the left's obsession with giving children adult levels of autonomy?

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Ah yes, every single male teacher I've had has encouraged rule-breaking.

votes I guess


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I think he retired, I bet he was blackpilled. The little community I live in was 99% white and still had traditional ways when I was very young. I watched it degenerate before I really knew what was going on. The only good teachers I ever had were male, women are always weak yet oddly argumentative towards young boys.

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Noncing is the real answer,if a child is treated like an adult you can do what you like.