Brit/pol/ #2697: Rowing Ray Edition

IS brides: Two more mothers 'stripped of UK citizenship'

British teenagers are being sent by their parents to Somalia, itself recovering from a series of terror attacks, because of concern that the police cannot protect them from knife crime

Gang of six men make monkey noises at black commuter on London Underground train as one pretends to be an APE and swings from seat to seat while their victim calmly asks them why they're doing it

Martin McGuinness honoured for 'courageous military service' by city of San Francisco

Senate panel wants Chinese-funded institutes to change or leave U.S.

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stood in dog dirt

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xth for sad alex

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What a symmetrical beauty

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well I fucked that up

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nth for a return to the Dark Ages

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>Two more mothers 'stripped'

She isn't a mother anymore.

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Spastic needs to make these speeches in China and India, not here

first for the bake off monster

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hapa perium ?

saw a video of her and she seemed really nice
unironically wife material if she was white

Poor lad, watch out for those lads in the neighbourhood lobbing balls around. Don't want your greenhouse getting smashed

Fresh Steiner

how long does it take to get a breath that isn't smelly, lads? Asking for a friend

clean your room teeth

This is not a joke. These fuckers are ogrish
DO NOT imperium

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how many days of brushing?

God only knows

you should be brushing your teeth twice a day, tbh

When she goes home, some Oriental can marry her and sing this very applicable song.

'My lesbian lover had eight-month secret affair with my brother'

>Jenna Clarke, from Cardiff, discovered partner Ashleigh Pritchard was secretly planning to have children with her brother Michael - and was sneaking out at night to see him

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You should brush after every meal for at least five mins with a dry brush and paste, rinse with mouthwash and use interdental brushes [ Paro or Curaprox ] with paste as well
You need to use quality products such as Elmex/Parodontax etc
Also visit a fucking dentist/dental hygienist ffs
Cousin is a tooth fairy

Good lad.


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He had them replaced with Dulux tbh


dno lad not been brushing ever and my teeth are fine, sounds like a trick to wear are teeth down

Jesus Christ that is a lot of work

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Got a whiff of mute lass' breath once smh, wasn't the best tbh

probably why she never opens her mouth

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yes it is but it saves a shitload of pain and bad health. Some people die from bacteria entering the blood stream from dental infections and causing organ failure etc

Also ALWAYS brush AWAY from the gum, NEVER up and down as this will expose the root. Brush down with fairly firm strokes and don't worry if your gums bleed initially

just swirl some pepsi max round your mouth before you go to bed

it's probably too late now anyway tbh smh

oh no


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Thanks for the advice. This is the kind of quality content Zig Forums needs.

It's so blackpilling that this goes on, but is opposed by the majority, but not really because the majority don't want to seem racist and think that "there are some issues facing people of colour", but that "all of this identity politics is divisive", but "black people do need a louder voice", but "we're all human - can't we just treat each other as if we all bleed red".

Basically normies are an idiotic schizoid mess, who imbibe and echo all of the contradictory messages emanating from our perfidious elite, meaning there can never be any real order which isn't maintained by the secret police and the army of curtain twitching Pam's out there.

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but brushing up and down is faster. Certainly it'd be okay to do this if I angle my brush away from the gums?

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How do you only brush down? You must make about twenty strokes a minute that way.


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clown town baby


You end up brushing bacteria and debris under the gums because you detach the gum from the surface of the tooth which will give you periodontal disease
A friend had it and he had to have two weeks off work after having his gums top and bottom opened up to have his teeth deep cleaned
You don't want periodontal disease. V. painful and you lose your teeth at a minimum.
When you lose your teeth your jaw bone shrinks. Not a good look
Just look after your teeth 'cos the alternative is just too painful and expensive to contemplate

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electric toothbrush tbh


fuck off with this sick dentist fetish shit

smh why didn't my dad teach me to brush my teeth


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please stop making this shite

fun fact michael abadoodoo was raped by kenyan soldiers after getting captured there. If it wasnt for british intervention because of his passport the Kenyans would've just killed him. Instead he got away with murdering kenyans and came back to murder an Englishman.


kenya is white and based

that one really is gay tbh

I use these - two at a time alternating them - two a month
Oral B Indicator 35 Toothbrush Medium Bristle
I buy them in bulk

is there one with Pumba and gas chambers? Or inflation?

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out of the frying pan into the fire tbh

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you know making brushing your teeth so complicated is why I don't do it, besides I like having a good pre-sleep snack so can't really brush my teeth then as the ph levels or whatever means I'd grind away the enamel smh. so there

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why hasn't Ainsley been arrested yet? looks like a right dodgy fucker tbh


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unironically enjoying Ainsleys Caribbean kitchen. its just sort of a cooking show out in the Caribbean but there's often these really long, award pauses. really bizarre. might make a compilation of them at some point.


could be dehydration tbh. stop drinking tea and DON'T use mouthwash, the alcohol will dry your mouth out; as will tea.


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*clears throat*

ahem, may i offer any of ye a geography conundrum?

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this is the gayest fucking memi ever made, even worse than maskfags from 2008

Go one lad, don't cry


keep it local, tbh

Cringe and yikespilled

open up ya cunt
kev go round the back

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very well, here goes:

The final land acquisition of the British empire was in 1955, much later than many would expect, can you name the territory that was annexed? Don't cheat and look it up on altavista.

one of them nuclear atolls

chigros islands?

don't care

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wtf are the chigros islands?


The answer is Rockall in the Atlantic ocean which was made part of the UK and Scotland in 1955. Looks like my conundrum has flummoxed you all!

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Are you autistic, lad?