Lets predict the next Woketard fads

So every few years, woketards come up with some dumb new idpol fad for them to get all faux-outrage about and accuse everyone around them for being reactionaries so what could you see the woketards shitting out as their new moral and social faux-outrage crusade in the next couple years?

My guess

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Just liberals trying to redirect the focus from class struggle and abolishing capitalism yet again. Same as it ever was.

They're not fads (yet), but these two examples have happened.

How much you wanna bet he/she's a fucking white, rich feminazi college cunt that constantly virtue signals and performs slacktivism?

The new left was a collosal mistake. You can thank left leaning boomers for all that mess.

Try something a bit more alphabethy

It's run by some Irish guy who fell for the Bookchin meme. But only with the pre 90s anarchist Bookchin.

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Oh fucking hell I can see it

It's coming for sure. You can already see the harbinger whenever "class reductionist" gets used as an argumentum ad hominem.

supporting segregation is already Woke, it can't really get much more absurd than that
NARRATOR: it got more absurd.

Those are already accepted as a fact by the liberals and the far-right.

Btw the proletariat is not a class, it's a non-class, that's why it is revolutionary. As soon as it becomes the "working class" i.e. an actual class, it fully integrates into the capitalist mode of production and loses its revolutionary potential.

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person of color will be deemed racist and they will start requesting to be referred to as BABOONS

They'll note that being against racism and colonialism is something that white westeners came up with and spread around the world, so opposing racism and colonialism is racist and colonialist.

Been laughing at CJ Owens (the person who runs that account) for a while.

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Just another example of why post-90s Communalist Bookchin is good tbh.

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The fuck is happening in that tweet?

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I'd probably perceive a non white donning a black sun as a metalhead honestly. Those sorts of aesthetics are common in general throughout the world of black metal

All these are real since a few years now.

I think the worst part specifically about tankie Twitter is the thing were criticism of China is immediately "chauvinistic" and "colonialist". It's the whole "sins of your fathers" thing over and over again.

Isn't it funny how feminists (of any gender) constantly complain about (insert meaningless noun)-plaining, yet they constantly feel "outraged" on behalf of someone else's?

Because nothing says opressed like being a (most likely) rich dickhead living in a 1st world country, virtue signalling and doing slacktivism from the safety of your mom's PC.

Reminder that, when the revolution finally breaks out, idpollers will be the first to go.


Lol no.
Radlibs int gonna turn against their own.

ACAB is problematic because it focuses on cops as individual people rather than the police as an institution.

It's not problematic. No one is drafted into law enforcement and no one is forced into it. It is a conscious decision with training and a selection process. Only bastards choose to become cops. Ergo ACAB.

I didn't say ACAB was factually incorrect. I said it's problematic for making the issue about muh individualism instead of about an institution whose purpose is to suppress the working class. It's liberal tier "analysis."

All I hear is you defending individual cops because they're doing their job and it's an institutional problem. It is an institutional problem, but that doesn't mean each individual cop isn't to blame for becoming a cop. Every Single Cop Is A Bastard

This is retarded and individualistic, which means you didn't read the post. If this is the case, then oil workers are to blame for being oil workers, the homeless are to blame for being homeless, and people in high-paying jobs like me are to blame for being in those high-paying jobs, rather than this being a natural consequence of capitalism.

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reminder that sjw's are literally federal plants. everytime there is a serious, ground roots awakening towards how controlled everything is, movements are infiltrated by the FBI/DARPA plants.

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Part 2 because I'm bored. Notice how there's two Zig Forums's? Because one is ran by a slut and transgender janitors and other idpol moderators. Real criticism of capitalism has to constantly find another platform, because all the mainstream platforms will not tolerate criticism against the system. Can you post on facebook? Only if you're idpol. Reddit? Idpol. On the chans? Some of the biggest boards have idpol moderation, thus splitting the already fringe of a fringe of a fringe into yet another divisive flame war. Even if you manage to reach a point where idpol is allowed to be pushed back against, you're already at a loss because you're juxtaposed against the working class. Religion, nationalism, and family are all attacked in leftist circles. Our very last venue of appealing to proles is taken away from us, because it's a spook, according to edgy retards. Families are a reason for people to fight, so they are good opportunities to get the working class awake. Why should your kids not be able to purchase homes or healthcare, just for a percentage increase on the GDP?
Once again, your only options are to be demoralized or approach reactionaries and make a deal with the devil. The reality is, many reactionaries are still working class people who are pissed off at the system, and thus are good opportunities to convert. You can get them to hate capitalism, which is a start. They might still defend low level capitalism, but they're not lost causes as left youtubers might try to tell you. Which brings another point up: attacking gamers is fucking stupid

Holy shit, you just described my life's ideological trajectory: gradual disenchantment and disenfranchisement from the so-called 'left'.

Most American leftists think socialism is free healthcare and more WOC CEOs and lawmakers

good posts are good

Wasn't Gloria Steinem a CIA agent?

I'm not joking. The """queer""" identity politics movement hiding behind "trans rights" have begun to bump into child protection laws in their demands that drug treatments and surgeries are provided to minors. Given that their (erroneous) reasoning seems to be that if you switch up costumes and body parts people will suddenly lose their distaste for certain physiological configurations, the """queers""" need these medical interventions provided early enough to interrupt natural puberty. Mainstream society asserts that kids that young simply aren't mature enough to make these kinds of choice, in just the same way as they're not old enough to get tattoos or engage in sex. That leaves the "trans kid" narrative with little option but to attack those safeguarding regulations in society. Pat Califia seems to have already laid groundwork for this.

Children's sexual rights were already a thing among 70s new left in France, and among the German Greens in the 80s I believe.

Can't be bothered dealing with the histrionic tantrums discussing the public record on that topic causes.

too late, the PLA (Paedo Liberation Army) is already formulating a counterattack no doubt

God I fucking hope so, I am doubtful since they seem like they are the opposite right now

The LGBT movement has always run in tandem with pro-pedo movements, they were only kicked out when it was realized that the pedophiles were bringing down public opinion of the movement as a whole.

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I'd like to try to throw me in there moralfag

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Honestly good. Fuck American kids. They'll just grow up to be e-thots and mods so like them in a God damn attic and make them a human toilet. Whatever. Accelerationism

The whole idea of protecting women and children stems from a very primitive capitalist notion anyway of securing land and lineage. You don't own shit anyway and your family doesn't care about you.

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The Overton window must not be opened too fast.

Just when I thought post-60s left couldn't be any more cancerous I learn about this.

This is complicated. The turn of the 20th century was when modern (excessively high) age of consent laws began to appear, but during the 60s and 70s they weren't enforced. Many people wanted to lower the age of consent then, but there were a few who wanted to lower it too far, and the feminists that wanted high age of consent controlled the media and painted the guys who wanted to legally bang the 14-year-olds they were already banging as babyfuckers. It's possible that the people who wanted it to be legal to bone a 6-year-old or whatever were a feminist psyop meant to discredit the movement to reverse their laws. Gays saw an opportunity to throw everybody else under the bus to get what they wanted and sided with the feminists. Then just add another 20 or so years of media lies and witch hunts against any guy who even looks at a teenage girl the way nature intended him to and the complete subversion of the academic community to support the feminists' absurd and baseless claims of teenagers' supposed incapacity to give consent (while simultaneously somehow having the ability to consent to someone their age because it doesn't threaten feminists' sexual market value to allow same-age partnerships) and you get the modern environment where people are afraid to openly question this shit because they literally risk being killed for it. I strongly doubt that either liberals or the left will ever get their heads out of their asses on this issue, at least in the US of A. They've been indoctrinated by years of Chris Hansen's Goebbels-tier feminist propaganda and no longer have the critical thinking skills necessary to evaluate it objectively, and that's just the ones who aren't fully aware that the status quo is unjust but benefit from the current laws.

"Materialism is racist because it excludes Islam practitioners."

yikes tbhfam

Anarchism with Mr. Bond Characteristics
Seriously, how can anime be associated with gay shit, when japan is hostile to homosexuality in general

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Let's see, words like communism, marxism, anarchism, socialism, exploitation, imperialism, capitalism, fascism, comrade and various leftist symbols have already been appropriated and redefined for radlibs' benefit. I guess I could see them starting to use dialectical materialism as meaning that AAVE speakers face different material conditions because of their dialect, or some other kind of culturist shit.

Are teens as liberated as adults and have just as much power as them?

Solve that problem and you might have some kind of point, but until then their brains are undeveloped and they live with their parents still



This I could see

Yeah but genuine mentals are still shunned by everyone when they should be the ruling class and only class. Most trannies and feminists belong in camps

that's not the next woketard thing, that already happened

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Compared to:

Google Daniel Cohn-Bendit.
Google Daniel Cohn-Bendit, again.

user, that type of argument is kinda lame to begin with, but anyway: Women are most fertile in their twenties, not their teens, even if you only count the teenagers who already menstruate in that comparison.

If their age is on the clock they’re enough for my cock, faggot

Old enough to bleed, too old for me.

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Here's one the radical feminists on twitter have been spreading recently:
Not even kidding.

Are you sure? I think it's another one of those that dials home again…

It's just part of the sophistry you get along with democracy (pic related Consigny, Gorgias:Sophist and Artist).

But the outrage about SJWs is just the other side of the same coin, imo.

In his vid about rent and branding in Capitalism, the Zero books proprietor says : "the main weapon used by SJWs are shame and reputational damage", but by the same token, "anti SJWs are the new SJWs, locked into a never-ending battle online."


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Steven Universe is actually existing anarchism
Made by Solarpunk Gang

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Progressives must be eliminated from this earth.
Also daily reminder Rebecca Sugar drew gay yaoi hentai of Ed Edd N Eddy.

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based Tina Lee

As opposed to…?
As opposed to…?

I'm not sure I'd call some deep state astroturf a 'fad'.

Sorry I meant shota yaoi.

Yup. They've got it down to a science.

Conservatives: The MS-13 DACA rapist supersoldier abortion addicts are using antifa to make concentration camps for Christians.

Liberals: The dumb racist Hitler loving hicks want to make themselves the FBI and have Putin take away personhood from transgenders because he hates black people.

Me: So can we try dialectical synthesis and historical advancement of the proletariat yet? Or is that still ahead of your time?

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This post is true and it makes me want to die. CPUSA 2.0 when? Should it be called the People's Party?

Much ink has been spilt on what a dumpsterfire Steven Universe is in terms of its writing, its shoehorned wokeness, and a variety of other failings, though I haven't watched the show myself.

But one show I HAVE watched, lured by (as it turned out, incredibly misleading) comparisons with the (actually great, artstyle aside) show Gravity Falls, was Star versus The Forces of Evil.

Maybe it should go in the /trash/ thread, but this show… Man.
>during this period, there's an incredibly cringe-y throwaway thanksgiving day episode that describes the history of the princess's kingdom as analogous to burgerstan's, with them settling from the show never says elsewhere as colonists and driving out the poor widdle native monsters for muh oppreshunz. it also gives her kingdom an inexplicable obsession with corn, which remains their sole distinctive cultural characteristic for the remainder of the show
princess is a huge spoiled thot whose primary passtimes are partying, clubbing, buying frivolous stuff, and making messes. all of her friends are the same except worse. male lead is the only somewhat responsible character, but is portrayed as an inveterate loser and a total beta in a very unsympathetic way not to mention he's a literal cuckold, but there's plenty of agonizing cuckoldry and cuckqueening to go around for every character of both sexes and every age
And that's just the show's political problems. EVERY element of the show is frustratingly flawed, and every iota of potential completely wasted. How this garbage got over a hundred episodes with another season already on the way, while Gravity Falls got 40 episodes that succeeded perfectly at everything Star vs. failed at, and then everyone involved in Gravity Falls vanished from television, is a mystery.

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>rebels are led by their monarch in disguise
>the actual text of the show directly implies that the rebellion is actually being ordered and controlled by the monarch's Dominate Person powers to order people around
>if you consider the actual events and context of the rebellion (instead of the ideology espoused by the rebel leader) it's truthfully performative and a way for the monarch to rebel against the higher monarchs
>the ultimate villain goes from being an evil empress to joining the good guys in one episode after she lets it slip that her gemstone has a flaw
>in the end the rigid hierarchy is reformed so the rulers are nice and permissive
Anybody who thinks this show is pro-socialist is outing themselves as not a comrade.