Netto uyoku or Net uyoku (ネット右翼, Japanese Internet far rightists), often shortened as Netouyo (ネトウヨ)...

It’s interesting how closely this “Netouyo” phenomenon mirrors that of American Zig Forumsyps so closely, especially with the lacking of any institutional support and instead cheering on establishment parties, becoming essentially cheerleaders for the Republicans and Trump (muh God-emperor). Re-socialization camps when?

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反日な外人が殺したい‼︎ 日本はベストな国家だぞ!万歳!

I can imagine it now

there are idiotic nationalists everywhere. hell if you go on Zig Forums you'll see flags from many different places, even places like india.

Back then, I used to think these asshats were merely low value losers, unleashing their frustration on the internet. However, over the past years, several terrorist attacks have been linked to them. During 2017, most terrorist attacks have been commited by far right, white supremacists; most of them linked to the alt right. Of course, Zig Forumsturds play damage control when shit hits the fan, despite the fact that they created the alt right and are to blame for all that shitfest.

But apparently, being antifa makes you a terrorist, unlike the alt-right dickheads that are actually killing people.

And they all say the same dumb shit. The retards are pushing nationalism while being an international movement. How fucking clueless does a person have to be?

Antifa are even worse due to the immense damage they do to the image of the anti-capitalist movement. Much worse in the long run than any shitty terrorist attack by basement dwelling aut-righters

Their impact on the image is negative and they should maybe rethink some tactics, but I'd argue they are certainly more justified than the aut righters in their anger.

In a recent thread an user observed how the 2nd iteration of the Klan, Italy's Fascists, and the Nazis emerged around the same time with similar backgrounds, arguing that the conditions that created such reaction were global. With this in mind I'd say that the extremely online reactionaries exist throughout the 1st world. Looks like yuropoors can expect random attacks soon.

Lol no, most people don't know what antifa is and most of those that do think Spencer getting punched or whatever is funny. Stop talking to boomers or Zig Forums and go outside.

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You're not very good at blending in bucko.

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i never realized just how similar this crew is to the south park kids

These guys are almost always shouted down by anti-racist protestors outnumbering them.

No they don’t. In the United States many people react very adversely to physical violence in political contexts. It doesn’t matter if they don’t know who exactly perpetrated the attack.

And this is a good thing?

Nigga my entire workplace laughed like a motherfucker when Spencer got punched. Working class people who aint boomers don't care about muh civility, they care about rent. Get off chans and go outside.

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Are you seriously implying a bunch of edgy kids, LARPing as anarchists, are far worse than people that actually kill people? What's the death toll of antifa? ZERO. Now compare them to the alt-right's death toll.

Antifa might be annoying and reckless, but they have good intentions, as dumb as their tactics are. They are actually fighting fascism, even if they are incredibly obnoxious at times.


Yes. The damage they do the the image of anti-capitalist resistance will have caused far far more suffering in the times to come than you might care to acknowledge

Killing random nobodies is bad. They are not targeting government officials, nor ruling elites. They are targeting innocent people just on the basis they are minorities. I don't know if you're serious or shitposting.

Who cares? They are probably NPCs anyways.

t. NPC

Everybody is an NPC under capitalism.


What? There aren't any avatarfags on /leftyweebpol/.

At the very least I’ve seen that Tomoko-spammer there, which indicates it has retards from Zig Forums trash thread – making it a no-go

you first Sassenach

I've hardly seen them post, but okay.

Oh look at you, so brave of you to attack people without having the balls to confront them.

Riddle me this;
- How is she a spammer?
- Since when does 8ch do the cuck-chan schtick of "muh no avatars"?
- Have you ever talked to Tomoko in any thread outside of leftytrash?

For people who hate Zig Forums you sure act like them.

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Kill yourself, white-knight

the expected moronic response

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Fuck off.

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Antifa is not actually fighting fascism. There is no current fascist threat in the West. It's lifestyle politics and spectacle.

fuck off back to >>>Zig Forums

You moron, Zig Forums projects a fascist ideology on liberals like Trump, Farage, AfD, Wilders, etc. - it is nothing but intellectual bankrupcy to call everything right-wing fascist. For actual fascism , as the guy called it, you need a lot more visible threats. The only place where there is a more tangible fascist threat is the developing world, like the Philippines, or Brazil, and even that might be nothing after all.

All radical politics in the West are lifestyle politics. Antifa and the alt-right both treat politics like a fashion brand, it's an identity, not conviction. These type of politics, especially in America, are nothing but reproduction of capitalist realism.

I'm sorry I just fucking hate Antifa because I'm from Germany and Antifa beats you up here if you don't think the Palestinians should be genocided.

this, Zig Forums is very diluted they think they control the world and a good amount of people fell for it, murders aside

Is this supposed to be a meme?

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