Brit/pol/ #2698: No Deal Edition

Brexit: MPs to have vote by 12 March, says May

Theresa May could CANCEL vote on Brexit delay – 'Parliament's hands are tied'

Barnier warns Brexit negotiations with Brussels are OVER – it’s between May and MPs now

British MPs will force votes on no-deal and Brexit delay, Cooper says

Mary Rose ship crew 'to be identified using DNA'

Shamima Begum's family beg for 'an act of mercy' as they plea with Home Secretary Sajid Javid to reconsider his decision to deprive the 19-year-old of her British citizenship

London Police Change Their Story on Arrest of Christian Street Preacher

Democrats Showed Criticism of Israel Can Be a Shield for Antisemitism

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It's a cultural thing iirc, it's deemed very impolite to open your mouth wide, it's why Subway did terribly when trying to open there.

Knew an old lad who fought the nips in Burma. Said they were subhuman devils. Never forgave them

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its also impolite to blow your nose into a napkin but perfectly normal to snort and swallow it at the dinner table ironically

*gives you a flyer and a smile*

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Just want the peaceful unification of the Atlantic Isles tbh lads

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xth for Kate Bush

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It's pretty much a culture of politeness.

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Bush what's the language barrier like out there?

Nth for Firestarting

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14th for Laura Towler

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Have you met the people who give you free packets of tissues yet

*tops self because of depression caused by decades of taking e's and other drugs*

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tbh, shed boffins are a national wealth and they should be supported and our industry grown.

Darn, those are some beautiful buildings. A late 20th century architecture inspired by the Woolworth and Singer Buildings could've made London absolutely magnificent.

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Pretty good tbf. People who deal with tourists (hotel staff, local foody places, bank staff) are quite fluent. The are tough English at school, and school is 6 days a week. Saw some littleuns on their way to class on a saturday.

Where the masts always cut down like that?

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No she's missing her spars and topmasts

Did they remove them when she was put into dry dock as a museum?

elf n safety gon mad init

I haven't oddly enough, maybe it was a thing back in the day. End up with a pocket full of flyers though.

It wasnt that simple lad. He came from a broken home and his worst nitemare of losing everything to his wife came true.


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I don't know tbh, I think I remember seeing her with them since she became a museum so maybe they take them down during the winter

So these lot want the Yellow Vests to be taxed more?

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It's this sort of vague crap that makes me think most people are vapid shells.

Curious to know how many of them drive and/or go abroad twice a year.

Or even dare to use electricity and gas in their homes.

Should have said yards rather than spars tbh lads smh

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Right so apparently the masts were taken off for restoration but that was 7 years ago.

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This tbh
I think these lib shitz get some sort of weird pleasure in being a hypocrite and acting like a cleft arsehole.

it's all just narcissism

The weather's lovely lads, I might have to go out and read for a bit.

It must have been a skill getting into the crow's nest.

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I hope they make her seaworthy again tbh

Two leading Brexiteers have said any delay to Brexit would do "incalculable" harm to public trust in politics.

Writing in the Sunday Telegraph, Tory MP Steve Baker and the DUP's Nigel Dodds said the "extended uncertainty" would be a "political calamity".

On Tuesday, Theresa May will again ask MPs to back her Brexit deal, but if they reject it they may get a chance to vote to delay Brexit.

The UK is due to leave the EU on 29 March.

someone post that screencap from tommeh's documentary

Aid pledge for returning UK jihadists with ‘good intentions’==
Britons offering to deter others after fighting in Iraq and Syria should be helped for national security, William Hague says

well fuck, now I want a delay

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How will Labour vote on Sharticle 50 extension?

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the absolute fucking state

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I did not want to read that right now wtf

Yeah, I was surprised to see that you were bitter about it. You're usually the one to spot how sweetly this stuff turns out for us in the end.

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Because I want a win for once tbh lad, I want to go out and celebrate with a drink.

Ah, right.

I also want a repeat of the Referendum day tbh, I don't want these fart-huffing cunts to be smug.

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Doesn't sound too appetising tbh lad, I'd much rather have wholemeal bread pieces in a tomato soup.

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You're not in Kansas anymore, user.

Nuke Amsterdam tbh

Anyone following the Tucker drama?

Japan convenience stores to ban adult magazines ahead of Olympics

Japanese man who owned SIX TONS of porn dies when filthy magazine collection fatally falls on top of him

It's the Gomorrah of western Europe.

How many maid cafes have you been to lad?

Lad you've been there less than a week stop letting imperium take over you smh

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bazinga :^)

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Gomorrah resembles the Hebrew root "amar" (both contain the letters ר מ ע) which means "tyrannical dealings". Interesting stuff, because the more similar a state is to Gomorrah, the more tyrannical it becomes.

In all seriousness they can do what Orban has proposed. I wouldn't want to see a country like this go muttycultural.

Interesting stuff, I meant just broadly it's a place that exists to push vice and debauchery as a cynical commercial exercise while pretending it's a progressive and forward looking solution to drug abuse and prostitution.

I'm surprised they haven't tbh, it's a solid policy and would fix the country's problem overnight wahey

tbh, where even are they going to import spouses from? It's not like anyone from that country is lining up to shag furriners anyway and the people coming in are more likely than not going to just see it as a meal ticket.

Yeah. If China had a huge fertility rate like in the past, they could import women from that country by advertising their own superior living conditions; but not with things as they are today, with China's huge deficit of females. And obviously you don't want to import a ton of fighting-age men.

Found this Tomahawk for sale on Amazon.

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Also, if you import women from another great power, you're going to get a ton of spies (Nick Lowles, Hope not Hate, Gerry Gable, Searchlight Magazine).

just buy a hatchet from homebase with cash

Did any of you lads see the Muslim special on Big Questions yesterday? First I was depressed and angry then I thought I’d watch it out of curiosity.

First thoughts, westernised Muslim women are corrupting western Islam. It was just a bunch of women and queer Muslims talking over a few Muslim guys. The women were all for totally rewriting Islam etc to suit themselves. There was a white traitor saying she found Islam through her feminist views, but that wasn’t the most perplexing thing on the show. There was a welsh traitor called Simon Saladin Evans or something, he was making quips about how Wales was full of Englishmen, the brown audience was laughing like they get the rivalry banter. It was the most bizzare thing I’ve seen this year.

How do people like that even function? He’s spat all over his ancestors and he thinks he can banter about old kingdom rivalries?

You should watch it, it was actually interesting.

I dont want one tbh. Im just surprised they sell weapons.

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They'll get taken down whenever it's eventually noticed tbh, and anyone buying them will be on a list.

pretty sure it hads to be a police memi thing if its not no wonder the urban youth are always dying if they can get their hands on things like this

Its more that they see it on your laptop's Amazon order history after you do something daft and they raid your house.

I don't believe that they'll succeed. Given similar starting sizes, and assuming that the religion is pro-natal, more religious sections of a population will outbreed the secularists. That's what's happening in Israel and it's what I expect in Britain too.

I’m probably being overly optimistic. All the westernised Muslims were teachers and lecturers etc, the real Muslims don’t have as much power it seemed. Obviously this is a cherry picked bbc audience though, but the whole thing left me smiling. Hopefully it tears Islam apart eventually and they either have a war or half fucks off home. It was amusing how it’s the same old story, women and feminine men just changing things to suit them, they really are husks. The duck host was sticking up for gays saying ‘its natural, blah blah’ one based black Muslim replies, ‘anything can be natural, cannibalism can be natural’ audience and host were outraged, kek.

I'm actually feeling quite smug about our knife crime epidemic, in fact I wish there was more of it considering 90% of the convicted and the dead are all wogs.

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The Paki's will descend from the midlands to put their thots in chains lad.

Not saying I'm a Catholic now, but I wouldn't mind putting this book that was part of the Bible for 1200 years into the KJV tbh

*Doesn't make it to Nairobi*

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Catholics removed a lot of books from the Orthodox Bible

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Might need to reconsider being non denominational tbh

Same tbh.

mood rn

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better than LARPing as orthodox whilst not knowing anything about orthodoxy

Its not in my knox version unless its the book of tobias