Brit/pol/ #2699: Ominous Edition

Brexit: MPs to have vote by 12 March, says May

Theresa May could CANCEL vote on Brexit delay – 'Parliament's hands are tied'

Barnier warns Brexit negotiations with Brussels are OVER – it’s between May and MPs now

British MPs will force votes on no-deal and Brexit delay, Cooper says

Mary Rose ship crew 'to be identified using DNA'

Shamima Begum's family beg for 'an act of mercy' as they plea with Home Secretary Sajid Javid to reconsider his decision to deprive the 19-year-old of her British citizenship

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I already watch pedo hunters I hope sam goes down a primarily comedy road with the pedos he catches.

tbh that would be high tier post post modernity

most of the rumours about Sam come from a single roastie tbh
she also said he has sex with random men on craigslist

Xth for

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For them

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xth for nice looking trams

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tbh, tbh

Good lad


The utter state.

I would the left one in the first pic tbh

Art deco can look pretty cool. Don't like skyscrapers that much though in whatever style.

Fucking dutty slags.

Good morning from Tokyo btw

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Morning lad, you been to a hostess club yet?

david davis

Their gravy's white? I thought they just called tomato pasta sauce gravy (I am getting this from paulie off sopranos tbf so maybe it's just a yanky-wop thing).

I've heard that yank ranch dressing is mayo and other shit along with a fuckton of sugar
I've also heard everything they eat is ridiculously sweet

how's things out East?

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t.spent the last 3 hours watching nonce hunters

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they look like yanks too


watch out for the blacks who'll try to lure you into bars, theyll drug you then take your card and ring you up to thousands of pounds then drop you off. sometimes they bum you too

They call any thick sauce gravy tbh, just searched "american gravy" in an image search and only one wasn't white, and that was called "brown gravy" smfh

Jap cities look kinda comfy in a weird way

It can look good in interiors but I'm not a fan of it outside tbh.

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art nouveau > art deco tbh


tbh tbh

I heard they coat their chips in sugar at fast food restaurants like McDonalds tbh

Agreed. Except in jrpg's. It can look comfy for exteriors of buildings and vehicles in jrpg's.

i've heard they can carry 6x their own body weight

I've heard even bread and milk is sweet as fuck

smh lad, stop bullying ants by comparing them to yanks

I've heard the stupid cunts put syrup on their bacon.

I've heard that Monarch has already bred half the women and 'elliot' is the most common Japanese name now

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Fucking hell no wonder they are the worlds only superpower

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Yanks kinda have to shove a shit ton of stuff into their food due to long distances it all has to travel tbh.

I heard they have 3 stomachs and can regurgitate any previous meals back up for sustenance.

I wouldn't know tbh

Nah. There are niggers who operate there and I don't want to get into a fight in this country. Normally I would smack the taste out their mouth but I'd be in a world of shit if I did that here.
Some of the women I wouldn't mind bleaching tbh. Rebuild the old edo empire of 56%ers from a few wombs would be a great larf.

there's clubs that exist just to scam tourists and they all have wogs outside, never get led into a club or bar lad stay safe.

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imagine the sharts

go down to my old stomping ground in SEA, no wogs and much cheaper
and some of the lasses are great

What does this have to do with art deco tram interiors?

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Bet they've had him de-pawed.

I like his hat.

Sex tourism is depressing tbh

boomer lmao

6 times their body weight apparently lad

It's also degenerate and supports human traffickers

smh I've grown up there, I've earned my dues


Are you a sea monkey or just a white lad born out there.

not even surprised anymore

Yeah I looked into that before I came here. As long as they are contained in Kabukichō (red light district) then I ain't fussed. Haven't been there yet and I want to stay away for my own sake. Getting banged up abroad isn't my idea of fun.

Zig Forums is now an imperium board

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is it getting windy for anyone else? starting to hear it when i take my headphones off.

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Your having an aneurysm lad ring 999


I don't wanna cheat on the Mrs tbh. I'm sure these little yellow fuck machines are great but I'm better than that these days. Maybe 10yrs ago but not now.

delingpole wrote a shitebart article where he advocates executing tony blair lol

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ching chong ping pong

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Just remember not to marry them lads, pump and dump

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Don't blame him tbh.

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Delingpole's a fucking brainlet tbh. Bet he's a beneficiary of nepotism. Remember he embarrassed leavers on this week a while ago (by being such a tard).

tbh anyone who hasn't imagined killing the fucker in one way or another is a massive fucking faggot
tbh it'd be fun to see radical regime change just to watch that cunt squirm like a worm on the surface


what did he say?

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Imprerium killed Keith lads
don't do it

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close enough, lad

Used to find gooks hot when I was a teenager. For the most part they do nothing for me now though.

white lad who moved there as a kid

hwiter than thou Nigel

good lad

poor lad

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Can't remember. He was just shit. Had no reasons that no deal was a good thing and just generally made the notion of no deal seem idiotic (by being associated with his support for it).

good lad

yeah naah mate

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Fair enough.

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Also I'm memiing lads don't actually fuck asian girls


Lad….. pl0x…

They age like milk as well.

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how sad is that?

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Quality gash launched a thousand ships and sustained a ten year long siege lad.

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In all seriousness the good old mighty WASP is a rare sight these days, we should preserve the greatest people to ever walk the Earth.

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lads, don't think with your cock, think with your future children
Not only does this little gimp get paid to not be funny, he also has women queuing up to shag him apparently. Apparently the key to success in life is having arms that look like the knotted branches of an old tree.

Genghis Khans first victory was against another tribe for his wife tbh.

That burgundy goes very well with that bow tbh