Tariffs on Imports

So what's your position on tariffs? I fully support them, since they are probably the biggest threat to multinational corporations and the bourgeoisie. We always hear ultra-capitalists bitch the most against tariffs.

Your thoughts?

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What qualms do you have with workers in other "nations" (see: arbitrary made up spook bullshit) ? Do you see people who by historical accident have the same citizenship as you as more deserving of work ?

From what I gather, the ones actually hurt the most by tariffs are businesses which rely on sweatshops. While tariffs are not the best measure against them, at the very least it punishes those who exploit workers with slave wages.

It also hurts the economy, which in turn hurts capitalism and the bourgeoisie.


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Imagine actually believing your nation doesn't want strict border controls everywhere and the accompanying surveillance capitalism
or just accusing someone else of working for the surveillance state to throw suspicion off of yourself

Yes hello fellow revolutionaries. Say, might anyone have the "low down" on any local resistance activities against "the Man" ?

Imagine believing that the neoliberal elite want anything other than free trade with no tariffs.

Imagine believing that some people are more deserving of life than others due to being born in some arbitrary borders

What qualms do you have against using tariffs as a defensive measure to prevent the destruction of industry thanks to outsourcing, which makes the construction of socialism a billion times harder?

inb4 autistic screeching about how if drumpf does it it's bad

inb4 autistic screeching about how contrary to history the next revolution will be global and instantaneous

inb4 autistic screeching about how we'll just build heavy industry under severe embargo like Cuba - oh wait the cubans never managed to do so

Imagine being BTFO so hard you have to strawman your opponents as hating other nationalities and divert the discussion towards borders when the discussion was originally centered on tariffs


kill yourself you are not making arguments just constructing strawmen and lighting them on fire to no one's amusement but your own

go back to r/socialism where your idiocy is tolerated and where you can virtue signal to your heart's content


This has nothing to do with nationalism and/or xenophobia/racism. This has to do with destabilizing the economy.

Economic consensus supports that taxes hurts the economy and the biggest losers are the bourgeoisie. I support both tariffs against other countries/industries and retaliatory tariffs against us.

The sooner capitalism collapses under it's own weight, the better. Tariffs would help accelerate the process.

I agree

Strongly support, for economically and/or legally disparate countries, there is no reason we should subsidize practices abroad that have been criminalized domestically. If trade with them is allowed at all, it must have a FairTrade countervailing duty tariff tacked on to bring standards and practices for production of a given commodity up to our level, eliminating perverse incentives from human rights arbitrage.

Other crucial areas of trade reform include eliminating our own export subsidies, shifting foreign aid from direct donations of commodities (which can devastate local and regional economies) to credits that can be used to obtain aid goods from a variety of sources as a crisis changes. In addition, the above FairTrade system could be subsidized (especially for regional products that can't be produced domestically) as a highly efficient form of foreign aid directly to workers.

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Capitalist: hey Mr. politician, can you put some tariffs on my competitors If I give you monis please?
Politician: ok!
Leftpol: omg based as fuck wrecking those capitalists! this is epic class struggle for sure

Don't you realize your argument is supposed to be: "Tariffs is spooked raycis against foreigners"

I don't get what joke you're trying to make here.

Open trade hurts workers in export economies as well, because it artificially drives down their purchasing power. Free trade has ruined most of the Third World, while you are living in the West which enforced tariffs itself for most of the 19th century to accumulate the capital it needed to emerge as the world power. Remember that workers are not the ones moving, but capital is.

In case of a socialist state, tariffs would be absolutely necessary, but this happens automatically because a Leninist state always has the monopoly on foreign trade.

The free market developed Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, Vietnam, Thailand, Poland, Estonia, etc. etc. and is now making Nigeria the African superpower. Free trade is good in that it both accelerates the decline of capitalism and develops conditions for eventual socialism.

Why do so many leftists not even read Marx but simply hate capitalism as if history is an arbitrary battle of ideologies and apply moralist arguments as if some are "good" and some are "bad"

Enjoy capital flight buddy

In the case of a cooperative economy tariffs could be harmful depending on the situation.

Usually, capitalists are the ones to complain the most about tariffs. Just take a quick look at any neo-liberal/libertarian site.

Free trade allows the already ├╝ber wealthy multinational corporations to grow even richer. Tariffs help offset that and hurts the economy, forcing the working class to take direct action.

Free trade under capitalism is a disaster. Under a market socialist economy, however, is good.


No, it didn't. Not at least under the american definition of free market (laissez faire). Japan, Estonia, Poland and South Korea have market regulations and a strong welfare state. Taiwan, Vietnam and Thailand have massive wealth inequality.

The only country where a truly "free market" exist, at least by the austrian school definition of "free market", is Somalia; and we all know what a shithole Somalia is.

Free trade would only be benefical under a market socialist system. Under capitalism, it makes the already obscenely wealthy even wealthier.

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It wasn't "market regulations and the welfare state" that developed them, it was state ownership of major industries and state direction of investment and construction rather than mere regulation. Inequality and welfare provision were irrelevant.

Not at least by austrian school standards (the go to school of thought of your average amerilard).

I think you meant wealth inequality, but anyway; "development" means nothing if over 60% of the population is under the poverty line and +50k people die from lack of basic healthcare each year, not to mention malnutrition and lack of clean water (pollution).

Case in point: India, as a country, is ridiculously wealthy, yet it has rampant poverty. Same for Nigeria. All the wealth is owned by the bourgeoisie.

Then it wasn't free market (again, by austrian school standards). Free market is laissez faire; there's no other way around.

Long-story-short: Free market and free trade makes the already rich even richer. Under capitalism, free market is a disaster.

read Marx you fucking idiot

Tarrifs only make sense in the case of a government trying to control international capitalism with tarrifs and taxes.
Its complete self-harm if you nationalize all industry and have a planned economy in a world of capitalism. If its cheaper to import than to make it yourself then you should import it and export something else that you can make for cheap. Unless you have strategic reasons to self-produce such as for security of course.

In a fair market, sure. But if the commodity being imported is access to unregulated sweatshop labor, it's completely impossible for a civilized country to export anything.

If you cannot export things then getting foreign currency is also very expensive in terms of labour time (lot of labour time for little foreign currency) and as such imports will also be expensive in terms of labour time, so that really solves itself.
A country wont import "cheap" goods if the things they sell in return arent cheap to make, since then the imports wont be cheap either.

No, it is usually Keynsianism in the U.S.. Only Paultards and Anyclaps susbcribe to that silly Austrian School Tinkerbell economics shit. Basic bitch Americans do not even know that economics has seperate schools of thought.