Brit/pol/ #2701: ARGH Edition

Brexit: MPs to have vote by 12 March, says May

Theresa May could CANCEL vote on Brexit delay – 'Parliament's hands are tied'

Barnier warns Brexit negotiations with Brussels are OVER – it’s between May and MPs now

British MPs will force votes on no-deal and Brexit delay, Cooper says

Mary Rose ship crew 'to be identified using DNA'

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xth for jiggling milkers

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I love tits so much

first for church

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Has brexit been delayed again?

damn i just realised all the Cville prisoners are going in Virginia jails

they're fucked

too big tbh, they would drop 6 inch without a bra
theres nothing more unattractive than tits that go under her armpits when youre on top of her

Same tbh

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Dont know about that

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xth for /fit/


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nth for stingrays

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Need a Eurasian gf tbh

too large

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Tits and arse are my lifeblood

Wish people wouldn't post this reaction image. It reminds me too much of faceless spic lad from the cartel video.


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Zig Forums is a titcow board.

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Anything bigger than an orange is too big and saggy.

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much better

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Who's this?

No idea. This is the tragedy of having such a disorganised folder

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Oh shit it was that lass, assumed it was Joosten with her hair different smh. Yeah she looks a bit civic tbh, what was she presenting at an E3 or Game Awards or something?

Yeah last year.

After a lot of searching I (think) I've discovered that she goes by Victoria Macreatis, but that her real name is Ewelina Olczak.

Well done, lad.
This must be her too.

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What are protesting? The black woman says that they're trying to stop black people from speaking.

They consider libertarians fascist.

Yeah her face isn't quite as angelic as it appears in that first gif, but she's still f'ing slamming, lad. Seriously perfect body. Wonder if there are nudes of her out there?

I mean I understand why communists would be apposed to libertarians but for the life of me I have no idea why they have the 'say no to racism' signs.

protesting turning point UK

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sounds like a gay spy here

Because Fascism is racism.

I know the npc memi is cringey now but they do seem like them. The protesters that hold those signs are as if that sign is their coding. They get handed one and just start marching

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Bought some hissing cockroaches today lads

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Wot was 'e doin,marrying that yank bird?

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Would country bumpkin Michigan girls like south fc lads or are they just looking to live out a sex in the city fantasy as soon as they move to California?

hmmm idk probably would like you there are alot of pretty lasses in the midwest IMO I like how our women talk the accent of this region sounds much better on lasses

alot of midwest lasses do end up living the sex in the city lifestyle but not always


night buds

This is one of my favourites tbh

Love the way it sounds on women

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Fucking finished the shite route.

Don't know if you have a word for this in English, but we call it fokksnø, snow carried by the wind. It's fucking impossible to get through, at least a big mass of it, some of it you can burst through if you can come out on the other side, but if it is an endless sea of snow you're stuck. Almost got stuck 3 fucking times, the last time being at the last stop REEE.

It blocked some deliveries completely smh.

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We just call it a 'snow drift'

Ah yes I've actually heard it before. Time to get comfy

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Apu is so wholesome


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Going to give this a go when I come home.

You toilin?

Nah. Just going to spend the day in the hotel room. Went out earlier about 1pm to grab summat to eat and it's a heatwave outside.

Where are you, lad?

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Jesus it’s windy outside the last couple of days lads

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Higashi Nihombashi

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Post more wholesome apu lad

had no idea. You seen lost in translation?

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Just getting
can't be bothered to find out which tbh smh

might be a bug I tried so many different ones and the thread is only 70 posts ahhh

Who here /earlymorningworkout/?

goodlad. I guess going from the car seat to the mailboxes is kind of a work out. What you doing, lad?

night lads.

nigh lid

My daily lifting workout tbh, I just finished 40 minutes worth when I posted who here early morning workout earlier

I work fri sat and sun on nights so my normal schedule is fucked so I’m using it to my advantage.
How’s things going for you in general man?
i bought a laptop to work on since I’ve picked up writing as a hobby

alright, can't complain, just ill right now. The flu or whatever. Looking forward to some free time next week if the bossbitch won't need me.

cool tbh, think a lot of people think about wanting to write but never do it. How do you write as a hobby?

That reminds me of my asshole manager, I booked off only the shifts that I have with him (1 of my 3 shifts a week for like the next 3 weeks straight so I won’t have to see that dick for a month kek)

Shit man I know how that feels, had a flu in January and had 2 colds over the last 2 weeks, it’s at the point I’m just like please fuck off I’m sick of being ill. Got any plans during the time off?

And I got a few ideas to build on and a general plot outline with character designs in my head but not the drawling skill to realise them so for now I’m just going to write the story and build on it from there, soon also start drawing because I got characters I want to bring to life to help illustrate the story etc etc.

I don’t want it to read or sound like a cringe tumblr tier fanfic so unless I’m absolutely confident in what I get done I’m keeping the details quiet, I don’t want it to be shit

Weird how some people can just ruin your day by simply being there. Had that at the warehouse I loaded at before, every day that one civic lad wasn't there felt great.

not really, I don't have much of a plan. Just relax while waiting for a new route. This newspaper stuff is just something to do meanwhile.

Cool, got a book in the mail today, How to Draw, Robertson. Probably not going to use it forever though, just lost the energy I had when I bought it smh.

Just don't steal Westie's totally original idea about fascistic ants retracts bullying

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Just happy tonight went well, should be past the worst weather this year

Oh no no no noooooo AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

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the shit we only know because of Zig Forums and Zig Forums. Just makes it even more obvious he's a spy smh

Hit the nail on the head mate. Every time that fucking nonce of a manager books a week off it’s great and we actually have fun and get more work done. All that wanker does is walk up and down all night pretending he’s busy and god forbid you fucking open your mouth to talk for two seconds “you’re talking too much” fucking autistic prick yes normal people talk while they’re at work it’s called normal social interaction! Id love to kick the shit out of him so bad. Sorry, I’ve grown to despise him these past 2 years

And fair enough lad, not gonna look into trying any new hobbies or anything? Tbf though it’s dufficult to break out of that trap of not doing anything in free time but now I walk the dog, lift, occasionally read, picked up writing my own story ideas etc etc and it just feels good imo

Did you drop the drawing attempt? I don’t need to try it yet to know in advance that it’s hard work and there’s tons of things involved like drawing anatomy correctly, scaling distances of sizes etc

Kek dont worry, while I don’t want to talk about the plot I can tell you it’s set in the distant future hundreds of years and doesn’t involve ants

2 years, lad? This 3-day a week thing is permanent?

No, getting better at drawing but it looks like such an insurmountable task. I started reading this year so that is new for me, but after a few shit books I am slowing down the rate at which I read. Trying to relive fantasy which I loved so much as a kid but it's all really stale now.

And I guess I daydream, that is what I'd consider what you are doing really for now, just like thinking of ideas and characters and stuff.

Yeah drawing is hard work.



It’s always been permanent I’ve been there for 4 years and until 3 months ago was on 4 nights 40hrs full time, I dropped down to 30hrs for 3 nights to get my life back because I got sick of spending my life working, that nonce manager has been there for 2 years now. God I miss before he came along

Are you confident enough with drawing to show anyone yet? When you are id like to see tbh, all I was ever able to do was stick men kek

Oh my bad, I’ve started actually writing this story it’s not just ideas in my head any more and it’s nice to see if all get going now, written loads of concept ideas etc etc and got a few characters in the mix too

oh no

I guess this was the last one I seriously did. Man it's been forever.

Done stuff like this, but I just keep coming back, rewriting it and scratching it tbh

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Fresh shaking man

You drew that? That’s really good mate. How long did it take?

And the main plot is the same but I might change minor things it do branching paths to different endings like a good ending and a bad ending etc now that I think about it

thanks, lad, idno it was so many months if not years ago. Thing is I never did proper perspective and shit, even back when I was better, only eyeballed it. So it'll be interesting to get back into as long as it isn't too much work. bed time now, lad nigh nigh

Well I think you’re really good at it, so I hope you stick to it man that’s better than anything I could ever do for sure.

Nice chat mate, have a good one

No deal tariff rates for people who are as autistic as me and are interested in this shit.

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Quick glance over. Undercutting everything possible the government plans to simulate the current conditions of free trade. Of course it would only be one way; I doubt the EU would lower their tariffs to such a degree. Will probably hurt the UK's finances in the short run. Long run however, every report of studied showed that an outcome like this would improve UK's welfare. Hoping for no deal.

Does anyone here subscribe to I'm thinking about signing up since I enjoy a lot of their content, just wondering if it's worth the money.


Today is the day lad.
Watch these snakes in parliament take no deal (read Brexit) off the table.

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New Machine when?

There's no doubt in my mind they'll vote no deal down. My hope is that the EU will not agree to extend article 50 (possible, iirc Macron has said he doesn't want to extend article 50).
Worst case is EU offering to extend article 50 on the basis that the time is used for a second referendum. If that happens then theres a minuscule chance that the government might reject it, if parliament were to get a say though…

What's your problem lad? I was making a simple inquiry.