Rare porky thread

Porky's gonna pork.

OP must be at least 200 chars on this board. OP must be at least 200 chars on this board. OP must be at least 200 chars on this board. OP must be at least 200 chars on this board. OP must be at least 200 chars on this board.

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Spamming the same thread on both boards and ignoring the oc thread already up sure is helpful OP.

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global report

I lurk it, honestly there's nothing left there.
Based report though.

Fresh oc off the press just for you OP. :^)

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you can also tell by the charlimit circumvention

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I rage every time I read it.

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This is NOT the same, though. Rats and cockroaches create an important staple for their ecosystem, and many species rely on them for their survival.

Can you say the same about either of the above?

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If you think a business owner of 30-40 employees is a part of the elite class you are mistaken

The petit-bourgeoisie also gets the bullet.

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There is no fixing your brand of stupid.

I bet your poor and out of shape my friend hows the lack of a hierarchy going for you

settle down Pol Pot. what the fuck am I even saying now?

typical atheshit.

the OP would be better if you replaced the first image with both j e w z AND porky. idc about blacks existing.

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Are there any bitcoin porkies?


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Hell, yeah I sure dodged a bullet with my npr, dn!, the nation, China Daily, RT, Redacted Tobight, this is america, Der Spiegel and vice

I hate Buzzfeed with a burning passion, they just spread hateful and stupid garbage.

NowThis is shit, too.

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We should unironically call mainstream economics "wealthsplaining" because that's what is it.

Why would tumblr porky problematize economics? Mainstream economics is exists to justify capitalism.
Should be poortriarchy. "Prole" is too obscure for tumblr.
Should be science reductionism or something similar. "Essentialism" is also too obscure for tumblr.

From what I get, that meme has been around for well over half a decade.