Brit/pol/ #2703: Leaveland Edition

Brexit: How did my MP vote on no-deal?

Brexiters lobby for European veto of article 50 extension

Children As Young As Seven Caught With Knives At School In London

Tory MP says every knife sold in UK should have GPS tracker 'fitted in the handle'

Mystery infections traced to self-flagellation: 10 British men diagnosed with life-threatening virus had all taken part in ceremony that involved whips and knives

Sainsbury’s, Tesco and Asda are waking up to the fact cup sizes are on an upward trajectory

Mother Of 11-Year-Old 'Drag Kid' Who Performed At Gay Bar Says Child Protective Services Showed Up At Her Home

Michael Jackson: Transport for London to remove bus adverts protesting singer's innocence

The proof we STILL live in a man's world: Phones too big for our palms, chilly offices, cars designed for male drivers - a fascinating new book reveals the little ways life really is stacked against women

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vah daywee mauwh

The way society continues to encourage women to act like men is just sad. It doesn't make women or men happy.

xth for the warsaw pact

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bet they were happier than we are

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yeah it makes both unhappy and it makes women think that men are somebody out to get them when in reality gen Y is the most lonesome generation in a long long time

doubt that

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keeeeeek second referendum amendment will most likely be voted down today killing it off for now. the remainers have blown their load too soon smh


if you think being a conscript in a soviet military was fun you are a zoomer autist


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based derealisation

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yeah derealisation and tech is a big issue of this time, we are another example of how degenerate tech is

You need women and men to sustain a society and the gender relations are clearly dysfunctional right now. Yeah I'd say we were a lonesome generation. Even when I'm out with friends I feel kinda alone tbh.

Sums it all up doesn't it?

How anyone can pretend the Daily Mail is anything other than a female run liberal rag is beyond me. It's 100% gynocentric, zero Conservatism, absolute kikery

Guy should of Frigged off

yeah that could easily have been bubbles shooting cyrus while ricky told him to fuck off

Did he go to jail?
based slashdot tbh

in trailer park boys? or the IRL guys?

When a Boomer uses the phrase "Daily Mail Reader." Like they still support the Nazis and everyone reads the one paper that comes through their letter box.

lel the real life hero

Stunning woman tb

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Speaker John Bercow made the shock decision to select an amendment to tonight’s motion which could lead to a re-run of the 2016 vote. The amendment was tabled by The Independent Group’s former Conservative MP Sarah Wollaston and represents the House of Commons’ first chance to formally air their view on holding a second referendum. MPs will begin a series of votes from 7pm on a number of amendments before deciding on the main motion of whether to extend Article 50 and delay Brexit.

BREXIT SHOCK: MPs to vote TONIGHT on giving public second referendum

yeah he is in jail


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The jap who calculated that is a tranny right?
feels like google psyop tbh, frontpage bbc immediately…
we live in a society

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This fuck is literally doing what he wants, should be fucking in the stocks

everyone else said "woman calculated pi"
that article was closer to "py.exe run on google compute engine"

reee hang him tbh

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why japs using the name 'emma' anyway

Yeah I think they are overstating their role for political purposes to normalise transgenderism.

Goverments like to over complicate things. If they didnt people might find out we dont even need them.

Hopefully that'll be me soon failed my last driving test next one is in a few weeks haha.


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There's a DDR museum in Germany which lets you walk around a typical DDR styled flat, most 20 something year olds here would kill for something the size of it.

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Leave him alone, Mr. (1)

what should be done about the WQ?

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Lad that's one of the snowdonia trains saw them cleaning it in the station for public display/advertising Wales

Why do so many lads lust after Westie?


Boomer Nige really is a parody of himself, isn't he?

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bit gay lad

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Posture check, straighten up lads!

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Labour CHAOS: Jeremy Corbyn demands party vote AGAINST second referendum - ‘Shame on you!'

LABOUR’S Brexit policy remains as clouded as ever after the party’s shadow Brexit secretary confirmed MPs would be ordered to vote against a second referendum tonight.

It's 100% a dude tbh, it has an Adams Apple.


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Based NA as usual

Baste thank you donald

Good lad I was actually a bit hunched over until I read this post

virgin tbh

This makes me so angry

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Your mums a virgin

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Shes very pretty

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you're a mess, lad.

And she could have been mine if she was single

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You tell them Popular Youtuber, Sargon of Akkad

Smh, plenty more fish in the sea lad

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She is very beautiful though tbh


tick tock tick tock

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Does your mum never question why her toil tokens are disappearing to e-celebs?

My toil tokens, lad.

shut up smh

I thought your mum controlled your bank account?


on the minecraft server

There is a shed of blood?

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yeah but it's still my money. I have a credit card

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David Jones and David Davies are kind of okay though,

stick to the plan patriots

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Yes, spiritually and morally.

Long day.

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Watching cold war kino tbh


What time is the parliament vote on delaying Brexit today?

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19:00~ I assume.

>Anna Soubry calling the cabinet Brexiteers

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>mfw the previous homeowner's issue Freemasonry Today lands through the letterbox

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Open it


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I did that's how I know it's Freemasonry Today.

this Andrew Yang gook alternates between based, sjw, and AJ tier mentalist
might vote for him for teh lulz if I was a murimutt


Why do they use Benjamin's avatar instead of his actual face in memmies like these?

*clears throat* ahem

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As fucked as we are, it is absolutely amazing seeing how terrible Yank politics is.


Have to wonder who MP's think they're fooling.

Lads, best place to get a yellow vest?