How would an institution such as a hospital function according to communal organization ? I mean, as someone who works in a hospital I can tell you that supplies, equipment, and so on that are required for day-to-day operations, even at their most stretched, require much much more than any single town or city could ever hope to raise/produce.

Or would it function in a different manner ? I readily invite suggestions because basic things like this, which I rarely hear spoken of, keep anarchism/communism in the realm of utopian idealism, faraway from the grasp of actual working people

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Communism does not affect the mop just who controls them and how.
Communism is not solely about materials.
And it ultimately depends on the system.

Only ancoms really have to answer this question.

I don't know, why don't you ask all those Cuban doctors fleeing your country before the second coming of Pinochet?

1. lern medesen
2. do medesen
Not all anarchism is communal. Luckily…
1. keep doing your job.
2. don't piss off all your coworkers as a block over not doing your job.

There ya go!
Oh, yeah…
…your chemist might have to actually be a chemist. I.e., communism, since it's moving production to the people.

"my" country ?

I do. But to "do medesen" I require physical pharmaceuticals, supplies, equipment, and so on. where are all these things coming from ? This isn't stuff which can just be assembled by a couple of people in back yard or by some communal operation. I'm sure when you get a tumor or heart disease you'll want those things which give you a better chance at survival, no ?

"as a block over not doing [my] job"? what are you even talking about ?

Do you even realize what processes actually go into the creation of pharmaceuticals ? I don't think you do at all. There's a very good reason that pharmacists at the consumer end don't actually create the medicine there and then.

Pretty much every variant of anarchism far away enough from autarkic neoprimitivism to care about modern medicine or high technology, also embraces some form of supra-local relationship such as syndicalism.

That processes for joint decisionmaking and economic activity between communities exist hardly disqualifies something as anarchy.

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Fuck you, bitch, that's some HELLA projection you've got going on.

Your ENTIRE argument revolves around "lol, but capitalism is magic!" I've got news for you : that's bullshit. PHYSICS is real. Magic, outside personal religious practice, is not. If the bosses died and everyone woke up and did the same job, NOTHING. WOULD. CHANGE.

So quit with the bullshit, m'kay?
Two coils.
An MRI works on the fact that a specific (and the most common) isotope of hydrogen, 1h1, has a particle spin of +/- 1/2. Hit it up with a magnetic pulse, it is, pardon the parlance, going to both align, and "jiggle." Any signal not the main pulse is a secondary pulse. Effectively, it's radar.
A computer. Literally ANY imaging in which a computer is used to display, process, or assist is computer-assisted imaging.
It's NOT my main specialty, so this is, like, gradeschool-level knowledge. You, otoh, are setting the ball WAY low… because this is gradeschool-level knowledge, maybe pre-K.

don't tell me what us non-ancoons can or cannot do.

that's nice but it ultimately plays up a one-world government idea, whether you like it or not, if you truly believe in syndicalism without nations or states, ipso facto. its super utopian to think that humans in general CAN work together internationally and GENERALLY are good people through and through.

this statement resembles me. good play I guess, though syndicates are a GOOD idea. but within nation-state lines. morality isn't a universal quality that everyone shares internationally. cultural differences are important to notice.

After the population dwindles under 20 million after the unavoidable collapse of civilization, hospitals will become unnecessary. Epidemic is a product of civilization.
Any health problem (e.g. broken bone, headache) will be taken care of by the band (as evidenced by limbless skeletons from the Lower Paleolithic that survived till their elderly times) using known methods and medications.

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Your tribe taking care of you is nice but the juxtaposition makes it sound like they just lop your arm off if you break it.

How to solve any problem that's not directly addressed by the mode of production is the job of the society that faces the problem. Capitalism has come up with solutions (not necessarily good ones) to problems like this which would be unimaginable to people living under feudalism. Other than speculation you can't really give an answer to "How will society fix this problem?" when you don't know the relevant details of that society and the situation at some future time. That said, here's some speculation.

I think this kind of thing puts holes in the idea that there's a magic bullet solution to communism. In some industry like healthcare that is based on globally integrated systems you need a global system for that. Note that this doesn't mean your autonomous commune has to be a global system or whatever. It just means that the people involved in medicine have to set up the industry and its distribution networks so that they can function. For instance maybe you'd combine existing medical networks with NGOs like Doctors Without Borders in some kind of syndicate that coordinates pooling and distributing resources. They wouldn't be accountable to your local government (government =/= state) managing your commune, but they'd exist in parallel. For large-scale industries like medicine there would have to be some checks on the entity managing things, but that's by no means a unique problem for communism.

Haha, yeah. Weirdly worded.

Pharmaceutical production and Medical Equipment will be made and distributed more efficiently and without the extra cost of IP.
Ancoms and communists don't want autarky for the sake of it and realizes its limits.

Yup. Keep in mind that just because a polity is unified in its decisionmaking and legal processes, doesn't mean there can't be substantial differences in laws and practices within its subdivisions.
Reminder government (the organized function of society) and statehood (a separate organ regulating human affairs) aren't the same thing, and anarchism is neither incompatible with nor dependent on either. I personally hold a stateless anarchist government as my ultimate goal.

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How does?

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under anarchism will I be allowed to form ethnically pure communes

You can't even form a grammatically correct sentence, what do you think?

Depends on the system but generally speaking yes it's allowed unless the anarchist system in question is one not controlled by societal decisions but a major part of them are.

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First define 'ethnicity' and 'purity', and a method of determining those two things, then we'll see.

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so the answer is yes I am an anarchist now

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Considering we're talking about community based anarchism that would both be illegal but also impossible to do.

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