Brit/pol/ #2706: Ethnostate Edition

Winstone: Second referendum would lead to 'rebellion', UK should 'walk away'

Brexit Secretary Stephen Barclay hints he could quit if PM backs a long extension to Article 50

Soubry calls for POLICE in BBC interview as 'frightening' activist shouts 'TRAITOR'

Police step up security at UK mosques after New Zealand massacre as Sadiq Khan says London 'stands in solidarity' with Christchurch

Crew of HMS Argyll return home after nine months at sea having saved 27 people from a burning container ship off the French coast on their way back to Plymouth

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Disgusting smdh

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this is YOUR shooting, and EVERYONE else in your dumb ass "islam" is responsible. incredible. this guy cited YOUR koran

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zero self awareness of these bastions of equality

The irony in their statements should be lost on them, their outrage will fade by Monday morning as the next item on the news arises.

tbh I'm finding it ironic that a bunch of people who follow Teddy are shocked by violence. That guy is a faggot though, he's got some weird obsession with the pine tree lot.

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might not know what that means to some people, lad

euurr is that a homestuck thing?


Please, mods

Almost as if the guy had a point

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they are burying the manifesto and only publishing the bits they want people to read about tbh

I suspect the tattooist would though.

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ISIS calls for revenge amid Christchurch, New Zealand mosque attacks

Kris Harbour finds out his subscribers aren't green new deal retards. Read the comments

that's all islam has ever done, rip off everyone else

Don't look back in anger!

these cunts really know absolutely nothing about us do they, they think we are are conservative koch brother funded neo cons, fucking lol at these ignorant low IQ cunts.They know nothing about us

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what did you fucking expect? every piece of info they have on groups like us is from the beeb or grauniad


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Request denied.

They (at least the brain dead hordes) legit believe groups like Turning Point are far right extremists.

Wtf are the pine tree lot?

it's pretty fucking funny to think about


anprim'ish Ted Kaczynski fans


Cats have a high status in Islam, don't they?

Love when the larpers all across the chans get weeded out when something like this happens, cant cant handle a little violence, they will be a liability when the war starts


Kek. They're actually a thing?

It's more of a memi than anything tbh

why didn't he just overpower her

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Who is that

Who is that lad?

(what I was thinking tbh. Why not become the —KILLER?)

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He looks a little swarthy there.

Apparently one of the other shooters that was stopped.

looks a bit…civic

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Yes and it's all their fault

Wait?? The shooter was American?

Just watched the video (at least the first part - can't find part 2). It's weird tbh. Why did they all huddle in a pile for him to shoot? And why did he just keep shooting the same pile of people? It's not like I've ever seen a mass killing before so maybe this is normal, but it looked bloody odd? Does anyone know exactly what happened yet? Were there three shooters? Two mosques? How many did each kill?

Retards shouldn't be allowed to post here.


Most people act like lemmings when they are being shot at, believing there is safety in numbers.

He was making sure his kill count is high, otherwise people at the bottom of the pile may survive.



oh for fucks sakes lads GIs leader just had an interview with the BBC to talk about the great replacement.

why give oxygen and put yourselves in the limelight of the worst hate crime in history?


hitler dubs confirm spies (Nick Lowles, Hope not Hate, Gerry Gable, Searchlight Magazine)


The great replacement is mainstream lad, talking about them bringing it on themselves like that Aussie are daft.

wew full retard

Smh lad

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They're hardly affiliated and islam isn't even the focus of what that GI twat is talking about.

What's his problem?

glad they had someone to identify it

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tbf they are utter spastics at the best of times

This is why the yanks laugh at us

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Cant wait till they ban the squaddies from playing it because of the trauma in the collective subconscious of the muslim community

I'm retarded for asking why they didn't all leg it out of that open room with multiple exits rather than cowering in the corner in a bloody pile? Get fucked.

fuck off all of the press does that

Hail St. Glorianas

That user seems to be in a bad mood. I suggest just ignoring him, tbh.

The 79th's Farewell to Gibraltar is better tbh.


why are you even here tbh

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Right, lads. This thread is full of people who don't belong here.

This site was on the news, you can hardly expect an influx of newfags to not happen.

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Yeah, but the people who like those shows aren't watching them out of a sense of respect for the British Army; they're watching them for a very different reason, as you can probably guess.

it astounds me that these people are allowed to keep their jobs

how does the trigger on a glock work?

WHAT? I thought they were for throwing at the young African gentleman running away.

it clicks the button on the back of the bullet in the cartridge which shoots it out of the clip

Whatever the reason, it's turbo cringe.

his first sentence is right, but fucking hell it sounds more pathetic every time I read it

Yeah, agreed.

well she is referring to that glocks don't have safeties I believe, glocks have weird double triggers that acts as a safety somehow, but i am now sure how

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oh by the way lads since it's all getting ignored with the current story

No-deal Brexit buccaneers make waves on the Tyne
Fishing for Leave flotilla stages protest day before Nigel Farage starts march to Westminster

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that's not what she said though

It's actually very wholesome FACT

obviously what she meant though


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nonces fap to them??

It's not obvious at all, she has no idea what she's talking about yet still runs her mouth.

I like this timeline

fucking manlets

the real reason you're having a go is because you're a misogynist, isn't it lad?

to a gun expert like me it is tbh

ahh y'got me, better cuff me and lock me up