Brit/pol/ #2707: Darkest Corner Edition

What is Zig Forums? The site used by NZ terrorist to spread hate
The image board behind the spread of the terror attacker's message and video has a long and controversial history Forums-the-site-used-by-nz-terrorist-to-spread-hate-11666123

After The New Zealand Terror Attack, Should Zig Forums Be Wiped From The Web? Forums-be-wiped-from-the-web/

This terror was born in the darkest corners of the internet

Do the Christchurch shootings expose the murderous nature of ‘ironic’ online fascism?

No-deal Brexit buccaneers make waves on the Tyne
Fishing for Leave flotilla stages protest day before Nigel Farage starts march to Westminster

Winstone: Second referendum would lead to 'rebellion', UK should 'walk away'

BBC makes ‘ISIS-style’ promo film for hunt saboteurs

Essex child abuse detectives guilty of misconduct

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It's the kind of tired that sleep won't fix


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stop posting this you nonce

why would they care? it's not local

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Who is it?

Anyone recognise this child? Call the Portuguese cops

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no idea, but some >(1) with no history posted another picture of her with a dodgy link last thread

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Ebba Akerland
This isn't noncing you dumbfucks.



He didn't explain it properly: Ebba Akerland's murder in a terrorist attack was what first got under the New Zealander's skin and got him thinking seriously about the horror of the modern West.

She was in his manifesto tbf, big motivation, she was deaf and didn;t hear the car coming smh

> Forums-and-why-did-the-new-zealand-shooter-use-it-to-announce-himself-to-the-world/amp

lads type Ebba Akerlund into pol archive and go back to before the shooting. There's one Australian poster who posted almost daily about her and how she should never be forgotten. In 2017 when this bloke started going mental.

Probably him tbh he had a weird obsession with her.

apparently yeah

Like the NMH guy and Anne Frank?

ever looked into a strobe light?


fair enough, but it looked fucking suspect what with the post from last thread tbh, just some underage girl getting posted out of nowhere

means it's a fresh IP which can be anything from someone changing VPNs to spies (Nick Lowles, Hope not Hate, Gerry Gable, Searchlight Magazine) to shills to CP spammers.


whos that.

But really this guy was posting "just found another picture of dear Ebba", "her name is Ebba Akerlund, "the first martyr of europe Ebba" and shit non stop for over a year.

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oh boy do I love features that don't work

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I'm sorry to scare you.

s'alright lad, it's just the last post with her looked exactly like the old CP spam we used to get, and with the press looking at this "evil CP site" it wouldn't be surprising if it's them who are the ones posting it just like last time

*slow clap*

post slower

but then we'd just end up in the quality threads section


better start brap posting then

smh lad

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My intention was to remember Ebba, as she was related to today's happenings. It's better than posting Meg.

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Im telling you westie the Ebba poster on 4/pol/ was the shooter they write too similarly and her prominance in his manifesto makes it more likely.

Tbf you hear people talking about it when the muzzies shoot up a load of people. I really think a lot of people have just had enough of their/the establishment's shit and this is being expressed as pure apathy and a willingness not to talk about this.


Just gonna depress me before bed tbh smh can't be healthy us lads consuming so much shocking content

looks like a spic tbh

yeah dismembered children is psycho nonce tier, delete that fucked shit


sorry I was posting one of his many infographs involing Ebba. Should've spoilered it.

Sad tbh.

Honestly I found it strange too, I only heard one person bring it up today and just to mention the Pewdiepie connection, they didn't even say the victims were muslims just "Did you hear about that shooting in a public place?". Then I told them about the media falling for the navy seal thing and someone laughed at it. I'd expect people to treat it as more of a reverent tragedy, maybe people are more desensitised these days, tech derealisation or whatever.

My nan who normally likes getting angry at any outrage material just saw it and completely ignored it.

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newsnight fell for it too just a few minutes ago

You still have a nan. Lucky lad.

People need to see what diversity does to the innocent. That actually happened, her body was pulverised into pulp.

westie has a trip??

No way! Can we get a video?


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dunno try bbc iplayer

reeeee I just posted that

tbh seeing the bullets going into the pile of muzzies is cathartic to watch
am I psycho?

tbh I reckon anyone even slightly aware of any internet subculture would just be finding this whole thing rather surreal

Yeah, my parents both read papers, watch the news and my mum's always got radio 4 on and neither of them mentioned it even once.

Desensitised generally, but utterly apathetic to muslim suffering I would say. I think everyone knows they're a 'problem people' so to speak. I imagine a lot of normies are noticing the hypocritical way it's being dealt with too. Like I said in the last thread, the news are going out of their way to drum it into people that 'these people were killed just for being muslims', when they would literally never dream of saying 'these people were killed simply for not being muslims' after the bloody latest in a long line of islamic terror attacks. I also think most people outside of tumblr/reddit-tier lefty-cuck echo chambers are aware of what utter nonsense the media are talking when they bang on about far-right terror attacks as if they're a common occurrence.

he fucking played initial d while in a police chase

its going to take weeks to fully process wtf just happened

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ERROR: returned error: geolocation
doesn't work, I will try later

but when it's a mozzie attack of any kind there's at least some reaction from them
don't want to get hopes up but I wonder how many see it as a sort of victory

If you were, you wouldn't be worried about the notion. You'd also probably know - and have always known you were radically different from everyone else.

Well said lad

It's like the HWINDU of shooters except he was actually white

Meant to reply to this as well

my fucking sides, he's playing them like a fiddle

There's police chase footage? Asked last thread (after it was dead): did he/they kill policemen?

perfect description

yeah I don't think I could shoot them myself but there is something nice in minecraft about seeing them finally get some

I didn't want to like it but I think I've been broken for longer than I can remember

It sort of feels like the germanwings baneposting crash the 4 year anniversary is coming up soon
doesn't even feel real

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No he just ran away and succesfully got into the clear through some pretty sick driving skills and then the feed cut out.

He was shooting fleeing muslims while driving down the street with a shotgun though.


thEN what are tor sites with thousands of pedos and bestiality freaks freely exchanging contetn?


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He took some numbers on the way, after he blew that ones brain out, he got a few more then one handed it and bantered himself for dropping his mags.

this, 8ch is love


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That could possibly be part of it. Tbh I think what he did was ghoulish and cowardly - as well as bloody weird; but I can't pretend I care at all. These people simply do not belong here. I felt slightly nauseous when I started watching it yesterday (just after it happened), but for some reason today it didn't seem so real, so I wasn't really affected by it.

The media STILL hasnt identified the American bloke that got arrested with the Aussie shooter or any of the other three people arrested.

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didnt mean to post that pic twice ffs

was it a BASED BLACK GUY or a literal glow in the dark nigger?

This, I think a part of it might just be people are fed up with having to stand around singing kumbaya and then going back to counting down 'til the next attack. The bollocks the press pushed during every other attack has just got on peoples nerves to the point where they don't care, and now when an attack that the press wants to profit from comes around it's too late as no-one can be bothered giving a flying fuck.

He had to so he could gain more online clients as a rent boy smh


Miney Crafta

Tbh I don't think I even got catharsis out of it: just a sort of depressing inner shrug at the inevitability of it all. If there's anything positive to be taken from all of this, it's that the only people who care are the muslims and the weirdo leftoids (who everyone hates anyway: and they only """care""" as far as it allows them to signal their supposed virtue).

Hope I get a GCHQ gf from all this

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why the fuck is he wearing camo?
none of this makes sense.

Who's explosives were deactivated, who were the others arrested, why did a video from inside the SECOND mosque show explosives going off?

It would have been considerably better had he gone after corrupt politicians instead tbh, if you're going to kill people at least dispense vigilante justice rather than attacking a bunch of innocent bystanders.

Same, the only reason any of us have even bothered with this one is because it's attached to here and it's irl shitposting.

Could he have actually gotten away with this if he hadn't wanted publicity? Haven't seen part two of the vid tbh (wasn't posted). What did he do after the end of part 1, because it didn't look like he had killed anything like 41 people by that point?

would you rather have a GCHQT or a daft bumsnet mummy?

make the choice white man

Is the 2nd video in the torrent?
I could only find the first

smh i feel terrible about it tbh


found it on arab twitter

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Tbf I probably never would have cared particularly (which isn't to say I support wanton killing or anything). I just have a very strong sense of kinship. I see foreigners dying in a fairly anonymous fashion (like in this video - didn't really even hear screams) and I have no dog in the fight so to speak. They belong among their own people, and we should have little to do with them other than trade.

Mumsnet brood mares for big Zig Forums bulls ok thank you

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Disgusting. Now we'll have to use ovaltine code wheels.

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Agreed. I've never bothered even looking into the dylan roof thing tbh.

hope Joe makes another daftie vid

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