Sup, Zig Forums. What do you faggots believe in? Pic unrelated

Sup, Zig Forums. What do you faggots believe in? Pic unrelated

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I'm short on words today so just read these two:

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'Believe in'?
Like values or truth claims or what?

Stopped playing, could hardly understand the jibbering idiot otherwise.

Yeah, all that shit. You don’t think political beliefs are universal truths, do you? Of course you do, you’re a libidiot.

That people like your pic related should be put in gulag.
Also that the vast, vast, vast majority of twitter and facebook liberals are only so because they are addicted to likes and consumer culture and nothing to do with being hard workers or wishing to uplift themselves and their class.

These people will also be put in gulag.

Even people who think they are don't believe this. Political beliefs are a way for people to feel comfortable in their predispositions so they may refuse to challenge him. Instead, relying on others to fight that mental battle for them.

No, he was asking you what facts or evidence you were asking for on our behalf, not what is """believed""" in. If you have suppositions which you 'believe' in, then you're probably out of your depth here.

Get a load of this mumbling libidiot.

They're called books.

is your attention span like 5 seconds? It's a 2 minute video you imbecile

I believe in the power of science and empiricism to enlighten the world about superior and inferior means of organizing production.

Did you actually expect me to watch that?

Well, he said it.

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Wow it had a part that sounded kind of like a meme I guess we should just ignore the whole thing now?? We don't even need thought police memes already made us unable to think.

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Do you actually have brain problems?

No but I do have hearing loss you fucking ableist
I seriously can’t understand this cunt even with my hearing aids
Fucking pathetic

'Believing in' values and 'believing in' truth claims are two very different ways of understanding 'believing in' something. I guess I still don't quite understand your question. You make it sound like you want a list of things we believe in, but do you actually want to hear what kind of principles we believe in? Or maybe what we think of specific questions? Or what questions we find important to begin with?

Epicureanism… earthly pleasures…good food…

Henrik Ibsen, 1870, writing a letter to Poul Gernes, said: "Tie yourself to a star and sail with it. Every person must have a star, an ideal, to which he clings. The ideal may not be realized today or tomorrow. But you must have an ideal which will carry you forward in life, will inspire you to do deeds and acts." We are living in a society, we may have made economic progress, we may have made here some slight progress, but ultimately, we are living in a society with our slaves, poverty, misunderstandings, social injustice, all the wrongs of society. And there are people like – foolish like myself and many others, call ourselves anarchist – who feel that this injustice can be done away with. That people can be educated. We must in our soul believe, that justice must prevail! We must have that concept, that we are going to carry on, little by little… You see, the trouble is, when you get people into a movement, and they see the revolution in over tomorrow, and it doesn't come tomorrow, they become disillusioned. They were never revolutionaries. They never had a concept, a true understanding. The understanding that no matter what happens, you will carry on that ideal, you feel that justice must prevail! The concept of justice, moral certainity, that right is right, it is a doctrine, that no matter what you an call anarchist syndicatist, anarchist individualist, anarchist communist, whatever label you put on it, what is the ultimate goal of all these scattered ideals, whether it's the ideal of Proudhon, whether Kropotkin, whether Malatesta, anyone else. Each one had little variations. But the ultimate ideal, the ultimate concept of all of these people was ultimate human justice for everybody and that is the ideal that anarchism stands for.

Dear diary,
Today Zig Forums was alright

The aliens are Communists and they will come to help us rebuild society after the climate apocalypse.

I pray every night for a Russian angel to come and take me to paradise

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Fucking libtards getting mad that I didn’t ask a question the way they liked holy shit

I guess it depends on what you define "believing in" means, I wouldn't say I "believe" in my values as i try to derive them on objective facts. For example I'm against murder, but not because it's "wrong" on some metaphysical or spiritual level but because living in a society where murder is illegal is one where my loved ones and family and myself are much less likely to be murdered.

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So what’s the difference between leftpol and leftypol?

Zig Forums kiddie mods are tryhard stalinist larpers who ban everyone who doesn't agree with their authoritarian nightmare visions imagining themselves as political commissars or some shit

this place is more relaxed

A bit, but still a lot of the same. I've gotten banned here 'for an unspecified reason' for not being orthodox on 'imperialism'.

joseph stalin

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Body Oder is likely Ancomm

Yeah it can be weird like that but I think the WORST thing about this place is that it's too soft on literal neo-nazis. I don't mind if they come here asking questions and having a discussion but we've had some real fucking bad spam lately

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Liberty, equality, and brotherhood.

nuclear war and some Vietnamese Titoism thank you

Liberal Socialist and Marxist feminist views.

That the bourgeoisie needs to die

The unique one and his property

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If you work it you own it. Rent is theft. The ideas that machines will make work more efficient and that everybody has to justify their existence to the system by working, are mutually-exclusive and the latter a load of bollocks. Drawings aren't people, ideas aren't property, copying isn't theft. No victim, no crime. An armed proletariat is vital to the maintenence of liberty, as is frozen fruit.


I believe you should go back to Zig Forums