Brit/pol/ #2709: Stick To The Plan Patriots Edition

Environment Protesters trash the environment

"We need to look at where far-right terrorists are getting their ideological ammunition"

Terror victim Ebba Åkerlund’s dad to the Swedish PM: “Your help is an insult, I doubt that New Zealand wants it”

The parents of a man killed by a drone in Yemen say he was "radicalised" in Christchurch. But preachers at the city mosque say they are moderates.

Mosque shooter's alleged manifesto filled with dangerous memmies

Someone has just slapped an egg on the back of Australian Senator Fraser Anning's head, who immediately turned around and punched him in the face

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xth for Jacobitism

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First for cleaning up daddy's shart with my socks 😑😑😖😓🤢🤮

What do you lads have to offer a woman, lads?

Pick one

Cuckcuckgoy is ran by actual kikes who sell your data, a lot of it's founding members were ex-google employees who had been fired for breaching google's privacy rules.

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I use start page and qwant

implying I care and its not just the default on my browser
Foreigners out

Did reded lose it?

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Good Patriot

good lad

Bought a door and I have no idea how to fit it and put the handle in

It's all so tiresome.

half a ham sandwich and a curlywurly

Good lass

What browser?

Yes, he was fucking seething his head off at the rugby and I haven't heard from him since, apparently he also bought a bunch of AR-15 user training manuals and shit off of eBay too.

How do you define yourself, lad?

Why are doors so complicated?

I am that I am, lad.

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What is the deal with this COPD fella?

What are you, lad?

Some retard gaylord from halfchan that immediately gets filtered on sight

Based Survival Russia

fitting trips, lad

a half-caste I've heard, not sure what he's made up of

phowar, check out the digits on this one

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careful now lad

will drop trip if you let me stay

Thanks megasatan

I was just upset about this gay door, didnt mean to sell my soul

Thanks lids


ahhh he's becoming part of the Zig Forums melting pot noooo

Tbh lad how did you know it was me?

kek I've told you before you post the same shit all the time
I had to check if OP was ulster smh

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Reminder all warfare is Semitic warefare.

Yeah I can always tell who he is tbh, we have a connection, but I'm surprised someone remembers me

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For her

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I thought he'd get them off his hezbollah mate.


how do you opt out tbh?

do vaginas get tighter or looser when aroused?


just watching '24hrs in police custody'. 2 paki rapists getting arrested by police. 2nd one a taxi driver who'd got away with 2 rapes 10 years ago. Does this doc being broadcast mean we have turned a corner?


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I love him

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Pro tip: "Death" was redefined by scoobies to mean "alive with useful spare parts" because your organs start rotting the moment you die and are of no use to anyone.

Top fucking kek. Sarf fc reporting for duty.

This uber cuck

Just noticed I have this t-shirt

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if only christchurch had a civic goblin to defend those muslims

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"I had no weapons on me."

"They had me on my knees, they had a gun in my face.

"I said, 'I've done nothing wrong. They said I was an idiot for wearing camouflage clothing."

Millar said he had been wearing camouflage clothing since he was a child. He always wore it, although he had quit the habit today - temporarily.

"They have given me a verbal warning for stupidity and the only thing they could say was [that it was] disorderly behaviour.

"I still don't understand how I was doing disorderly behaviour for wearing the wrong thing in the wrong place at the wrong time.

"They humiliated me publicly."

He said friends and family who had seen published photos of him on his knees next to a police officer had recognised him, even though news media had blurred his face, and some thought he was involved in the massacre.

"People think I'm one of the bad guys."


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What happened the Muslim foiling the other attack?

this legit scares me, its immoral
I dont want part of my body still living when my soul is meant to pass on.

I must watch for this coming to NI.

No, because nothing changes and the race isn't mentioned.

Here, have some more anger lad.

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Seriously contemplating the benefits of staying alive vs committing suicide. Does anyone else who has felt this way, then thought they had got over it, ever feel it come back to them like this?


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Anyone else feel that the media has been kinda dead regarding this shooting?
Like except from a few articles here and there it already seems like the lugenpresse have stopped caring.

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Are you NEET?

You wanna know a fucked up story. Last year I had a vivid dream in which I saw a scene of a woman being raped by a middle aged, fat looking middle eastern man with a tash it was horrible, she was in complete shock and disbelief it was happening…and then the very next day, it was hot and sunny. I was walking outside where these 2 women in bikinis were sunbathing, and a taxi driver looking just like the guy from my dream was leaning over talking to them when one exclaimed

If I was in a comicbook I guess I would have followed him and done something.

Just watched Close Encounters of the Third Kind tbh

No, I'm not.

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get and dog and ride a bike?

Eh, no, they've gone mental lad.

thicc Lucy Easton

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consciousness is reality and you likely saw the future with your dream, lad. There have been plenty of studies to corroborate such things.


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Hmm, what is getting you down?

Don't even want to know

buy some fish, its good to keep things alive

This happens sometimes and seemingly with intense things. Like the day before this recent attack I started thinking about Anders Brevik quite intensely for no reason. I know a Christian woman who the day before 9/11 was doodling and saw she had drawn something which looked like the twin towers.

I think its important to trust your instincts in these things, could save your life.

same thing the british girl said when the muslim rapist nailed her tits to the table, while her dad was getting arrested outside for breaching peace

Has a point tbh

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He wasn't even from New Zealand smh

What have I done…?



what you chattin fam
truesay everyman in dis ting knows the left are the real racists
fuck dem labour donnys

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Some should explain to him the Maori turned up shortly before us and exterminated the people living there before them.

thats very impressive

Yeah, I agree with him on this. We just have to make the best of a bad situation with regard to past mass migration. I think the Mauri could comfortable have a portion of one of the islands as their own state, and things would be even easier in Australia and America.

This memi has gone too far

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No. Anglos took New Zealand. New Zealand is Anglo, and thinking that the hundred odd million Anglos in ex-colonies can and should just come back to the UK is retarded defeatist nonsense.

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Maoris got a great deal out of it. The wars were fought and the peace was made. They could have been wiped out, they weren't. It isn't their country from that point on, tough shit.
What fucking war did the new invaders fight? Never has so many people moved around the globe with no resistance, the last time it took Europe to be completley destroyed for that many people to move.



I built in minecraft tbh

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