Brit/pol/ #2710: Gorilla Warfare Edition

Brexit lies - Brussels is offering us a false choice, says NIGEL FARAGE

Brexit: 'Physically impossible' to leave on 29 March, says chancellor

The most diverse universities in the UK revealed

George Christensen seeks contributors to new 'war on radical Islam' website

Christchurch shootings: Social media 'too slow' at removing footage

Man arrested in Greater Manchester for supporting New Zealand terror attack on social media

Birmingham police shooting: Gun found at flat

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been telling people to get on this for years

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*walks ITT slowly while lowering sun glasses*

Pretty sure we all have been since at least 2015 tbh

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tbh we cant say we didnt wait long enough
democracy failed spectacularly due in no small part for the same reasons Aristotle said it would now we just need to hasten its end


Personally I've come to accept these larger cultural trends are mostly out of my control and I should just focus on my own life rather than care so much about politics, feel a lot healthier for it.

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'gorilla warfare' lol.

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sortition after the revolution lads


wew lads Saint-Sulpice is on fire

That and prepping for complete collapse.

becoming vegan and starting hrt is really helping you out is it lass

wogs probably set fire to it
no real loss the French government probably had plans to bulldoze it and replace it with a halal bakery anyway

not sure if it's yellow vests or if it's retaliation for the shooting in NZ

I wonder if they'll burn down St. Paul's and get rid of all the Masonic symbolism there.

Wait a fucking minute didn't we just have this a few weeks ago.

What an end to an epoch

The pride never ends.

things are getting exciting lads

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I like the lead guitar in this one lad

Columbine was a vivid conclusion to the nineteen-nineties and the nihilism of that decade. These events are encapsulating the twenty-tens very well.

second biggest church in Paris
I wandered lonely as a cloud…

Found the motivation to start working out now I've taken the blackpill tbh

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Bush Poster will need to check before lending you any of his wank rags


11 minutes 24 seconds to see him pan up to a bit of the Masonic symbolism in St. Paul's btw lads


This was the church made famous in the Da Vinci Code wasn't it?



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It's the only thing that makes sense to me at the moment. Criticising neo-liberalism only helps to strengthen it. If parliament is building a house and I've spotted a fundamental flaw in the architecture I'm not gonna say 'watch out lads if you build it like this you might hurt yourself!' No, I'm going to encourage them to keep going. Let them build that house and let it collapse.

"Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake."
- Napoleon

Christians hand out flowers at Birmingham mosque in support for New Zealand shooting victims

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Does it not depend on if we can repair all the damage when it's all said and done.

t. Augustus Caesar


*loses to a minor foederatii commander in the second biggest defeat of the legions in the course of the empire*

They'll be the first to submit to Jizya.

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"What concord hath Christ with Belial? or what part hath he that believeth with an infidel?"
- 2 Corinthians 6:15

Yeah being ready to move is a flaw I think we've all noticed on our side. I think it's something thats difficult to plan for. I at least hope we can have some kind of nationalist organisation running sometime soon with a vision for the future outside of parliamentary democracy.

"He that lieth with an infidel shall defo get DOTR tbh"
t. Zig Forums 27.10

The problem is trying to get the right to agree on that sort of government is like herding cats. Though it helps that here people generally agree on most principles if not exactly practice.

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being a sellout cuck faggot who apologizes for invaders is the lowest form of existence and below even that of a slave – austin 3:16

There is a verse like that, actually.

"A righteous man falling down before the wicked is as a troubled fountain, and a corrupt spring."
- Proverbs 25:26


so sick of the fag stuff everyday in our society. I don't have any problem with gays but stop making everything about fags and fag "sex" is so utterly revolting. everything about that lifestyle is revolting IMO

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there are christians who have a sense of friendship to islam. sounds strange, I know. you could say they're not real christians, but they think they are and the media elevates them as the role models of the faith.

there's a part in the bible where Abraham's estranged bastard child Ishmael is blessed. he's basically the grandfather of a nation which will have conflict with its neighbours. it's understood to be the islamic world. because of this blessing there are Christians who have resigned themselves to the thought of the Islamic world existing forever, and take no real stand against it.
this is somewhat half-way reciprocated by the Muslims, who let Christians exist as dhimmis on account of being Abrahamic in origin (People of the Book).

*puts on yellow vest

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Aesthetic quotes.

That description of Ishmael was about Arabic racial traits, not their religion.

so sick of the inflation porn stuff everyday in our society. I don't have any problem with inflation porn but stop making everything about inflation porn and inflation porn "sex" is so utterly revolting. everything about that lifestyle is revolting IMO

Spending everyday angry is really tiring tbh, especially when speaking out means being ostracised from your friends and career. Are you just meant to sit in silent anger everyday? Stresses me out man.

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The real Steiner was an occultist, and occultists love depraved, disgusting images like those inflation posts. It's no wonder that they'd be posted by someone who uses Steiner as his alias.

Sooner or later the normie dam will break, and all the lefty establishment will know is a torrent of daftyness - and it won't be us they're up against, but the idiot proles they've complacently assumed the support of.

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That's what the internet is for, so long as we still have it

Gotta wonder what muslims make of all this tbh. They know they can do pretty much anything and the "hwhite"-filled media circus clowns will fall over themselves to excuse them and, on the other hand, will prostrate themselves before the muslims anytime anybody does anything against them.

No one cares what commie taigs think.

I've spoken to a few Muslims, and I got the impression that they feel like Allah is giving Europe into their hands.

People have been calling Vice out for years now

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I can't wait for that impression to evaporate.

Do you have any people with sympathetic views in real life to chat to if you lost the ability to discuss politics freely online, lad? I've got a few.

Nope just the sort of people that would hand me over to wrongthink police.

I've a fair few, it's not too hard to find people tbh

no, sadly. I'm in a fairly cucked uni

jej he was another victim of leftoid self-destruction

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not many likes though for something that's promoted

Most promoted tweets tend to get ignored tbf

angery tommeh


people don't like having stuff shoved down their throats

hope he gets carved up by some lad on tour on the slopes and gets bamboozled in minecraft

do they have slopes in Minecraft?
doubt he can ski anyway

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Made me snigger.



Such bigotry…

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if an islamist terror attack happens, muslims are given special treatment
if an attack targeting muslims happens, muslims are given special treatment
how normies don't call this out more boggles me, we see the same response of extra security at mosques, people falling over themselves to praise islam and calls for more restriction on speech critical of islam if they are the victims or perpetrators. smh



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it is not a crazy statement to point that statistically at least 1/3 of muslim men in this country are involved in rape gangs. people are just showering praise on their enemies and don't even realise it

But that's the thing lad, people are noticing it.


Are you calling it out irl, lad? I know I'm not

The site can't handle the additional traffic.

Not enough bloody people though. Most normies are still complacent comfytards who care more about wrongthink than reality.

Most normies don't give a fuck about anything lad.

Most normies agree with you if you say it but don't really seem to care