Gun thread

Please tell me you own guns.
Any fucking gun.
Semi automatic rifle, bolt action rifle, pistol, revolver, shotgun.
Please tell me you have ammunition, magazines, clips.
Shit is about to go down in the U.S. soon, and I just want you to be prepared.
Some firearms are very cheap. As long as you do not live in a heavily Democrat IDpol state, you most likely can purchase a gun.
Even a cheap $100 shotgun or a $150 handgun can be used to take a better weapon off an enemy.
Stay frosty. Stay safe. Keep the gun oiled and the powder dry. be ready for what is coming.

If you have any questions about U.S. guns, ask away.

Zig Forums omrade

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Beside guns we need combat training

Besides combat training we need to realize Marx was retarded

Every true leftist must own guns. That's non negotiable.

How else are we gonna kill fascists?

I'll be getting a R700 w/ two point strap but I'm still undecided on ak or ar as one point strap, I believe 223 is common in police armories and Military warehouses so I'm thinking the simpler mechanism of the ak chambered for a 223 will do but at the same time it's faster to reload a ar but I'm uncertain if I could maintain it.

Are you on the right board?

This. Things like Krondstat, Ukraine, Spain, etc weren't coincidences. Bakunin was right.

hue okay.

Anyway guns are super regulated here, I'd never get a license for one.

and if anyone doesn't own guns learn how to buy parts so you can assemble your own ofc. also shit is not going down don't be paranoic, but its good to know how to defend yourself, always autonomy is always good.

Yeah because a zip gun is way more legal than a regular gun.


UK, Australia, NZ - basically impossible to get a gun unless you are the most normalfag straightlaced 9-5 pile of middle aged trash there is.

People in the USA are very vigilant to protect their gun rights unlike lazy cunts in other english speaking countries who literally just handed them over.

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not now, on probation.

The important thing is to not limit yourself to range shooting where you have to obey retarded rules. You need to practice drawing, firing quickly, firing from different postures, etc. Try to find somewhere innawoods where you can shoot. Easier if you know hunters.

Clearly he means stripper clips for his fucking Mauser C96 or something similarly retarded and outdated

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Yup, I even picked up a sks on black friday.

Guns are scary and hurt my hands.

Playing guitar hurt my hands when I started learning too, you faggot. Go cry about your delicate hands elsewhere >>>/incel/

I don't need guns to bash the fash. Guns are too heavy and their only for meanie right wingers. As if I can't fight them one on one.

If you're going to shitpost you should at least learn what each flag means first.

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Anything worth doing hurts your hands. It's called labor pussy.

Enjoy getting shit, not by a right winger, but by crossfire from all sides.

As if,when the revolution comes i will be in a high position office. Not working on fields or doing manual labour.

Also guns are stupid.

totally can't tell it's you Zig Forums lol XD also I eagerly await you or some youtube asspuppet screencapping your posts as """proof""" of how awful and anti-gun we supposedly are

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Problem? My sister was killed by gun violence stfu retard. NOBODY should have guns.

someone bad this horribly unfunny false flagger already

I take it back, you're not Zig Forums, you're some squeaker from r/the_cuckold or something

Blanqui and Sorel were much better. No irony at all.

Also I can't carry. Probation and having mental issues. It's funny how trannies can own weapons but we can't. Kind of unironically says a lot about our society.

I think it's a boomer trying to troll us for le epic win!!!!1

its a Leftcomm

and his sister wasn't killed

Rosa Luxemcunt was killed by a gun so they're salty.

I own plenty of guns, but my most valued asset are people. A gun is nothing without a soldier, and those are hard to make and find.

States are making soliders all the fucking time. There's nothing particularly hard about it.

I don't, but I've practiced various martial arts for over a decade. Is that good enough OP?

It takes a lot of money. Can you give me about $60k per person to make soldiers for you? Probably not. Then it becomes a matter of great difficulty, commitment on the trainee's part, and finding the right people to begin with. Trigger men ain't cheap.


If the CIA breaks down your door while you're at home you're probably not getting away whether you've got guns to defend yourself or not. Better to prevent yourself from getting in that situation in the first place.


Ned Kelly armoured neck sweaters.
Beware I know sambo

You do know that when the "CIA" does ops like that, it's usually just delta guys being temporarily transferred over to a "civilian service," right? I guess the upside is that if you accidentally off one of them, you've technically tipped the scales more in our favor than anything because those guys take years and hundreds of thousands of dollars to make.

Have you ever been in a fight and used that training? I know a lot of people who trained or studied in martial arts but when they got into an actual fight got bodied by their opponent. Either way a gun is still good to get at the end of the day

nobody should own a gun until legit mentally ill people can as well so we can sink this boat faster than you can say "Jim Profit sunk the Titantic"

I've had to defend myself in altercations but I've never been in a "fight" because I don't go out seeking conflict.

Wow this is retarded and well in line with your flag

It’s probably going to be an fbi task force or a cis task force CIA isn’t allowed to operate on citizens like that and if you’re not american the CIA isn’t in the trenches doing dirty work they would probably just tell local officials you’re a threat and they would deal with you


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Here's some infographics from Zig Forums for gun buying. Also besides owning a gun, an idea of what to do or having equipment ready for SHTF scenarios would be good.

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I can't read the second image, please repost higher res one.

Those are pretty outdated, and shotguns are pretty useless for two-legged game. Stick to rifles and pistols. Shotguns are for breaching.

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Isn't it easier to hit something with a shotgun?

No, that's a bubba myth. You need to learn the fundamentals of marksmanship no matter what you're doing. There are no easy ways out.

you should because muh ego dik

Maybe if you are using birdshot or something.