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Brexit lies - Brussels is offering us a false choice, says NIGEL FARAGE

Brexit: 'Physically impossible' to leave on 29 March, says chancellor

The most diverse universities in the UK revealed


George Christensen seeks contributors to new 'war on radical Islam' website

Christchurch shootings: Social media 'too slow' at removing footage

Man arrested in Greater Manchester for supporting New Zealand terror attack on social media

Birmingham police shooting: Gun found at flat

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good lad have a big pig

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*parks it outside a mosque*

Imagine the oinks

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imagine the

hmm… mummy says one of the side effects of it can be baldness…
lad… why would you do this to me?

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Where is Pumba Fart 2?

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Thanks lad

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there is a playlist, lad..

How can it be broken for you, lad?

Whenever i make a new thread i have to open the catalog in a new tab and keep refreshing until it pops up because it doesnt upload when i create it so i get no (you)s for making it

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Holy shit you're right. I didn't notice the name and avatar until now.

weird, (You)s should be there regardless. Wait, do (OP)s get get (You)s and (OP)s? Or does (OP) overwrite the (You)?

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It's usually (OP) (You) I think

This channel is insane


didn't know that existed

and now fart videos are recommended to me, that didn't take long

what the fuck

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oh well I'll take one for the team

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This fart channel binge is going to be the new nonce hunters isn't it

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What do you mean, lad? And I think you're the only one actually binging them

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Where did 3am go? could have sworn it was 3

They don't arf make some great coasters ere

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They're fine when Serena Williams went professional. Bloody hypocrites

I imagine by men they are referring to trannies (or that one can just 'identify' as female then compete against women)

Bit racist lad



balkanisation and ethnostates would be nice, just imagine it, you could have a cucked state and a nationalist state and over time people would move to one or the other until finally you'd have a group of people more or less evolved to be nationalists

or people just live how they want without conflict and over time they would trend towards good
unless you believe goodness is not inherently intrinsic to life

Looking at society today I don't think we are trending towards "goodness", and "goodness" isn't something that is objective. What is good for me, or what I want, is not something another person wants.

then live with others like you
where is the moral imperative to eliminate unobjective goodness?

Where did I say I wanted to eliminate anyone? Being with others like me is what I wanted. If you have a country and draw a line and say that this side is for people like me and that other side is for people like you over time people could move to the side they prefer.

MW on his show tomorrow lads.


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that's what i was implying, but the objective of democracy is

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What are you saying now? That a democracy would be opposed to balkanisation, or something else?

that democracy is ingerently warring

What do you call a Japanese prostitute

Fukyu Innanowa

I guess, and?

well what system of government do you support? international socialism? national socialism? pure capitalism? libertarianism? or are you just here for frogs?

Frogs mostly I guess, but I consider myself a nationalist with libertarian leanings, but then again I don't want a society where people die in the streets so I'd want some safety net that allows people who want to to at least live under a roof and be fed.

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Oh well dno why you wanted to know that anyway. I'm going to bed nigh nigh. It's not allowed to bully nigh shift lads tbh

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you feel bullied do you?

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Kino music posting tbh.

oy vey!
>>>Zig Forums12964163

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My town is now filled with young 'Asian' lads, driving round with their cars full to the brim with people, tinted windows all round, shouting abuse at the local natives, selling ketmaine to the local kids and slapping around the local white girls.
They roam the high street in packs, randomly lunging at anyone who dares walk past.
They will stalk pedestrians in their cars, shouting and throwing things at people for walking. If you say anything back however, the police turn up and arrest you. I've seen it happen personally about five times in my small town now. Call the cops on a gang of ethnic youths, mysteriously ethnic coppers turn up and arrest complainant. Convinced that all their dad's are our local police at this point.
At what point will it have to get to before is it okay to publicly say we've been invaded?

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The fuck is going on during the night shift? How is getting worse?

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Insight in to the scoobydooish mind.

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Reminder that the ADL was formed to "combat antisemitism" in response to a scoobydooish pencil factory manager that raped women and a child, killed the child and was then sentenced to be executed. He then had his crime reduced to life in prison by the governor of the area and a white mob lynched the kike when he was being transferred to a new prison.
wew first revenge attack coming in

Part and parcel tbh.

Just more fuel for the fire.

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Still on the loose apparently.

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This comment section is getting pretty spicy.

This kind of thing is going to become a daily occurrence soon

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People are heavily influenced by reading comments sections like these. I wonder whether the Express will close its comments section down.

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How can anyone conjecture at this point that this is an anti-xeno copycat attack and not just a Muslim one? Seems far more likely to me that it's one of the boom boom boys.

check the comments again lad, looks like SA is getting bullied in them

Yeah. A tram is the kind of random target you'd pick for a feeling of general terror.

Nine people injured.

Mornin' lids

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Good morning.

Especially considering their clear preference for attacks on public transport.



Incel sleeper cell has been activated.

Yeah. I remember reading a note about horror game development that said it's good design when you force your player to knowingly enter a dangerous zone to progress, because that goes against their instincts. The same principle is probably why terrorists attack public transport; so that people feel like they're exposing themselves to danger every day, creating ambient stress and anxiety.

The Netherlands has some of the tightest gun laws in Europe. Clearly restricting gun ownership is the solution here.

Doubt it really works though tbh. People continue to move to london when they're young adults. The main successes of islamic terrorism lie in how pathetic our response is: doing everything to placate muslims and reinforce the very globohomo narrative which has seen them coming here.

Yeah, its why the people saying "don't let this effect the way that we go about our lives" are half right. One of the aims of the terrorist is to create ambient terror, tension and uncertainty in the hostile population. Where those faggots are wrong is their point blank refusal to understand WHY these terror attacks are happening, and why business cannot carry on as usual without a serious look at the fifth column actively encouraged by a good 15% of our population.

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Seems like our perfidious establishment is getting desperate. They NEED a far right terror attack to insulate them from the righteous indignation of the 'gammons'.

The comments are unusually baste for a bbc article tbh. I forgot that the commenters on the bbc aren't the guardian-tier traitors the editors would like them to be.

One dead.

fancy wanting to change habeas corpus for terrorism!
I'm sure it's got nothing to do with Christian Supremacy

and reasonable grounds for surveillance >>>Zig Forums12963921 based on unknowable evidence is not at all a thing and certainly not merely tribal dictatorship imposed upon people for their beliefs

the basis for administration of justice can never be morally known. the principle that everyone is equal is incompatible with racial dominance to me because all beings are *equal* in my belief system.

and I am not a shill but I may be a troll. 8ch is for amusement, isn't it :)

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Cunts that randomly link between threads especially more that half way through a new one to respond to an old one need shooting.

meant for

can't handle it thicko?

Ingrates, they don't even see the legion of foreigners put up in sub par housing by other foreigners to support their need for cheap fast food delivered to their doors.