There are literally more LARPing Internet Nazis on this board than actual leftists at this point and it seems to get worse from week to week. I don’t want a safespace but Zig Forums has the correct approach to these people. They offer literally nothing to the discussion but edge, mumbling about skin colors, poorly sourced infographs and ad hominems. My opposition would be lesser if these posters weren’t absolute garbage quality. Does this fucking board even have a functioning moderation?

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I.e. ban everyone who doesn't agree with radlib OP 100%

>>>Zig Forums

I think you should join leftist groups in real life and discuss with them. People here are incredibly stupid and autistic so its not really worth your time here. Mods should probably ban incels and anime posters though because they're a shitstain in the leftist movement. Imagine if Marx or Lenin were to see these sites right now. I imagine they'd probably be very ashamed.

I don't know Lenin, but Marx would be the king of shitposting 100% sure

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I'm not seeing these nazis you're talking about, unless Nazi just means "not a reddit SJW" to you.

stop using that word, it's clear you don't know what it means
how does one do that textually?
haven't seen those in months

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Totally. Marx talked shit constantly, and he loved shock value and making short, memorable quotes. If there had been a proto-internet over telegraph wires where guys posted ticker tape messages anonymously, Marx would have been far too busy shitposting to finish so much as one volumn of Capital.

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I didn't really notice any nazis around here, or I'm really not paying attention enough yet, and I usually post my political anime characters in the OC thread.

/leftyweebpol/ has better discussion than Zig Forums and Zig Forums combined.

Something I don't understand about either leftypol or leftpol is that you guys seem actively resistant to actually growing this place.

I am only here becase by dumb luck I happened to be on leftypol in a thread where someone posted a link here. But how is anyone else, like potential comrades, outside of this tiny clique supposed to know about this place?

Because growing an online space is not the same as growing an IRL movement or social group. Internet spaces (and especially anonymous imageboards) are terrible for anything other than entertainment and education. It's also a well established rule of the internet that growing userbases of websites leads to a decline in posting and content quality unless heavy moderation is in place (i.e. the "eternal September").

Growing Zig Forums or any website will not be the catalyst for some great revolutionary movement. Zig Forums got more popular and all that's done is fill it with LARPing teens, obnoxious Reddit tankies and falseflagging Zig Forumsyps, leading to a decline in post quality that's exacerbated by BO's perpetual spergouts and ban waves that caused most oldfags to leave in disgust.

I don't know but it is the same dumbfuck reactionary elitist attitude that has killed every other alternative image board community in history. This board has a lot of people that need to learn from history. Newfags need to be hazed and told to lurk more until they become the kinds of posters you want to interact with. If you simply turn them away en masse you get a community that can only wither and die.

Marx didn't really make short memorable quotes, those are usually take from his walls.
His shittalking would be more like Rafiq posting. Hard hitting dialectics with disdain for for memery and the bourgie propaganda that is so easily shuffled in them.


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says an increasingly nervous leftcom about every ML he sees

Every single website that grows goes to shit, just look at 4chan post-election.

I agree tbh.

Leftcomms get the bullet like their leader. and then fall into a ravine

the falseflagging Zig Forumsyps are what helped make it popular tho

they're not here en masse and you don't seem to understand how shit works

what the fuck op
Zig Forums is worse about too many posers

STFU faggot rulecuck

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Christian-Muslim Communist alliance when?

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Nothing is worse than a rulecuck tbh

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Sorry I misunderstood your post user, we're on the same side here

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In my case, you're listening to a "Zero Books squared" podcast(the one for Patron subs.) Douglas Lain is interviewing someone from Zig Forumswho's saying yes it's pretty narrowly focused on Marxist Leninism, anyone outside of that tends to get a hard time. (So you think to yourself "I don't think I'll bother with that.")

But then a Bat'ko YouTube video came up in my suggestions, "alternatives to Zig Forums" and that's how I found Zig Forums.

There's garbage, and garbage. Where its just posting inflammatory crap for the sake of it, yes I agree. If people want that, there are other places on the Internet to find it.
But there's also some garbage arguments presented, ranging from Sargonic/Stefan Molyneux-esque accusations of no-true-scotsmaning, to pseudo-scientific "race realist" arguments. These are very useful to have presented here so they can be debated and rebuffed. I've seen strong arguments against these positions on Zig Forums I haven't seen elsewhere.

As for publicity, and getting potential comrades, maybe one thing to do might be to screen grab fav bits from Zig Forums and posting it on social media with a link.

But I did. I said "every other alternative image board community in history". Believe it or not, 4chan and 8ch haven't always been the only image board websites around. 7chan, 99chan, 711chan, 420chan, and on and on… There have been many, many attempts to build stable image board communities over the years and the ones that at first made headway before fading away almost universally have something in common: self-harming elitism that prevents the community from growing with a steady influx of new users. The problem with any community is that there is always some sort of rate of attrition–everyone has a reason for leaving: they get too busy, they find something else interesting, something big happens in their life, etc. 8ch is practically the only one that has succeeded, for the time being, and even right here on 8ch attempts to splinter from the major centralized boards to form sustainable alternatives have continually failed. People have learned fucking nothing from the failure of past image board communities and it's infuriating.

I'm gonna spell this out as clear as I can: You can ban undesirables until you're blue in the face but eventually you'll be only talking to yourself. Did you spontaneously just start posting on image boards one day with no prior engagement? No, of course not, you learned about this place from somewhere else. The old adage is just as relevant today but people have forgotten or disregarded it because it became a meme at some point: "Lurk moar, newfag." This is the proper way to deal with newfags. Don't send them away on principle; turn them into the posters you'd actually like to interact with.

I forgot lead this thought into a point. So, what happens when your community refuses to get new users? It dies. Perhaps slowly, but certainly inevitably.

jesus christ. was it this one? Forums/#comments

Fuck me, it's hard to believe how much reach the leftypol community had for a short while before BO decided to sabotage everything and whiteknight the glorious people's republic of Iranazuelababwe…

What was his name again Zig Forums?

suck my cock you big lipped baboon apes Forums/#comments

That's it!

One of the things the Zero books proprietor sometimes brings up is how people build their sense of self through platforms like facebook and twitter. Hence "virtue signalling" and "dog piling".People have so much invested personally in their positions. They're terrible mediums for communication. I can remember getting into horrible back-and-forth "vague booking" snide underhanded arguments with mates on facebook. I'd be thinking "I wish we could get on like we did in meatspace. You weren't like this in the caff." (Maybe they were thinking the same thing.)

The old original MySpace didn't seem as bad. Even though it was still about personal branding, in retrospect it seemed a lot less miserable. I remember bands would put their MySpace addresses on fly posters and it felt like it was an underground thing.

Maybe Zig Forums and / can tap into the same nostalgia! You can post here and not have to worry about it too much. No one knows who you are. If you make some sub par posts it doesn't matter too much, they get lost in the stream.

now, ofc.

more than ever. blessed be, comrade.

I love burning coal

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What the fuck is wrong with you, you piece of shit?

Lol snowflake

Stop using the internet and go start your model society in the woods

This interview was around the time Zig Forums was in decline, hence "narrowly focused on Marxism-Leninism" instead of "Anarcho-Leftcom dominated". Before the spergouts and import of redditors, Zig Forums had more active users than r/socialism and was a boogeyman for aut-right ecelebs and twitterfags. Zig Forums helped radicalize a lot of niggas and BO destroying that because tanks were getting bullied is unironically the most tragic moment in online leftism.

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You could still be somewhat consistent by stopping use of Internet/phone/etc. and the BIG BAD GUBMENT wouldn't force you

Of course you will continue to do so because you are a hypocrite.

lmfao, you commies can't even win on your own board.

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we have to find the urbanites so we can feast on their flesh first.


Nationalist Communism is best Communism.

Lol you are on an imageboard faggot, grow a thicker skin or go back to reddit

Die in pain, faggot.

Lol butthurt

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Not him but ur a gaylord lol

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