Brit/pol/ #2713: Organ Harvesting Edition

Britons will have to opt out of organ donation from next year: Changes to consent dubbed 'Max and Keira's law' will be rolled out in 2020

Organs donated to the NHS are being given to paying private patients from countries such as Libya and Dubai

Requiring death before organ donation is unnecessary, say experts

Stanwell 'far right' terror attack suspect pictured for first time

Chinese Poll: 76% Sympathize with Brenton Tarrant After Reading Manifesto

‘Systemic Islamophobia’ fuels terror attacks, say Muslim leaders

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for him

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hol up

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wtf are blacks going to contribute in science, fucking STATE

Good, the more they prioritise diversity hires, the more anger it will generate.

Typical goblin to assume women would deliver anything either.

Gotta bag me a lass with the spiritual energy of a gnome.

Lmao you already knew organs were going to the highest bidder before seeing the article, nice to have it confirmed.

Top kek

You know, watching the 2012 Olympics was a bit like being in a London nightclub

You hear a gunshot and half a dozen niggers run like fuck

This is a Deano tier joke, come on lad, you're better than that.

Also if you had to choose;

Sausage Roll or Cheese and Onion pasty?

Every fucking time. What a waste of good looks. Why do people let themselves go?

Can I not have both?

Sausage roll.

Where do you send scoobydooish kids with adhd?

Concentration camp

Hmm. Depends on the day tbh, I’m a fan of both, what about you?

I mean, I said if you had to choose. I too would pick the Sausage roll anyway.

No I think I'm going with both.


These literal demons are prepping to organ harvest us lads.

Your organs belong to the state upon death lad.

have a look at what they are going to do with the other parts, lad

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no hope

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We're the fattest nation in Europe now, and you notice it too, whenever you travel to somewhere on the continent the women are much fitter and actually look after themselves.

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I'm a chain smoking hiv+ alcoholic heroin addict. Should I opt out of the organ donation program?

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Honestly, Britain feels increasingly like a giant rubbish tip.


Never lose hope lad

Or its that yeah, or a combination of both. One has to wonder if they charge the fatties extra for a spray tan considering the larger volume of liquid used and the extra time to cover the area.

If I wanted a fence painting I'd expect to pay more for the bigger fence.

High streets are just turning into Vape shops, bookies, cash converters and spray tan/fake nail outlets. Still some nice areas left but I think there's just too many people here these days.

based and gaga pilled

That only happens in the showers from what I've heard.

more like a well frequented fly tipping site tbh.


oh boy, cant wait for that shitshow, would be a nice break from this painstakingly slow brexit malarkey

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We tried running a country pub and it nearly killed us

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Just like your inheritance.

Technically that would be your estate. But yes, thanks for reminding me.

>oh, hey, i'll buy my own this should be easy and a laff

its easier to effect the politics of a smaller country as a dafty so it might be worth it cutting our losses tbqh

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When you're linking a book you need to give us a summary greentext, lad….

tl;dr urbanite wankers take over a rural pub, ruin it, and make no money

Sounds like he tried to run it like an utter cunt.

What a clueless, smug, city wanker. I despise his kind.

Wish it fucking had killed them tbh

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>I’m determined to be the ultimate village landlord. I’ve used ‘media channels’ to go Full Cotswold, wearing a stylish-yet-practical Belstaff waxed jacket and, this being Clarkson country, driving a Jag (pronounced Jaaaag) - the also-stylish-yet-practical XF-S. Both are kindly loaned.
it screams poser, detached from reality. he likes the idea of owning a pub, the actual work part he's not interested in


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Christ that guy sounds like a fucking twat

Get out of my fucking county fucking hell.

fuck off, just FUCK OFF

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And yet I bet he's the same type of wanker calling Brexiteers backwards and bigoted.

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oh god imagine the cringe of average rural white people being confronted with these gaybos

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no, literally anybody who has worked any sort of shitty minimum wage job could tell you that.

sorry lads I didn't realise just how rage-inducing it'd be

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These people can't handle an honest day's work.

Lad they're just your type

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*gets called racist*


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Tbh you get on a stage in any population centre in Scotland and you've already reached 15% of the country even without television coverage.

not into dickheads

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This article has legit pissed me off more than anything ever posted on here holy shit

imagine the soy



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So it's the burly lads you're into then

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*posts abortion vids*


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trying to imagine how south fc reacted to this

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its all so tiresome

reddit unironically thinks the yellow vests are a result of russian bots on twitter, wtf are these people like in real life, Ive literally never in my life met anybody like these people

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I like my MP tbh.

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why do you keep going on reddit?

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we have no idea how much astroturfing really happens

'ate spies (Nick Lowles, Hope not Hate, Gerry Gable, Searchlight Magazine)

Probably ignored it and politely clapped until they fucked off.

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just to see what the mongs thing, its good to not be in an echo chamber, also they are a good source of info tbqh

that was great ngl

thats why i use twatter tbh, they are more normie than reddit so definitely more representative of the public

The same reason lads watch qt,ragefuel and to get a glimpse into the minds of based centrists/literal commies. I remember when /ukpolitics/ was full of posters that wouldn't look out of place here tbh

The internet was invented by DARPA.

The dot-com boom was financed by venture capital shell companies of the intelligence agencies.

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reddit is as much a bubble as here, twatter is better
i agree on QT tho

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>have you changed your mind?

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google was founded by the cia tbqh

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Left used it better tbh.

stop posting like a fucking mong



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assault saws!!!

I enjoy spending 8-14 hours alone looking at screens every day

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Her accent is very telling.


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