Opinions and general consensus on "Christian Communism/Socialism-It is a theological and political theory based upon...

Opinions and general consensus on "Christian Communism/Socialism-It is a theological and political theory based upon the view that the teachings of Jesus Christ compel Christians to support communism as the ideal social system

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Idealism does not work and play well with materialist theory. Liberation theology has an odd, upside-down theory that in practice often looks like liberalism, but they none the less have a helpful focus on lifting up the downtrodden, even if they do not align with class. They are friends, but I would not want them to be in charge of anything.

Allahdammit don't summon christcom like this.

I've met no christian socialists irl and online it's been reddit obesity and the tankie christcom, both of whom turned into trannies with a fashy daddy. As such my opinions are negative and the only religious leftists I'd work with are the pagan niggas who usually know how to get good shit.

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I would rather avoid playing with fire like this. I was raised Christian and it promotes service to god before service to your fellow man. When you apply that to a political movement, it's just nationalism with extra steps.

Rebel Absurdity was one of the worst namefags on Zig Forums before having a meltdown and emerging as a trap who allegedly purposefully got raped, then got a fashy daddy. The christcom tankie, or another christcom who has the same opinions, posted in /leftytrash/ claiming they were a tranny and had a fascist boyfriend.

Do you have any archived threads for any of this,I would enjoy reading them


Fraid not, psu fried my mobo and drives so what I did have is gone. Maybe some OG has proof.

Political ideology has nothing to do with the Church. One of the biggest proponents of "Christian Ancharism", for example, Tolstoy, was anathematized by the Church.

I'm a Christian and a socialist but I'm not sure I would consider myself a Christian Socialist. It is pretty clear that Jesus hated the rich at least.

Christian here. Thinking of becoming a red tory (20th century Canadian meaning) tbh.

The left in my country has been neutralized and its only focus now is dumb liberal causes like muh feminism muh abortion muh transexuals. I mean for fuck's sake I voted for the NDP in my province, the furthest left party, which got into power, and they still haven't increased the minimum wage because they want to "consult with businesses" or some garbage before they even dare to make a slight improvement. And they've pledged to keep a balanced budget for every year in power when we badly need investment. But OH they ran a transsexual candidate in one of their ridings how progressive!!!111

Better to disassociate with all that trash and secretly advocate for worker friendly policies while denouncing everyone else for being a liberal. And no one will question it since I can appeal to tradition and history as a conservative.

I support it. Most leftists here are pretty much atheist pole smokers though.

Most leftists everywhere are atheists, apatheists, agnostics, or some form of skeptic, and sucking dicks is a good thing that should happen more often so don't use that as an insult.

It's never in the interest of the working class to believe anything on faith.
It's always in the material interest of the owning class to spread beliefs about the immaterial among the working class.

I'm interested to hear how your theoretical perfect Christian nation is going to act like it's not weird to keep Muslims around.

By teaching that the supremely moral being will torture souls infinitely for finite crimes.

Join gnostic gang

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The Kingdom of Jerusalem, established by the First Crusade, was actually very tolerant of Mooslambs.

Personally, though, I'm inclined to re-education of the allah snackbars or deportation.

He's only granting them their wish for not wanting to live with Him. All the fedora tippers who say God is unjust will be shown everything they ever did wrong in life before being thrown into hellfire where they can ruminate on their mistakes and arrogance for eternity. That's justice right there.

It sure ain't.
It's an infinite punishment for finite crimes. There's only so much evil you can get done during a finite life. Suppose a person is so evil that he deserves a trillion years of torture. He'll get that in hell. But also a trillion more. And a trillion more a trillion times over. The thing about infinity is that it's infinitely larger than any finite quantity. Therefore the G.O.D. punishes a single evildoer not only excessively, but excessively to such a degree that the excess done to this single wrongdoer is more evil - infinitely more evil - than the combined evil that any finite amount of humans with finite lives could ever do.
Not only is it absolutely shameful to want to worship such an evil being, but thinking that people who don't should get tortured forever is also a desire to be under an eternal dictatorship. Superstition goes hand in hand with fascism.

Not only that but God has an all knowing entity knows exactly beforehand what crimes the subject will do even before his death (if he does not he's not all powerful) knows exactly what events will lead to certain actions and still choses to condemn the subject.

Even though his creation being admittedly highly flawed and prone to sin.

I'm a christian socialist/distributists.

However not an orthodox marxist because of all the silly atheism stuff

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