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Trudeau government illegalizes Canada Post strike
Canada’s Liberal government has rammed through parliament “emergency” legislation outlawing the campaign of rotating strikes that 50,000 Canada Post workers have mounted since Oct. 22.In doing so, they are following in the footsteps of the Harper Conservative government, which imposed massive concessions on postal workers—including real wage and pension cuts and a huge expansion of low-paid and precarious employment—after passing its own anti-strike law in 2011.

Macron won't cede to 'thugs' as he confronts diesel tax anger
President Emmanuel Macron said on Tuesday he understood the anger felt by voters outside France’s big cities over the squeeze that fuel prices have put on households, but insisted he would not be bounced into changing policy by “thugs”

Atlantic Council advises MBS how to 'refocus' West from Khashoggi murder
The Atlantic Council, the US think tank that advises Facebook on which news is fake, has some friendly hints for Saudi Prince Mohammed bin Salman on how to make everyone forget all about the brutal murder of Jamal Khashoggi.

Venezuela Pushes For 'Gold Rush' Despite Sanctions
Nothing and no one will stop us!"So says President Nicolás Maduro of Venezuela, a nation embroiled in the worst economic and humanitarian crisis in the modern history of Latin America.That message came in a flurry of recent tweets in which the unpopular Maduro seeks to rally support from his long-suffering population for his latest remedy against total collapse: gold.

WikiLeaks rips Guardian report, bets $1M there was no Manafort-Assange meeting
WikiLeaks on Tuesday afternoon ripped a new Guardian report alleging secret talks between former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort and WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, saying the organization would bet $1 million there was no meeting between the two men."Remember this day when the Guardian permitted a serial fabricator to totally destroy the paper's reputation," the WikiLeaks Twitter account posted. "@WikiLeaks is willing to bet the Guardian a million dollars and its editor's head that Manafort never met Assange."

North Korea's Kim open to nuclear site inspection: report
North Korean leader Kim Jong Un is willing to allow inspectors into the reclusive country’s main nuclear complex in Yongbyon, South Korea’s Yonhap news agency reported on Tuesday, citing a senior diplomatic source.“I understand that Chairman Kim told (South Korean) President Moon (Jae-in) during their summit in September that if the U.S. took corresponding steps he would not only be willing to shut down the Yongbyon nuclear facilities but also allow verification,” Yonhap quoted the source as saying.

World must triple efforts or face catastrophic climate change, says UN
Countries are failing to take the action needed to stave off the worst effects of climate change, a UN report has found, and the commitments made in the 2015 Paris agreement will not be met unless governments introduce additional measures as a matter of urgency.

Venezuela Accepts UNICEF Supplies In Joint Agreement
The Venezuelan government will take in some 130 million tons of food and medicine from the United Nations Children's Fund (Unicef) in an effort to counter the U.S. economic blockade on the South American country.

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Michigan government caught faking water tests
30 min Jimmy Dore interview with a journalist that can't get their story published anywhere. Basically they told residents to run their tap water for several minutes before testing it, flushing out the lead and copper accumulating over time.

Meanwhile the Saudis bombed a bus full of children. Guess one dead Washington Post cocksucker is worth more media coverage than dead children?

The killing of proles is routine, expected. Killing one of the playthings of the bourgs was a no-no.

US immigrants go hungry for fear using food stamps will lead to deportation
The inhumanity of the Trump administration’s anti-immigrant policies has been exposed even more nakedly with new reports on the effects of its changes to the “public charge” rule, introduced last month. It connects the qualifications for visas or permanent resident status to the applicants’ usage of various government programs including housing, subsidized health care or food stamps covered by the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP).

California's privileged are hiring private fire crews to save their homes. Regular firefighters aren't happy about it
When the Woolsey fire swept into the exclusive neighborhood of Bell Canyon, resident Yen Hsieh grabbed her late music teacher’s 200-year-old cello, some belongings and her son’s betta fish Sparky and fled, not sure whether her home would be destroyed.More than 30 homes in the gated Ventura County community were lost, but Hsieh’s survived. Bell Canyon was protected by both county firefighters and a private crew covered by her homeowner’s insurance policy.

'We're Taking A Stand': Google Workers Protest Plans For Censored Search In China
Several Google employees have gone public with their opposition to the tech giant's plans for building a search engine tailored to China's censorship demands.The project, code-named Dragonfly, would block certain websites and search terms determined by the Chinese government — a move that, according to a growing number of workers at Google, is tantamount to enabling "state surveillance."

NRA reports $55M decline in 2017 funding
The National Rifle Association (NRA) reportedly saw a significant $55 million drop in annual revenue last year, according to tax records.The Daily Beast reports that NRA donations dropped from nearly $125 million in 2016 to $98 million in 2017, a decline of about $27 million following the organization's record-breaking haul in 2016.What's more, nearly one-fifth of the remaining contributions were made up by one single anonymous donor, who gave nearly $19 million to the NRA last year, according to the tax forms.

Jack Ma, creator of e-commerce giant Alibaba and China's richest man, has been outed as a member of the Communist Party
Jack Ma, who created the Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba Group and is the country's wealthiest person, has been outed by state media as a member of the Communist Party of China.There has long been speculation about Ma's ties to the Chinese government, though he has often kept his distance from Beijing in his public comments.And while his e-commerce company has previously raised money by selling shares to firms linked to the CPC, Ma has described his relationship with the government as "Love them, but don't marry them."

Farm bankruptcies in the Upper Midwest have jumped — in one chart
Farm bankruptcies have jumped in the Upper Midwest, according to a new analysis by the Federal Reserve Bank of Minnesota.Some 84 farm operations filed for Chapter 12 bankruptcy in Wisconsin, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota and Montana in the 12 months ended in June. That’s above a prior peak in 2010, which followed the 2008-09 recession, and it’s more than double the number of bankruptcies in 2014.


The Pelosi Playbook
do you get when you cross big-money politics and tepid progressive positions? A look back at the career of Nancy Pelosi, who’s now poised to retake the House Speaker post.

"Red Flag Laws”: Rights Can’t be “Suspended,” Only Violated
Hanna Scott of Seattle’s KIRO radio reports that prosecutors in Washington are wrestling with the question of whether or not the state’s “Red Flag law” applies to minors, and trying to stretch it to do so. Under the “law,” Scott writes, a judge can issue an “Extreme Risk Protection Order” to “temporarily suspend a person’s gun rights, even if they haven’t committed a crime.”Scott gets that part wrong. Judges who issue ERPOs aren’t “suspending” their victims’ gun rights and constitutionally mandated due process and property protections. They’re ordering police to violate those rights and ignore those protections. There’s a difference.

No to Macron’s maneuvers to strangle the Yellow Vest protests in France
It has been 10 days since a quarter-million people wearing Yellow Vests first protested on November 17 against French President Emmanuel Macron’s plans for a fuel tax hike. The deep opposition provoked by the policies of austerity and militarism carried out by Macron in France and the European Union across Europe, has rapidly come to the fore. Deep social anger against social inequality and the arrogance of Macron, the former banker and “president of the rich,” is building not only among Yellow Vest protesters, but tens of millions of workers.

History is Preparing Another 1968
What is a revolution? A revolutionary period opens when the subterranean economic, social, and political pressures burst suddenly to the surface, splits emerge in the ruling class, and the masses storm onto the stage of history to seize their destiny into their own hands. There are political revolutions which result in a transfer of power from one layer of a class to another, and social revolutions that result in a change of ruling class altogether.A brief look at history shows that revolutions are not as infrequent as one might think. However, successful revolutions have been few and far between. In fact, just as most strikes end in failure, most revolutions over the last century have gone down in defeat despite the heroic exertions of the masses.

is that a transliteration of shitty prefab COINTEL-made Boomer insults from the mid-80s, or has our retardation spread via loan words?
noted, Guardian will now be marked as full of shit and thanks for the heads-up
Peace and openness are good but I don't think the biggest assholes on the planet should have sole access to nuclear power or a nuclear deterrant.
I'd be amicable to efforts to minimize climate change, or at least to hearing out proposals for same, but am still not certain it's anthropogenic you can't ban me for saying that here Body Odour, neener neener neener, and the paper the entry two entries up said is full of shit and the shadowy cabal of Porkies trying to take my guns and porn because drawings are people don't exactly make a compelling case.
In capitalist Michigan, employer fakes chemical test for YOU
[ancrap picardia intensifies]
right, as opposed to showing autright propaganda, animals fucking and pipe bomb instructions under search suggestions for Robot Chicken, cat videos and Sabaton, respectively, like youtube has been doing for the past fucking decade no bubble either, it does this across multiple proxies and VPNs/with ECM add-ons installed and everything, this shit is the default and my friend doesn't believe me, and the worms are eating into his brain
The NRA has made a hash of defending guns by attacking other freedoms, but this still might not bode well
also runes of protection

Very cute picture!

They are so blatant about this only because they know nobody will cover it.

Assange was working with nixonite Roger Stone. That's a fact.
Assange was working with Infowars contributor and right wing operator Corsi. That's another unfortunate fact.
Assange declared Rand Paul the only hope for America. You can google it. That's a fact.

Why leftists defend a right wing operator who has been caught lying and boosting the Republican party is beyond me.

I'll bet a million dollars he did meet with Manafort. I mean fuck Manafort just got caught lying and being a mole in the investigation against Donald Trump trying to sheild him. A bunch of shit is coming out, and even more is likely to come out at Manafort's sentencing. When are leftists going to quit acting like these characters are honest heroes fighting the system. Its unbefitting for anyone intelligent enough to read a book. They're shills.

Uh, Assange has been persecuted primarily because of documents he leaked about the war and other such right-wing nonsense. Only recently have they tried to tie him to Russia and Trump. He's been in a fucking embassy for years. How do people even think this?

Fuck off false flagger.

Hi Hillary Clinton, your board is that way


Neither Stone nor Manafort can turn invisible, show the photos of these meetings or GTFO. He was targeted by the US for publishing videos of their war crimes, although also showing shit like the Panama papers sure did even more to piss off the aristocracy.

Intelligence whistleblowers think the reason they really want his head now is because the Vault7 leaks exposed the CIA's Marble Framework program that lets them impersonate countries around the world while they do illegal hacks on US citizens.

That's because they don't drink enough Brawndo.

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people bitch about Trump and this fruitcake does this:

Trudeau government illegalizes Canada Post strike

Canada’s Liberal government has rammed through parliament “emergency” legislation outlawing the campaign of rotating strikes that 50,000 Canada Post workers have mounted since Oct. 22.In doing so, they are following in the footsteps of the Harper Conservative government, which imposed massive concessions on postal workers—including real wage and pension cuts and a huge expansion of low-paid and precarious employment—after passing its own anti-strike law in 2011.

Georges Sorel is not pleased. I pray the strikers become violent thugs.

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Why should they be getting food stamps in the first place?

All workers should have food.

You mean the leakers leaked documents and be published them then took the credit right?

Get your head out of your ass. Assange is right wing. If Alex Jones posted a leak given to him by a soldier would he all of a sudden be a communist idol? The fucking brainlets in here.

p.s. There's no excuse for being this ignorant when you have the internet. Roger Stone (ya know that Nixon Republican operator) and Corsi (of Alex Jones) both admit to being in regular contact with Assange. It's not a setup. They admit to it, and there is evidence and Corsi is headed to prison while begging for a pardon.

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Someone has to shoulder the burden of being the public face for this sort of information, and the fact Assange can only do so trapped inside an embassy speaks volumes for the state of society, and how badly we need more freedom for more people like him, rather than less.

Nobody is under any illusion that Wikileaks is the end all be all of the process that brings us this information, but it is nonetheless a vital link in the chain.

Food Stamps exist not because Porky cares about feeding people, but because Burger farms suffer from overproduction crisis. If there was humanitarian intent behind them, they wouldn’t be allowed to be spent at McDonalds.

I'll wait for you to produce it.