About the word "comrade"

It seems that feminist pieces of shit and SJWs overall, especially of the r/socialism type, have stolen this word and use it in a somewhat cultish fashion that ends up sounding incredibly cringy, much like radfems enjoy using "sister".

I used it quite a lot back in the day (late 70s-early 80s), but now I see the word associated far more with SJW retards LARPing as socialists so I no longer say it as I used to, since now I associate it with those dickheads.

It's almost as if the regressive left, femicunts and SJWs overall are actually seizing the entire left wing, while we are doing jackshit about that.

Your thoughts?

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It's the opposite. I see false flagging Zig Forumsyps using it more than anyone.
You can usually tell you're in for the psychotic ramblings of a drooling boomer when the first or last word of the post is "comrades."

begone boomer

If you think """SJWs""" are ruining the word "comrade" just wait until you learn what kind of crimes against humanity were committed by people using it in the former Eastern Bloc.

huehue steben grouder jange my binion freedum aint free gommies btfo

Yeah, I'll still cut an ML over Krondstadt, though. "Let their favorite color drip…"

Where do you see this? r/socialism? Don't go there. Facebook? Don't go there. Twitter? Don't go there.

I have not met a single person who used 'comrade' in a negative way. Someone making fun of Russians/Soviets, sure. But no use like you explain it.

In public in our name, making us look bad.

Honestly I almost never see that. By far the most common are SJWs obviously not from the south using "y'all" and "folk/folks/'folx'" in a horribly cringey way. A close runner up now are SJWs using "x" on the end of Spanish words ("latinx", "chicx", etc.). I'm sure every language now has some groanworthy form of SJW infection.

I understand that it's been picked up more recently by libs in 'murca who often use it incorrectly but to be fair using the 'x' in spanish has been going on for at least 20 years in circles that are not all that SJW (insurrectionists, anarcopunks). It's a mistake to assume anybody using it is a SJW.
On the other hand the use of 'folks' seems to be a very ideologically precise usage for the intersectionality pomo crowd as 'folk' is necessarily plural so it seems to address separate identity groupings as opposed to persons.

Non-southerners use "yall" to sound Black or faux-South and "folks" has been used to describe groups of people for centuries. Not everything is a goddamn sjw conspiracy to cuck the white man make language ridiculously generalized.

99.99999% of the time I see either used in that specific way, it turns out to be a Tumblrina. Sweetie.

Then you need to get off the internet and go outside bucko

for the sake of god just go organize with a leftist group IRL instead of continuing this circlejerk about the left being "taken over" by "SJWs" and unironically believing Zig Forums is the last bastion of true anti-revisionist leftism

The internet is how you reach people in the modern world, especially if you live under governments that make it dangerous to organize offline. I don't at all agree with OP about saying comrade (though they're certainly right about saying "y'all" or "folks", those are woketard shibboleths because the southern US is apparently the most left-wing place on the planet now), but this "muh IRL" crap just means ceding an important battleground.

OP here.

I've advocated before for a non-idpol left wing movement, but I've been laughed at and called an FBI agent and similar dumb shit.

Of course, the problem aren't SJWs; they are merely the symptom. The problem is that we allowed SJWs to take over the mainstream left. We allowed liberals to seize the left as a whole, all the way back from the new left days.

But now, while we are trying to create a non-idpol mainstream left, we get laughed at.


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Post your hog

I don't know if you're aware of this or not, but words are not scarce resources and can't be stolen. Anybody who knows a word can use it at any time. Just ignore the fuckheads and use the word how you want it to be used, comrade nigga.

I'm pretty sure most users here live in the First World.

wtf I love the FBI now

I mean I haven't been actively prevented from organizing or perceived it as "dangerous", nor do I know others who have.






Damn, wait actually disregard all that. Your anecdotal evidence changes EVERYHING

it literally is

Then go back there to kick it with reddit tankies.

This simply doesn't exist. Being any form of authentic socialist on leddit will get you banned.

i.e. leddit "social"ism = pozzed social democracy

What could leftists do though? The others are literally being funded by Soros and propped up by the media and the far left is now mostly aging Wobblies, Anarchists, and greens

A lot of them are dengists as is the BO so yeah Zig Forums would be considered revisionist by ML standards too.

Wait Boomers use Zig Forums?

>>>Zig Forums

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We should use Cobber, which comes from the Hebrew khaver which means Comrade.

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It's cringey because of LARPers fucking up everything. I never use that anymore. I prefer using actual names or nicknames.

Theres literally no way you can be anti idpol